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Essentials of Successful Company Logo Design

Our custom logo design process is based on research and crafted with expertise.

logo research

  • Step 1: Research for Logo Design

    Every good company logo design starts with research. You know more about your business than anyone and that’s exactly why we start every logo design project by getting to know you and your business. After an initial intake, our design team does their own research into your company’s industry before ever putting pencil to paper. In order to create a great logo for your company, research is the essential first step to achieve a perfectly simple, memorable and industry appropriate icon that delivers your brand message.

logo concepts

  • Step 2: Initial Logo Concepts

    After doing the appropriate research, we begin putting several initial concepts together for client review. Typically, we start with rough sketches and then work a few of those rough logo concepts into solid presentation ideas that really capture the essence of your brand image or message. We’ll then review those ideas with you.

    After you’ve had time to review and digest the initial logo presentations for your company or organization, we welcome your feedback so that we can make revisions accordingly. This ensures that the end logo is the perfect representation for your business.

logo revisions

  • Step 3: Logo Revisions

    Revisions are a necessary step in the logo design process; we’re not afraid of revisions and we typically don’t set a restriction on the amount of revisions necessary to perfect a logo. That being said, logo design isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” type of process – at least if you’re doing it right. We most certainly will make sure that the process is as transparent as our pricing.

logo deliverables

  • Step 4: Final Logo Files

    Once you have approved a logo direction that you absolutely love we will make sure that “all necessary” company logo variations are uploaded to a dropbox folder for you to download at your convenience. Upon payment of the balance for the logo design project you will own all rights to your logo files and they will be made available to you for download.

    It is not uncommon for organizations to have more than one final logo. For example; it is often necessary to reformat a logo design for different end uses such as size or medium. And yes, all logos will be provide to you in vector format for your end needs.

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