How Choosing the Right Packaging Design Impacts Your Marketing Strategy

Don’t separate design and marketing, for example packaging design impacts your marketing strategy directly, learn how to pair them.

Packaging Design Impacts Your Marketing

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Packaging design greatly influences the success of your marketing strategies.

A buyer makes a purchase decision for his product in less than six seconds. During this period, the buyer has time to read the clearest signals of the external environment. Therefore, when launching a new product, its appearance is an important point – packaging. If it doesn’t hook buyers, they won’t even look at the product and won’t buy it.


What does packaging design affect?

  1. It helps to attract attention. In today’s highly competitive market, there are dozens of brands offering identical or very similar products. Visually standing out from the crowd of competitors is one of the main tasks set for packaging design.
  2. It reflects the characteristics of the product. The packaging design reflects the main elements: composition, price, valuable properties, and other qualities. Often, manufacturers of organic products seek to emphasize the naturalness of production, using craft textures or other techniques in packaging design.
  3. It provides helpful information. The most crucial information to the consumer is usually displayed on the front of the package or highlighted with infographics.
  4. The design of the packaging contributes to recognition and memorability. Good design increases the likelihood that the product will be remembered and repurchased. Suppose a company produces a line of products. In that case, a design that combines the packaging of different products into a single visual concept will help the consumer identify the brand.
  5. Design as an indicator of quality. A consumer who is not familiar with a fundamentally new product cannot judge its quality, and when choosing, he will be guided solely by his taste and intuition. Therefore, he will select the favor of packaging, the design of which meets his consumer expectations.


Attracting a buyer with packaging is not as difficult as it sounds, provided that you approach your design wisely and with a concrete plan of action. Next, we’ll talk about simple strategies for attracting shoppers with packaging.


Be consistent

Make sure the design elements you add to your packaging are in line with your brand’s vision. For example, the packaging style should be identical to the manner you use on your website and other advertising media. Consistency, consistency of actions is one of the primary standards of successful packaging design. And while not all consumers attach importance to this, many of them do notice it – and if you do not live up to their expectations, you will lose some of the valuable brand equity that you have worked so hard to create


Add a package of emotions

The job of the packaging designer is to make shoppers forget about boredom. Your main goal is to make the shopping experience unforgettable, energize and delight customers from the very idea of buying your product! The easiest way to do this is by touching their feelings. You won’t surprise anyone with the usual visual elements on the packaging. Consider if your product has any other unique features? What is it made of? Does it have a pleasant scent or other exciting characteristics that you can use? Look for these opportunities in your products and design your packaging to highlight them.


Tell the story of your product

Ideally, your packaging design and other marketing elements should be able to send the customer on a journey of sorts. Of course, on the center side of the package, you will display the main value benefits of your product. Still, we also advise you to pay attention to the rest of the layout and add additional details to distinguish your product from others. Add as many details as possible to each side of the package. Represent the importance of each item to a particular consumer. The main challenge is to increase the time a customer spends interacting with the product. The idea is not new – if customers take your product and study it, you are already halfway to success.


Don’t be afraid to be different

If you want to capture consumer interest, don’t be afraid to take risks and go against the usual logic. Experiment with the design. Ditch cheap consumer plastic and go for softer materials that stand out on the shelf. Look at what your competitors are doing and think about how your product can fill the niches they failed to take.

Still not sure where to start? Consider partnering with a company like RXDco to design this packaging that’s good for you and your business.



Today, packaging is a powerful visual communication marketing tool. Packaging design is often one of the main criteria in a purchasing decision. Combined with the high quality of the product, a well-thought-out packaging design will create a solid and competitive brand and, therefore, increase sales.