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Pixel, One Design Company for everything your business needs. Pixel Productions is a 5 Star website, graphic and retail packaging design company based in Medford Oregon dedicated to helping businesses nation wide create brand marketing materials and strategies with impact. To clarify, we are a full-service digital marketing company focused on building brands. We provide a complete range of creative graphic design services to help shape your brand image. Our services are nothing less than completely ‘white glove’ including website development for business and eCommerce website solutions, content to define your message and online marketing to deliver your message to your audience. If your looking for a partner to help build your business, then you should know that our business partnerships are based on strategy and driven by results. Are you ready to build your brand?


You’re here because you need help with a design project and possibly marketing. Well, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what we do. We’re a full service design agency, who takes the “full-service” seriously.

graphic design strategy

Graphic Design Services

Are you starting a new business, building a new brand, need a creative logo designed? We’ve got a complete range of graphic design services to jump start your company and help your develop your creative media for print and online. If you are wondering what to do, where to start, and how much it’s all going to cost, we’ll help answer any questions you might have in order to help get your project completed on time and on budget.

custom website design

Website Design Services

Finding a website design company is easy, finding the right web design company is the real trick. We develop custom CMS website solutions easy for you to manage and grow. What makes Pixel different is that we take the time to truly understand both you and your business in order to create a website development strategy perfect for your business and then follow through with an online marketing plan in order to deliver a strong message that resonates with your community.

bigcommerce template design

eCommerce Web Design and Hosting

We’ve partnered with BigCommerce to provide the most user-friendly and turn-key shopping cart experience for our customers. We specialize in providing Custom eCommerce themes for the BigCommerce Platform for store owners who realize a free template won’t help build your brand image. Every online store designed with your customer in mind and conversions a priority. Contact us for a no obligation free quote.

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User Reviews

I have worked with Pixel Production for the last two years. It has been a great experience. They listen to the client’s needs, get a good understanding of the goal and come up with a good plan. They are very responsive to us as a client. I can always reach Paul or Chris, our Account Executives when I need them and they go above and beyond to make certain that we achieve our goal.
Joe Guiste, Senior Marketing Strategist, Gold & Silver Pawn
Pixel Productions did a fantastic job of launching the CustomInk InkyShop. They quickly matched our site’s exiting design and ensured it looked great in all browsers. They also did an excellent job customizing our catalog pages, loading it with our products, their photos and prices. They also modified the standard checkout process to make it more smooth and customer friendly. I truly appreciated their intense attention to detail. All-in-all Pixel Productions is a great partner for launching a Big Commerce powered store.
Sean Murphy, EVP eCommerce, CustomInk LLC
We engaged Pixel Productions to help us design and configure our new web store in Bigcommerce. We had to migrate 210 products and 2400 SKUs from our old store.

Their role was to come up with the design, taking input from our 3 business sponsors. They also advised us how to best implement some features that were not directly supported out of the box.

The project had a very aggressive schedule, and Paul Quinn and the rest of the Pixel team made sure we stayed on task and made quick decisions.

Danny Blonien, PMP, Cambium Learning Group



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