Expand Your Sales Internationally Using a Single eBay Account

Looking to increase your eBay sales? Selling internationally with a single account is the way to go. Here’s how to get started.

eBay Sales internationally

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Are you looking to expand your online sales beyond your local market?

Selling internationally can open a whole new world of opportunities for your business. With millions of potential customers around the world, eBay provides a platform that helps you to tap into new markets and increase your revenue streams. 


However, the thought of managing multiple eBay accounts and navigating shipping can sound more of a challenge. In addition, there are a lot of variables to consider before diving head-on into a new market that’s beyond your market’s borders, replete with different requirements and regulations. 


There are many sales channels online, in this post we’re going to focus on eBay. The good news is that now you can sell items internationally with a single eBay account. And with the right strategies, you can reach buyers in different countries and regions while streamlining your selling process. 


This post will brief you on how to start selling internationally on eBay using a single account. Moreover, it will guide you with some useful tips to smoothen the process and reach potential buyers.

How to Sell Internationally Using One eBay Account?

Selling internationally on eBay is now easier than ever. You don’t even need to be a resident of the country you want to sell in and neither will eBay ask for a VAT number from that specific country (only the one registered with your personal identity would be enough). 


Here’s how you can get started:


Step 1: Log in to your current eBay account.


Step 2: Head over to the ‘My eBay’ tab and click on the selling/sold button whereafter you’ll be directed to the seller hub page. 


Step 3: From there, select the listings menu tab and choose ‘Active’ from the drop-down menu. 


Step 4: Now, on the ‘Manage active listings’ page, edit the country code in the URL based on where you wish to sell and hit ‘Enter’.


Step 5: Hereafter, you’ll be asked to log in to your eBay account again – just enter your credentials and sign in.


Step 6: Once you complete these steps, you’d be able to list your products in both countries. Just make sure to edit the URL before creating country-specific listings. 


By the end of this process, your secondary account will be created and integrated with your main account, making it easy to list and sell your items in multiple countries using just one account. However, note that you might be required to provide the VAT number specific to that region in selected countries. 

Tips for Maximizing Your Reach in the International Markets 

Expanding your eCommerce business to cater to international buyers can yield remarkable results. However, it’s important to know that success in the international arena is not an overnight feat. It requires strategic planning and careful execution to ensure sustainable growth. 


Below are six tips to help you reach international buyers on eBay while efficiently managing your expansions and optimizing your operations:

Start by Focusing on English-Language Sites

If the idea of translating your eBay product listings and other information into multiple languages seems overwhelming to you, start by targeting English-speaking countries first. US sellers, for instance, can explore the potential of eBay international sites in Canada, Australia, or the UK. This strategic move will allow you to expand your market while minimizing language barriers. 

Expand Internationally, One Market at a Time

Rather than diving headfirst into multiple markets simultaneously, a prudent approach is to expand gradually and systematically. Each international market has its own set of requirements and customer base. Hence it’s best to focus on growing your presence, one market at a time. This will allow you to maintain quality control across international markets and handle sales volume & delivery obligations, ensuring you have a firm grip on operations before branching out further.

Translate Your eBay Listings

Overcoming language barriers is important when targeting international buyers. While eBay’s basic program may not automatically translate all your listings, there are effective ways to address this challenge. You can either:


  • Consider utilizing free translation tools like Google Translate. However, keep in mind that the results may vary in terms of accuracy.
  • You can also opt for manual translation services, which may provide a higher level of accuracy but involve additional costs.


Nonetheless, try to choose the approach that aligns with your resources and objectives, ensuring that your listings resonate with your targeted audience.

Check Out eBay’s International Site Visibility Upgrade

Enhancing your visibility on international eBay sites can significantly boost your performance and attract more buyers. eBay offers an optional upgrade known as international site visibility, which helps ensure that you appear at the top of search results on international sites. 


While not necessary, this feature has the potential to elevate your market presence and increase exposure to international customers. Keep in mind that a separate fee applies for each country site when you choose to upgrade.

Foster Trust with Easy Returns & Shipping Policies

Building trust is of utmost importance in international transactions. To instill confidence and attract potential customers, prioritize establishing friendly shipping and returns policies. Consider offering longer return windows (such as 30 or 60 days) and provide clear expectations of your return conditions. 


Moreover, address who bears the cost of return shipping expenses. By demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction, you can differentiate yourself and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

Strive for Global Top Seller Status 

Earning recognition as a top seller on eBay can help yield significant benefits, such as higher search result rankings, extra cost savings on your business operations, and more. Remember, you can only earn this recognition through a track record of exceptional customer service and not through any monetary means. Hence, the best is to embrace this as a challenge and strive toward exceeding eBay’s performance standards to position yourself for the best results.

Ways to Sell Internationally on eBay

When it comes to selling internationally on eBay, you can consider the following three options:

1. Offer International Shipping 

Offering international shipping on your listings allows buyers from different countries to view and purchase your products. While this method provides a simple way to expand your reach, note that not all listings are automatically translated. And as a result of this, some buyers may be hesitant to purchase from international sellers. Moreover, eBay converts your prices to local currencies, which can often lead to price fluctuations outside your home market. 

2. Sign Up for Advanced International Selling 

Signing up for advanced international selling provides greater access to eBay’s major sites, allowing you to create dedicated listings in local languages and set market-specific rates. As an advanced international seller, you only pay selling fees in the country where the item is purchased, and there may be discounts on final value fees for certain subscription levels. 

3. Enroll in the Global Shipping Program

The Global Shipping Program can help simplify international selling to a great extent. With this program, you only need to send your packages to a global shipping center. Hereafter, eBay takes care of international postage & customs processes and offers protection against negative customer feedback often caused due to inefficiency in shipping operations.


Expanding your eCommerce sales internationally can be a great way to increase your potential customer base and grow your business. By following the tips mentioned above and leveraging different options for selling internationally on eBay, you can easily test demand in different countries before expanding. Meanwhile, if you find yourself struggling somewhere in the process, consider hiring an eBay virtual assistant who can help you keep up with the market trends and optimize your operations for the best results.