Pixel Helps Natura Health Products Elevate Online Sales With Rebrand

Natura Health Products BigCommerce Enterprise


Increase in Customers


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Orders

Performance metrics compare January 1, 2022 – April 14, 2022 to Previous Period.

See how Pixel Productions helped Natura Health Products achieve 33% growth in customers, and an 198% increase in orders on BigCommerce.

Changing the Face of Natura Health Products

Natura’s vision is to heal the rift between conventional healthcare and plant-based medicine. To ignite passion and confidence within healthcare practitioners to harness the power of botanical and nutritional formulas.

Nearly four decades ago, Donald “Donnie” Yance, a devoted Franciscan monk, left the monastery compelled to transform medicine through plants. A Clinical Master Herbalist and Certified Nutritionist, Donnie now spreads wisdom and promotes optimal health and wellbeing through botanical and nutritional medicine, with a focus on eradicating chronic disease.

Natura has successfully positioned themselves as the trusted brand of therapeutic dietary supplements that effectively promotes health and wellness. Natura Health Products isn’t just about selling products, they are the foremost experts in the clinical application of botanical and nutritional medicine. 

The Challenge


Natura’s primary audience is healthcare practitioners who prescribe Natura. They are knowledgeable, forward-thinking, “wholistic” healers with a healthy respect for ancient wisdom as well as ongoing modern medical science. 

Our secondary audience is the patient community, especially those looking for a more holistic approach to healing and wellbeing.


As successful as Natura had become at positioning themselves, there was a clear disconnect with brand messaging and the audience. Likewise, online there was a massive breakdown in the customer journey. This was two-fold in that the website prior to Bigcommerce really only dealt with their B2B customer groups, who were the primary, but this left all end customers really wanting.


Prior to BigCommerce, Natura Health Products was a custom Magento build from the 2007 when Magento first came into play. Over the years, this build became less reliable, less secure and harder to keep up to date. Even as robust as Magento is, Natura had grown to a point where administrative operations for order tracking, shipping and fulfillment were bogging down. Ultimately, they were looking at a significant rebuild on Magento or a new platform.


• To create a site that matched their brand messaging
• To have the ability to scale up
• To have support for keeping site updated as tech changes
• To add subscriptions
• To add loyalty programs and more easily upsell items
• To have a more streamlined registration process
• To be able to integrate the registration process with an automated way to set up certain practioners as affiliates and track those affiliates patients orders for commission.

The Solution

Given this information, we put Natura in direct contact with BigCommerce and worked with them to accurately convey their specific needs, goals, and required functionality. With an enterprise level migration and build of this size working together effectively is the only way to set up a strategy to get the job done right. With any Big eCommerce build, there are always going to be areas of compromise, but understanding what you absolutely need to have and how to accomplish it are fundamental in making the decision on which platform you proceed with. Ultimately, BigCommerce was able to provide the foundation, the security and the support for what Natura needed to do. Pixel provided the development expertise for goals, sales funnels, and integrations.

What Does That Look Like in Terms of Project Scope and Time

Natura Project Timeline

“BigCommerce has made it so much easier for our marketing team to manage content and our sales team to take and manage orders.”

Kristie Cox, Marketing Director


Natura Health’s website is a content-driven force to be reckoned with. They are a powerhouse of expert insight, cutting edge medical knowledge for practitioners and patients. By moving to BigCommerce Natura has been able to successfully establish their website as the true source for all marketing and sales channels including Amazon. They are finally able to associate patients with practitioners and track sales in order to provide sales commissions to partner practitioners.

An intuitive customer journey for both patients and practitioners has been established with this new site build, easily providing a goal flow for each type of user.

Natura’s traditional emails promoting webinars were always powerful, but now Natura has automated and segmented emails for each step of their custom registration intake process for each different type of customer. Hands on management of tasks required by the Natura team have been dramatically reduced since migration.

What Apps & Integrations Were Used?

Advanced Shipping Manager

Amazon by Codisto

• Price Lists Import & Export

Upsell Suite by IntuitSolutions

Active Campaign

• Vertex Tax

• BigCommerce Catalog Transfer Services

Quick Shop

Instock Notification by Capacity Web Solutions


Refersion Affiliate Tracking

BigCommerce is not only the engine that helps Natura Health stand out online, but also process and ship high volumes of products without crashing or taking a long time to deliver. This was not the case with its previous platform.

The good news is customers are responding to the strategic actions Natura Health Products has taken. In comparing the first four months of 2022 to the last 4 months of 2021, Natura Health Products has experienced a 33% growth in customers, a 10.39% increase in its conversion rate and an 198% increase in orders.