How to Engage Potential Customers With Your Brand

Get your HR professionals on board with your brand strategy in terms of how to engage potential customers.

How to Engage Potential Customers With Your Brand

When it comes to engaging potential customers, the people who are direct contact with your customers bare a massive burden. These HR reps typically wind up with a myriad of responsibilities that directly impact how your brand is delivered. This is especially true today when it seems that digitization is at its highest, while businesses focus on engaging more and more potential customers with their brand.

So to be there for people working in the departments with direct contact with prospects, leads and customers, you have to stay tuned to the challenges they are facing and methods they rely on daily. What’s more? This information can come in very handy to make assessments in the future such as; the next hiring process or even employee training advice by the L&D department.

Even with relevant strategies made after using the information at hand, some organizations still feel they aren’t able to engage customers with their brands. Lack of engagement means new customer acquisition declines and ultimately less profits are generated. So how do you fix this? How do you get potential customers engage with your brand?

Let’s take a look at some beneficial areas that you can focus on that can really help you engage your potential customers with the brand easily.


Live Chat Software

The web has become a new landscape for doing business. In fact 81% of shoppers tend to perform a bit of online research on their own before they decide to make a purchase. The best moment to engage them is when they arrive on your official website. Wouldn’t it be nice if there could be someone to wish them a warm welcome? Someone who can inform them that they have a professional to turn to if they have any concerns and questions?

Live chat software is an amazing extension of the customer support software bundle. This solution can help you achieve exactly what we talked about above. What’s more important, it is simple to use and integrate in day-to-day operations. It will also take a load of your customer support department by enabling the agents to handle multiple prospects at the same time.

Beside the obvious benefits of live chat software, which we’re sure you are familiar with, is how it also offers analytics and insight into valuable prospect data. With this actionable information, your company will be able to design new strategies to increase customers’ engagement with your brand, conversion rates, and ultimately drive more sales.


Social Media

Did you know that 71% of internet users are social media users at the same time?
Yeah, that’s a fact and these numbers are expected to grow in the future. The thing is that most of your company’s target audience hangs out on one of popular social media websites. It’s no wonder that many companies worldwide invest heavily in their social media marketing and engagement strategies.

As an HR professional, it would benefit you and the organization as a whole to learn a few tips and tricks about social media marketing. Especially if you are about to hire a social media marketing expert to help you engage with more projects and increase your brand awareness.

When it comes to engaging prospects on social media platforms, this is everything you need to know:

  • Engagement and leads are the two most important metrics to keep an eye on and they are, in fact, quantifiable.
  • Your company goals and target audience dictate which social media platform you need to use. For example, if Facebook delivers results for your competitors, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will do the same for you.
  • Tools for monitoring the effectiveness of social media efforts are a must.
  • Social media can be, and often is, used as a customer service department tool.
  • You should always have a social media crisis strategy on stand-by.
  • Content plays a vital role in any social media marketing campaign, as it can also be used as a recruitment tool.

AI Powered Chatbots

AI powered chatbots come as the brand new software solution offered to businesses world wide. Why are they so popular? Well, first of all they are cheap, if not free, they are quite versatile, as they can perform several roles on several different channels. And they are able to provide service 24/7/365.

Perhaps you have heard of them because they were one of the biggest buzzwords of 2017. Beside offering obvious benefits for the customer service department and helping companies deliver a delightful experience to customers on multiple channels, chatbots have successfully invaded one more sector – Human Resources.

Chatbots built for HR purposes are used to provide quick answers to job applicants, thus helping you to increase engagement with potential skillful, experienced and knowledgeable employees. They are also used to gather and analyze employee data to create efficient processes and deliver annual performance reviews.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Many think of CRM software as the ultimate tool when it comes to successfully engaging sales prospects. Why? Because it gives companies exactly what they need to achieve it – a clear idea of what their prospects need and want.

In fact, CRM software gathers all sorts of data about the potential customers and compiles it under a unique customer record. With insight into real-time generated data, sales, marketing and service departments can develop efficient strategies to increase the engagement of potential customers with a brand and drive more sales.

What is the HR perspective? The latest CRM solutions on the market are focused on monitoring and optimizing business processes in the above-mentioned departments. HR experts can learn about the specifics of each step in these processes and have better understanding of the job requirements and needs.


Bottom Line…

As an HR specialist, you can use this information in two different ways. First, you can utilize it to help your organization hire staff that has experience in these potential customer engagement tactics. And, second, if you work in an HR firm, you can use them to successfully engage with professionals and businesses in order to make the perfect match.