Keep the Conversation Going: Top 10 Email Follow-Up Software Solutions

Do you think sending email follow-ups is too annoying? This post will show you why you need to stop that way of thinking.

Email Follow-Up

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Why Send Follow-up Emails at All?

Did you know prospects are more likely to respond to your 5th email? And that your chances to seal a deal after the 1st email are just 2%?!


That’s right! The best B2B prospects generally need a bit more convincing to convert unless they are in the mood for shopping. 


Sending follow-up emails helps you to get noticed and stand out from the competitors because only some send them. Moreover, regular email follow-ups ensure long-term relationships with your readers and keep the leads warm.


But how do you keep track of email follow-ups and who to follow up with? Do they have to be sent manually to each prospect?!!


Choosing the right follow-up tool can be quite a hassle.


Don’t worry! This post is going to cover the top 10 email follow-up solutions for businesses. 


There are a bunch of email follow-up software solutions that can do the job for you. We’ve selected 10 of the best tools to allow you to easily automate your responses and set up the entire follow-up drip sequence. Top email follow-up software solutions streamline your email follow-up sequence, helping you save a ton of time and effort.

Here’s a list of the top 10 email follow-up software solutions to help you get more responses with almost zero effort.


Start Closing Deals with the Best Email Follow-up Software Solutions

1. Saleshandy

If you are on the lookout for a bunch of features other than email follow-up, Saleshandy is your go-to solution. The tool focuses on lead generation and combines email tracking, automated follow-up, drip sequences, A/Z testing, and so much more. Saleshandy is suitable for businesses of all sizes and offers a free trial period. Prices start at $27 per month for the regular plan.

2. Omni

With Omni, you can easily get in touch with hard-to-reach clients. It’s an omnichannel outreach system that empowers you to send thousands of personalized messages to outreach at scale. But that’s not all. Omni lets you compose targeted cold emails mirroring the email flows that have generated over $100 million in sales!

Besides, it helps you track your entire outreach campaign to optimize your emails and other communicational channels effortlessly. So, you can follow up with your prospects without a hassle, expand your outreach across multiple channels, and compose high-converting emails – all with a single tool. Now checking response rates from emails, text messages, LinkedIn posts, etc., is plain sailing. Plans start at just $49/ month.

3. Quickmail

Quickmail is a cold email outreach tool that helps businesses track cold prospects and send emails at scale. It allows you to build multi-step campaigns to personalize your messages according to a prospect’s persona and behaviors. Additionally, it tracks open rates and reply rates to keep a tab on performance. They offer a 14-day free trial period, with plans starting at $49/ month.

4. Hubspot CRM

Now follow up with your prospects based on their actions. With Hubspot CRM, you can manage your sales pipeline and email follow-ups in a single platform. What’s more, this tool offers much more than email follow-ups – it is a repository of your sales leads. It records all your interactions with your sales leads and helps you get a quick overview of the sales pipeline for any prospect.
However, Hubspot CRM works best if you migrate your entire sales process to the Hubspot ecosystem. Hubspot has a free plan that offers one deal pipeline per account. Plans start at $18/ month.

5. Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail helps users keep their inboxes sorted. An email management and calendar scheduling tool, Boomerang has a unique reminder feature that allows users to send follow-up emails to prospects who have yet to open and respond to emails. It also helps users schedule appointments from emails with just a single click. Pricing for Boomerang plans starts at $4.98/ month.

6. FollowUpThen

FollowUpThen acts as your email reminder and follow-up assistant. The tool is simple to use – users can send an email to a set address to be reminded at the mentioned time. And the biggest benefit? Users don’t have to install anything… it’s just an email address. And if you add cc and bcc fields to the reminder email, you can easily send group reminders too. However, you cannot add your CRM to FollowUpThen and track emails. You can opt for a free version. Their paid plans start from just $4/ month.

7. Outreach

Outreach is a sales execution platform that helps users create and close more sales pipelines. Among all the email follow-up software tools, it is the only platform that powers the entire sales channel, right from sellers to sales leadership and even ops. The tool includes key features like email tracking, automation, and personalized content creation. Besides these, users can use email templates for their campaigns from Outreach’s library.

8. helps businesses connect with prospects through cold emails. Besides helping users send automated, personalized emails, Instantly lets you send unlimited warm-up emails and thousands of emails every day without sacrificing your sender reputation. Its AI-powered tech ensures email deliverability and response rate optimization. Instantly offers a free trial, and its paid plans start from $30/ month.

9. is a blessing for Gmail users. They can automate follow-ups, track emails, personalize campaigns, schedule appointments, integrate their CRM, and even huddle with their team. Besides these, with, you can send mass emails to your prospects, track email open rates, and link clicks from your domain. The platform offers a whopping 30-day free trial, with its pricing plan starting for as low as $5/ month.

10. Reply

Powered with AI, Reply is a sales engagement platform that has 10+ filters so that the right message reaches the right prospect. Reply goes a step further in email communication and automates responses for all occasions – be it the initial touchpoint or a follow-up. Besides, Reply manages basic customer responses like sharing details, responding to common questions, and scheduling meetings – an all-in-one solution for sales. You can try Reply for free for 14 days and opt for plans starting at $60/ month.


Final Tip

Add a personal touch to your emails. Personalization makes prospects feel noticed. Research your prospects, look them up on social media, find common ground, and get talking. You are more likely to get more open rates and even responses with a personalized approach.

And don’t be afraid to add gifs, memes, and emojis to your emails. An extra tinge of humor never hurt anyone.


Summing It Up

Marketers and business owners often skip following up with prospective customers if they don’t get responses after the first touch point. But reminding prospects of your service/ products keeps them in the sales channel and helps you create brand recall value – giving you the scope to convert them after a few touches.


So, what are you waiting for? Start with your email outreach campaigns today and see your revenue take flight. And remember to add a hook to your email subject lines because the right message seldom goes unnoticed.