20 Inspirational Resources For Graphic and Web Designers

As a designer, it’s crucial to keep up with the latest trends and Resources For Graphic and Web Designers. But where do you look?

20 Inspirational Resources For Graphic and Web Designers

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What sources can you use for inspiration?

There are plenty of unique resources out there that will help you stay ahead of the curve. Read on to find out about 20 inspirational resources for graphic and web designers.


Graphic & Web Design Inspiration

Graphic and Web design is a complex field. It requires many years of practice and learning to become a pro. It’s about more than just knowing the right tools or techniques. It’s also about understanding how people think and how they perceive things. Also, these fields require a lot of creativity and inspiration. You can find inspiration in many different places, for example, by reading or surfing the Internet, in search of places of inspiration. By the way, as a designer, you need to be updated with the latest design trends. You should read various exciting resources to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and learn something new. These resources can be helpful not only for work but also for inspiration. They help designers keep an eye on what’s happening in the industry.

So, in this article, we’ve collected some resources for anyone who wants to get inspired by other designers, or just learn more about the field!


What kinds of resources should you read?

To truly improve your skills as a graphic designer, it’s essential that you read various interesting resources and how they can be useful for work or inspiration. 

1. Pixelproductionsinc

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Pixelproductionsinc is a website that provides graphic and web designers with inspiration, resources and information. The website is a one-stop shop for graphic and web designers. It has a fantastic collection of articles for every taste and more. 

Creatives use Pixelproductionsinc as a source of inspiration and reference when they are designing their projects. The website has been trendy among web and graphic designers since it was launched. The site receives thousands of visitors every month who come to learn new things about web and graphic design or browse through the amazing collection of resources on the site.

2. MasterBundles

MasterBundles is a marketplace and, at the same time, an excellent resource for graphic and web designers, providing them with a place to go for inspiration. They aim to provide the tools and resources that will help you create incredible work, while also giving you the tools to make your own website or product look spectacular. Here you can find everything from mockups and fonts to templates and stock photos — all in one place.

3. Creative Market 

Creative Market is a marketplace for digital goods such as fonts, graphics, templates, and more. It’s the perfect place to find inspiration and buy high-quality design assets to help you quickly create beautiful designs. 

It’s a place where you can find high-quality artwork, fonts, graphics, templates, mockups, and more — all organized into handy categories, so you can find exactly what you need in seconds. 

4. A List Apart 

A website dedicated to making people better web designers through articles, podcasts, and events. List Apart is a blog that posts daily content on topics relevant to the design industry, including advice on tools, tips, and inspiration. 

The site features articles written by experts in the field of graphic and web design. The articles are meant to help designers learn new techniques, understand why they should use specific tools, and find inspiration for their work. They are also meant to inspire readers to try new things, so they can continue to grow as designers.

5. Color Hunt 

A daily curated collection of the most inspiring color palettes from around the web.

Color Hunt is a place where you can find new color palettes, color tools, and other resources to help you create beautiful designs. The website features daily image uploads of colors as well as articles that explore the history of color, how to use color in design, and more. The site also provides info about color theory, trends in color usage, and tips for choosing colors that work together.

6. Awwwards

Awwwards is a website that showcases the best websites from around the world. Browse through thousands of inspiring web design examples to get your creative juices flowing.  

It is a great place to see what other people are doing in the industry, get tips and tricks on how to improve your own work, or just see some beautiful designs that you can use as inspiration for your own projects.

7. Behance 

Behance is the leading online portfolio community for creative professionals with millions of projects from designers worldwide. Behance helps creatives showcase and discover their best works. 

You can search by category or simply browse through designs to find inspiration from other creatives in the design industry. From graphic design to web design to illustration, Behance provides an online platform for creative professionals to showcase their portfolios, connect with others like them, and find work opportunities.

8. Dribbble  

Dribbble is another excellent portfolio platform where designers share their work with others in the design community. It also has a job board for hiring designers, as well as a blog with articles about design. It’s a great way to connect with other designers and see what they’re working on. Every day, hundreds of creatives upload their latest designs and get feedback from other members.

Designers can follow other designers they admire, check out their work, and leave comments on what they like or don’t like about the designs. 

9. Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC is an easy-to-use color wheel tool that helps you create beautiful color palettes in minutes! It also includes thousands of pre-made color schemes, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time you create something new. 

The site contains tools that allow you to experiment with colors, create new color schemes, and find inspiration from other people’s work. It also helps you find inspiration by showcasing thousands of curated palettes from creatives around the world.

10. Typography Daily 

Typography Daily offers up daily doses of typography inspiration from around the web! You can also submit your own work if you want to be featured on their site! 

It is an online publication that publishes a new article every day, covering typography from various perspectives, and provides inspiration and resources for graphic and web designers. With a new design every day, it is an excellent resource for designers who want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in design and typography.

11. Designspiration 

Designspiration is an online gallery full of gorgeous designs created by talented artists all around the world! It is a resource for graphic and web designers, illustrators, photographers, and other creative people who are passionate about design to find inspiration and discover new ideas. 

The site features a community of over 100,000 designers who contribute their own work for others to see and use in their own projects. Search by keyword or category and get lost in endless amounts of eye candy while looking for ideas and inspiration!  

12. SiteInspire

SiteInspire is an extensive showcase library filled with inspiring websites from all different industries and categories! It’s perfect for finding new ideas, inspiration, learning new techniques, and getting in touch with like-minded creatives.

It’s a place where you can go to find inspiration and get the tools you need to make your ideas come to life. The site includes a collection of graphic design tools and web design tools, including free mockup templates, free stock photos, free fonts, and more. 

13. The Noun Project

The Noun Project is a great way to find inspiration for your next design project. It offers a massive collection of downloadable icons, illustrations, vector graphics, symbols, and more that are perfect for adding some visual punch to your designs. All images are free to use in any project, and they’re organized by category so you can quickly find exactly what you need.

The best thing about The Noun Project is how easy it is to use: just type in what you’re looking for into the search bar at the top of the page, select an image from the results page that matches your needs, and then drag it into your design software (or just copy-and-paste if you don’t have a design app).

14. FontShop

FontShop’s website offers many resources for designers. They include a blog covering topics such as typographic history and the latest trends in font usage; an online shop where you can buy fonts; a catalog of recent font releases; and user-submitted reviews of existing fonts. The goal of this site is to help you find the perfect font for your next project, whether it’s a logo, website or something else! 

15. Colorsupplyyy

Colorsupplyyy is an excellent resource for graphic and web designers to find inspiration or help to choose a color scheme for the next project. It’s an extensive collection of color palettes that can be downloaded in different formats, including Photoshop swatches and Adobe Color CC swatches, typography, and other design elements that you can find on the internet. 

It allows you to search for colors by name, code, or hex value and provides you with the color’s RGB and HSL values, as well as the Pantone® equivalent. Colorsupplyyy provides ready-made color palettes that can easily be imported into Photoshop or Illustrator, so you don’t have any guesswork involved when creating your own custom color schemes! 

16. Forrst

Forrst is a community site specifically designed for developers and designers where they can ask questions and get feedback on their work from others in their field as well as get ideas and inspiration from others’ projects and experiences. 

The site features work from designers worldwide, as well as a blog and forum where you can get tips and advice on improving your skills. Forrst also has a lot of tutorials, so you can learn how to create things like logos, websites, and other graphics.

17. Unsplash

Unsplash is a free photo-sharing website for professional and amateur photographers that offers free rights-managed images to the public. 

The site has a library of over 1 million high-resolution, curated, royalty-free photos and videos. It offers high-resolution images free of charge with no strings attached, so you never have to worry about copyright issues when using them in your own projects. Unsplash is a great resource for graphic and web designers looking for inspiration or stock photography.

18. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine has been providing quality content related to web design & development since 2006, so they know their stuff about this topic. You can find articles on the latest trends in design, including tips for using Photoshop, Illustrator, and other design programs; advice on designing for mobile devices; interviews with designers from around the world; tutorials; interviews with designers; and inspirational galleries. 

The articles are written by experienced designers and developers who are passionate about their work. Smashing Magazine’s primary goal is to inspire its readers with great design examples.

19. Abduzeedo 

Abduzeedo is a valuable resource for graphic and web designers looking for inspiration. It offers awesome tutorials, tips, and tricks on digital artistry, including photo manipulation and illustration for all levels of experience, as well as galleries of the best work from around the web. 

The site has categories such as, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Typography, Branding, Logo Design and Web Design. All of these categories are filled with talented designers who provide their services to clients all over the world.

20. Muzli 

Muzli hosts tons of useful tips and tricks along with tutorials covering topics like photography, graphic design etc. It is a resource for designers, which offers inspiration, resources, and guides on graphic design, web design, and development, typography, and printing.



There are plenty of unique resources out there that provide everything a designer needs — inspiration, tutorials, tips and tricks to create stunning designs quickly and efficiently. 

With these 20 inspirational resources for graphic and web designers at your fingertips, staying ahead of the curve won’t be hard at all! So go ahead — dive right in and start exploring these incredible tools today!