The Secret to a Perfect Social Media Marketing Strategy Revealed

4 of the biggest eyewear industry influencers reveal their secret to the perfect social media marketing strategy

perfect social media marketing strategy

Image Source: RayBan

The eyewear industry is constantly changing. As popular fashion brands branch out and enter the eyewear playing field, some of the industry’s giants are continuing to show everyone who is boss when it comes to selling famous frames.


In a new era of social selling, the competition for eyewear sales has moved onto platforms like TikTok and Instagram. As our favorite social influencers sport their newest pair of specs in a range of social posts and statements, every eyewear brand wants to appear in a viral post or two.


The question is, which industry influencers are dominating the field? Here are four eyewear giants that are smashing their social media strategy in 2023. 

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is one of the eyewear industry leaders currently mastering their social strategy. Using popular platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to share frequent images, consumer reviews and influencer partnerships, their social strategy revolves around being present amongst their digitally native demographic.


However, the real driver of Warby’s success in 2023 is ’social good’. After studies revealed that a whopping 70% of consumers prefer brands that are vocal about social and environmental issues, Warby Parker quickly jumped on board. 


They started by introducing their buy, one, give back scheme, which sends a free pair of glasses to one of 2.5 billion people who lack access to vision care with every purchase.


Since then, the eyewear brand has gone on to host a number of social good projects and broadcast these efforts across its social media channels. Take their collaboration with sustainable label Sandy Liang for example. In celebration, they made a donation to LES Community Fridge.

warby parker social strategy

(Image Source: Warby Parker: Twitter)


Taking time to tackle social justice in the public domain can garner engagement from an eco-friendly audience. This has become an excellent way to showcase their brand without directly selling their products. 


Ray-Ban has always strived themselves on their ability to innovate its products and campaigns. Therefore, it’s no surprise that they are one of the industry leaders for social media success. 

“A company or brand connecting to consumers can be likened to a human consuming food or drink in order to live,” says Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis. “Consumers are the lifeline of a business, and how they interact, engage, sign up, and/or purchase is directly associated with how effectively the company or brand engages their current and potentially new consumer base. It is critical to connect to consumers, and the best way to do this is to connect to them where they are, i.e. mobile and social.” 


Ray-Ban does just that, especially on its TikTok page. Heading to the video platform to maximize their brand awareness, they all but flooded everyone’s For You Page with their most recent #RayBanElevatorDance campaign.


Promoting their newest iconic range called You Are On, they encouraged their followers to show off their new Ray-ban glasses in style while dancing in an elevator. 

(Image Source: TikTok)


Teaming up with popular influencers @officiallizsanchez, @giuiapennaofficial, @yvnghomie, and, they saw over 3.2 million user-generated creations flood in and a whopping 227 billion views on their #youareon tag.


Oakley continues to lead the way forward for sport-eyewear enthusiasts in 2023. Their social strategy leans into their consumer demographic and plays to the brand’s sporty strengths.


From collaborating with high-end sports stars such as French footballer Kylian Mbappé to releasing their #LiveYours campaign that allowed over 450 athletes to share their favorite sporting destinations around the world, they constantly show their audiences that they are experts in their niche. 


Their newest project on Instagram also grabbed our attention. In a new social series called ‘In Draw Your Line’, the eyewear brand is releasing weekly episodes on a number of different sports.

(Image Source: Instagram)


Walking through the highs and lows of niche sporting activities such as Alpine Skiing, industry experts quickly appeal to an engaged audience while sporting Oakley’s famous eyewear. 


Last but not least, Silhouette certainly deserves a mention when it comes to ranking the best eyewear social strategies on the market.

Unlike many of its competitors, Silhouette is less focused on directly advertising their frames on social media and instead uses its platform to showcase why they stand out from the crowd. 

(Image Source: Silhouette: Instagram)


As you can see here, by posting content that showcases the extra efforts Silhouette go to to ensure sustainable production practices, they instantly become more desirable to ethically-charged demographics.


Using your platform to be transparent with your consumers is key in the race to boost conversions. Breaking up ad posts with sustainable stats and social good efforts garners a more loyal following and markets the brand as a trustworthy manufacturer. 


As the eyewear industry heats up, taking time to prioritize a social strategy has become a crucial concern for brand giants. From social good to social virality, we can’t wait to see what they do next.