Why & How to Add Value Propositions to Your Business

Find out why successful businesses have value propositions, and learn how to Add value propositions to strengthen your business.

How to Add Value Propositions to Your Business

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Why Value Propositions are an Important Part of Your Overall Business Strategy

As an entrepreneur, your sole intention in starting and nurturing your business would be to break through the competition and make a significant impact in the market. 

Like every other business owner, you plan strategies and come up with approaches through which you can take the much-needed leap.

And, that is only possible when you have a unique value proposition for your business. 

According to the study by HubSpot, approximately 65% of businesses have a value proposition that helps them strategize their performances, methodologies, and work ethics.

Whether you are an ecommerce business, a successful event planner, or a leading iPhone app development company, having a USP and value proposition can help you grow in your competitive market. 

If the statements above intrigue you, this article is here to give you insights on what value propositions are and why you should have one to strengthen your overall business strategy.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with what is a value proposition.

What is Value Proposition?

Well, to put it simply, value propositions can be described as how your product or service benefits your target audience. Also, the features that make your solutions better than your competitors? 

To explain the concept in a more detailed manner, a value proposition can be described as the reasons and aspects that make you a better choice for your customer in comparison to your competitors. 

A value proposition is usually concise, straightforward, and user-directed, depicting the benefits and services they would get if they choose your services over your competitors.  

Although it is a service, it is usually expressed in a text block, as a headline, or even an image, video, or graphical representation. 

Now, just in case you do not confuse the concept with anything else, let’s also have a look at things that a value proposition is not.

What is not a Value Proposition?

 An important thing when specifying your value proposition is to understand that the intention is not to impress your audience; rather, it is an additional aspect of service you provide your users to extend your business credibility.

So, to keep things clear, here is what a value proposition is not;

  • A catchphrase: a catchphrase is usually a statement or tagline that describes the dedicated services by any company in a catchy manner. Such slogans and phrases are not your USPs rather; they are just simple statements that can help you gather user attention. 
  •  An Incentive: An incentive is something that you use as a positive influence that motivates users to take the initiative. However, this cannot be a value proposition for your business. 

So, hoping that you would have understood the concept of what value proposition is, let’s get down to why your business needs a value proposition to stand out from the competition. 

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Value Proposition 

Companies focused on brand building typically put a lot of emphasis on defining value propositions. Having a clear, concrete, and attractive value proposition can help your business in the following ways;

1. Clear Business Goals

Having a robust value proposition enables your business to have concrete and clear business goals, which also helps devise your business strategy. 

On the flip side, it also gives a clear idea to your audience of what they would get from your services. As most customers are usually aware of what services they are looking for before consulting a business, your USP (unique selling proposition) can help them make better decisions. 

2. Gives a Competitive Edge

As an entrepreneur, let’s take a look at it this way: you would always want your business to do better than your competitors, lead the competitive market, and be your customer’s favorite. 

Having a solid value proposition gives you the essential competitive advantage and leap in the market that helps you grow beyond other businesses with similar nature.

Also, it enables you to differentiate your services from others working in the same niche. 

3. Attract Right Audience 

When you specify the nature and extent of your services with a clear value proposition, it enables you to depict your services in a clear, concise manner. Subsequently, it narrows down your target audience and hence capitalizes on your user acquisition. 

Your business may then attract the right people who are interested in using your services and bring you massive and quality-driven leads for your business. 

4. Strengthens Customer Relation

When your customers are well aware of what they would get from your business, it develops a positive and clear understanding of your services and nature of work. 

Subsequently, it enables strong and relevant relations between your business and target audience. this helps your customers to be more likely engaged with your business as well as the services you tend to offer. 

5. Clear Business Messaging 

Last but not least, a unique value proposition enables your business to have a clear message to depict your services. 

While it ensures your message is adequately delegated to your target audience, it also lets you create a positive outlook about your business. Also, it clarifies why your customer must use your service and interact with your business. 

While the reasons say a lot about why your business must prioritize having a value proposition, it is always important to know how you can have one.

So, without any further ado, let’s talk about how you can create a value proposition for your business. 

How to Create a Value Proposition for Your Business? 

Well, by now you should have an understanding that having a value proposition can help your business take the much-needed leap in your industry; however, developing one can be a daunting task.

And, this article has also got it covered that for you. Here are some of the important aspects you must consider when creating value propositions for your business.

  1. Capitalize on the services you are intended to offer. 
  2. Know your target audience and specify the basic requirements that you are addressing with your services.
  3. Evaluate the cost of your services in relation to the benefit you tend to provide
  4. Run a comparative analysis with your competitors to get better insights on how you can differentiate your services from different perspectives. 
  5. Specify the aspects that set your business apart from your competitors. 
  6. Make sure your value proposition is explained and depicted clearly and concisely. 
  7. When designing your USP, make sure it looks attractive yet straightforward to bring your target audience to your doorstep. 


As an entrepreneur, you must always be intended to improve your services and performance to help you lead your competitive market. 

While doing so may require you to offer competitive and high-quality services, it has got a lot to do with the marketing strategies you incorporate. 

One of the essential aspects of your marketing strategy comes down to having a value proposition that helps you capitalize your services and gran your target audience’s attention. 

In addition to this, it also helps you gaining a competitive advantage against others in your industry, enabling your business to grow. 

So, having a value proposition for your business is always an important aspect, which you may never miss out on.