Top Graphic Design Agencies Offering Creative Graphic Design Services

Design Agencies Ranked: Top 10 Graphic Design Agencies Offering The Best Creative Graphic Design Services for Your Business

Top Graphic Design Agencies

Graphic Design Services are among the most requested and most competitive business services searched by business owners every day. With literally hundreds of new graphic design agencies and freelancers popping up every day, it’s hard to tell who can really deliver true business results.

The following Graphic Design Agencies have been ranked and reviewed based on a variety of different factors that small to large businesses look for in an agency that can provide more than what an in-house design team can do. These are creative agencies that stand apart in their field for offering a spectrum of creative graphic design services, brand identity, brand building, website design and development as well as strategic marketing services to grow businesses.

Clients are looking for graphic design agencies that can add value to their already established brand or startups.


  • Logo Design
  • Stationary Design
  • Corporate Brochure Design
  • Business CardDesign
  • Packaging Design
  • Postcard Design
  • Custom Illustration Design
  • Trade Show Booth Design
  • Newsletter Design
  • Sales Presentation Design
  • Vehicle Decal Design
  • Poster, Banner & Sign
  • DVD/CD/ Video Cover Design
  • Web Design
  • Digital Ad Design
  • Social Media Design

*It is important to note that agencies were evaluated on graphic design services as a whole and not just one design for say a business card. 

The following list of graphic design agencies has been ranked in the Top 10 for graphic design services ranging from Logo Design to Web Design and full Brand Builds.

These top graphic design agencies have created well established names for themselves and that is why they are among the best in the world for creative graphic designing services. See them Ranked Below:

1. Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv

This is a New York-based brand design firm that specializes in trademarks and branding programs.

This independent graphic design company is named after its founders Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar. These two are giants in the graphic design field. They are responsible for many iconic and enduring brands worldwide. They have a relatively small studio in New York which was founded in 1058. This has not stopped them from working with big companies, helping to put their brands on the maps. Back in 2006, they recruited a new partner called Sagi Haviv making him the third-youngest partner to form Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv. Ivan, who was one of its original founders passed on last year but the company is still making big strides in the graphic design industry. Some of the clients they have recently worked include Dominion Energy, US Open, Imagen, Beko, and RatPac.

2. Landor Associates

Landor Associates

US-based brand and graphic development consultants with offices in Europe, Asia, and South America. This design agency is a giant with their headquarters situated in San Francisco and 36 other offices spread all over the world in 20 countries. Its huge portfolio speaks loudly about their professionalism. This company was started way back in 1941 by Walter Landor who named it after his name. Landor has some of the biggest brands under its belt. What has kept them on top is their agility to accept change when it comes to graphic design. They are huge with plenty of tools and experience to tackle any kind of graphic design complexities. They have recently worked with Cyprus Airways, Bank of Hope, and Australian Open,

3. Pentagram

Pentagram is one of the biggest graphic design companies in the world with its headquarters in New York. The company is owned and run by 20 prestigious graphic designers. They have a unique structure, unlike other graphic design companies. What makes them unique is the fact that they run different studios independently under one a graphic design agency called the Pentagram. It is the world’s largest independent firm design studio. With close to 1,000 projects under their belt, this is probably the most successful graphic design company in the world. Some of the biggest brands they have worked with include Expedia Group, American Express, Hillary Clinton, MasterCard, and Verizon.

4. Interbrand


Interbrand is a graphic design firm that works on a clear strategy and exceptional customer delivery. They combine creativity, strategy, and tech to satisfy their clientele. The graphic design firm has 21 offices in 17 countries. They are famous for the annual Best Global Brands report. Recent clients include El Salvador, Santander, PyeongChang 2018, Juventus, and AT&T.

5. Saffron

saffron design

Saffron is a US-based graphic design company with offices in Off New York, Berlin, London, Madrid, Istanbul, Mumbai, San Francisco, and São Paulo. It’s a consultancy agency with a great designing team. They strongly believe in disruption as part of their design strategy. They encourage clients to aim higher than where they intend to reach and push beyond boundaries to achieve the extraordinary. Whether it’s their strategy, graphic design tools, or awesome designs, they are ruling at the top of the game. With Saffron’s help, brands can develop precise innovative initiatives to counter the status quo and go to greater heights. They have worked with Gulf Air, Fujitsu, YouTube, Xing, and Vueling.

6. Lippincott


This is another creative consultancy that believes in the creative approach of graphic designing to succeed in any venture. Visuals play a great role in luring prospects and companies and they capitalize on that. This demands creativity. Companies should not focus on what is offered on the table but should think outside the box to achieve greatness. In other words, brands should always put their creativity hats to develop ideas from everyday experiences. What makes them thrive is the combination of strategy and awesome designs to create epic projects. They have worked with Nokia, Hawaiian Airlines, Nissan, Taco Bell, and Hyatt.

7. Super Union

This awesome graphic design firm recently rebranded to Brand Union and boasts of being the new graphic design agency on the block with over 200 years of experience. Really 200 years? Yup, this company is a merger organization of several design companies that combined all the years they’ve been in the business. The partners include Addison, Lambie-Nairn, VBAT and Brand Union. The union consists of 750 graphic designers with 23 offices in 18 countries. They have diverse skills and experience in the design and branding field. What brought them together is the passion of delivering outstanding design and branding work to their clients. Recent clients include Land Rover, Equinox, Dell, Pfizer and Pizza Hut.

8. Black Bear Design

Black Bear Design is an Atlanta-based full-service digital marketing agency who has established itself as one of the nations premier graphic design and web design firms. Their graphic design services range from crafting innovative graphics, responsive website design to usability, content management, and SEO. Black Bear works with a wide range of businesses to craft strategy based concepts.

9. Pixel Productions Inc.

pixel graphic design clients

Pixel Productions Inc. is a boutique graphic design company based out of Oregon who offers graphic design services ranging from the standard print and marketing assets to retail package design. Rated by Clutch as Oregon’s top branding agency in 2018 and most recently establishing themselves as a leader in Ecommerce website development backed by result driven online marketing strategies. Pixel primarily focuses on small to mid sized businesses who are established, but transitioning into that next level of growth. This agency has a strong appeal for businesses looking for that smaller and more hands on feel for their design and marketing partner.

10. Creative 7 Designs

Creative7Designs is a full service multi-media agency based out of California who also takes a very hands on approach to dealing with their customers. Consequently this has earned them a reputation for excellent communication and delivering in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.


If you want to become great in graphic designing, you should borrow a page from these giants. These graphic design service providers range from smaller in size to world-wide multi-location presences. One thing they all share is their determination to make a difference in the designing world, and that’s exactly why they made this list of the best creative design agencies for businesses.

Yes, we’ve put together this awesome short list of super creative agencies for you, but you should read and research to see who’s the right fit for your business before selecting an agency, because their are literally thousands of great ones out there. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box for new exciting ideas. Check out graphic design blogs, commit yourself to forums and partner with people who have greater graphic design knowledge and slowly but surely you’ll make it to the top.