Tips for Creating Effective SaaS Landing Pages

Effective SaaS landing pages can help you improve leads and conversions. Make sure you follow these tips to have highly converting landing pages for your business. 

Effective SaaS Landing Pages

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The success of a Software as a Service (SaaS) product depends heavily on the effectiveness of its landing pages. A landing page serves as a gateway to your product and its significant features, providing potential customers with their first impression of your brand and its offerings. 


A landing page should be visually appealing for users and optimized for search engines to ensure higher leads and conversion rates. 


In this article today, we will explain tips for creating effective SaaS landing pages, along with some real-life examples. 


Let’s get started! 

What is a Landing Page? 

For many SaaS companies, a landing page is a gateway to its product and essential features. A great SaaS landing page provides a cold selling strategy and entices visitors to enter into sales funnels. 


A highly optimized landing page can help businesses build their email list, book calls, market the lead magnets, promote products and services, and improve leads and conversion rates. And, this is how it is going to help prospective clients move forward in the sales funnel. 

Why Creating an Effective SaaS Landing Page is Important

An effective SaaS landing page can keep your current and prospective customers engaged and entice them to take action. Today, we will share some tips for creating effective SaaS landing pages that can help you attract, engage, and convert more visitors into paying customers. 

Tip No. 1: Create an Irresistible Copy 

Great copy works wonders in making your SaaS landing page effective and result driven. It can convince the reader to stick to the end, and also convinces him to take action. There are generally five points that you should keep in mind while creating copy, which include the headlines, subheadings, product features, highlight benefits, and effective call to action.

As a rule of thumb, you have to be specific at outlining the problem, magnifying emotions, and then presenting the solution. This flow of content will keep the reader hooked till the end of your landing page, and he will not be able to resist the call to action. 


Here is the flow that you should keep in mind when creating the copy for the landing page. 

  • Hook – Hook the reader and reel them in
  • Lead – Smartly create desire among the audience
  • Body copy – Carefully handle objections the reader might have in his mind
  • Offer – Make an irresistible offer on what you sell
  • Bonuses – Add bonuses on your landing page to sweeten the deal
  • Guarantee – Give confidence to the visitor about risk reversal
  • Play with the order and run the A/B test 

Great Copy and Perfect Design Work Wonders  

Well, it’s just not about creating the right copy, you have to design it well so that you can engage the audience, entice them to take action, and convert them. 


To do that, make sure you choose, 

  • Varying font size for headings, subheadings, and bullet points so that it grabs the audience’s attention. 
  • Use proper calls to action at several places in the copy 
  • Use data, examples, and storytelling to engage the reader better


We all know perfection doesn’t exist, but make sure anything you add on your landing page aligns with your brand personality and brand image. Make sure you use the same font, color, or designs, also, 

  • Make use of the white space carefully 
  • Distribute your page into various sections 
  • Use images where necessary 
  • Highlight what’s important 

Tip No. 2: Offer Free Trials 

Offering free trials is an excellent strategy for creating effective SaaS landing pages because it allows potential customers to try out the product without committing. By offering a free trial, you allow potential customers to explore the product and see its value first-hand, which can lead to increased interest and higher conversion rates.


The free trial also creates a sense of urgency and encourages users to act quickly. If they know that the trial period is limited, they may be more likely to sign up and start using the product right away. Additionally, offering a free trial can help build trust and credibility with potential customers. By allowing them to try the product for themselves, you demonstrate that you believe in the value of your product and are confident that they will see the benefits as well.

Chargify’s free trial period 

Here is an example of how Chargify is helping its customers by offering a free talk to a billing expert.


Tip No. 3: Choose Your Hero Image Carefully 

The research found that you have only 50 milliseconds to grab your user’s attention. And, utilizing an impressive hero image can be an effective way to achieve this goal.


The hero image is typically the large, eye-catching image at the top of the page that immediately draws the visitor’s attention. The image you choose should be visually appealing that effectively communicates your SaaS product’s value proposition.


It’s essential to understand your target audience and what they are looking for in a SaaS product. Once you understand your audience’s needs and desires, you can choose an image that resonates with them. For example, if your SaaS product is a project management platform, you may want to choose an image of a team collaborating on a project to showcase the collaborative aspect of your product.

Hivers Hero Image

Take a look at the example of Hiver, where they’ve used attractive hero images to get their customers excited about signing up for the service.



Tip No. 4: Add Social Proof

Adding social proof makes your brand more credible. You can add case studies, video testimonials, customer reviews, etc to showcase real results in real-life scenarios. 

Powerful Testimonials Boost Your Credibility

Testimonials are a powerful tool to enhance the credibility of a SaaS landing page. By featuring authentic feedback from satisfied customers, SaaS companies can create a sense of trust and reliability among potential customers. Social proof can also be provided by testimonials, showing visitors what other people have said about the product.


When prospects see real-world examples of how your SaaS product has helped others, they’re more likely to trust and try it out themselves. Testimonials can also help address common concerns or objections that potential customers might have, as they can see how others have overcome similar challenges with the help of the product. BrightLocal reports that 87% of consumers make online purchases as a result of positive reviews they read.


Take a look at the Slack landing page to know how to use testimonials to increase conversions.



Tip No. 5: Incorporate a Video to Engage and Inform Visitors


Adding a video can greatly enhance the effectiveness of a SaaS landing page by providing a dynamic and engaging way to communicate the value of the product or service being offered. 


Videos can convey a more personal and authentic connection between the user and the SaaS company. By featuring real people or showcasing the product in action, the video can create an emotional connection and build trust with the viewer. This can be particularly important for SaaS products that require a level of trust and confidence from users before they are willing to make a purchase or sign up for a subscription.


Here is an example of a landing page from Worksome that uses video to explain their service making it easier for visitors to understand.


Tip No. 6: Highlight Your Unique Selling Points (UPC)


A USP is a feature or aspect of a product that sets it apart from its competitors and provides a clear benefit to the customer. In the context of SaaS landing pages, USPs help to differentiate the product from other software solutions and communicate its value to potential customers.


To make an effective SaaS landing page, it’s important to identify and showcase the USPs of the product. This involves conducting market research to understand what customers are looking for in a software solution and what sets your product apart. Once you’ve identified your USPs, you can use them to create compelling messaging and visuals that communicate the benefits of your product.


The following landing page of Salesforce shows how a customer can benefit from their service and what makes them stand out.


Tip No. 7: Display Your Call-to-Action Button 

A Call-to-Action (CTA) button is a crucial element that prompts visitors to take a specific action, such as signing up for a free trial, subscribing to a service, or downloading an ebook. 


When a CTA button is constantly visible on the page, visitors are more likely to notice it and take action. Even if they are scrolling through your page, they will still see the button and be reminded of the action you want them to take. This can be especially important for SaaS landing pages that are long or require a lot of scrolling.


Here’s an example of Loom, which ensures that its CTAs are prominently displayed on its landing page to make sure that visitors do not overlook them.


Tip No. 8: Design for Mobile Users to Reach Your Full Potential


According to research by Google Analytics, 50% of users are accessing websites and applications from mobile devices. It’s important to prioritize their needs and ensure that the experience is seamless and enjoyable on smaller screens.


When creating a landing page for mobile users, you must keep the design clean and uncluttered, with a clear hierarchy of information and a limited number of elements. Another important consideration is responsiveness. Your landing page should be optimized to load quickly and smoothly on mobile devices, with images and videos optimized for smaller screens. 


Look at this example of a Shopify landing page from mobile, which is completely optimized for mobile devices.



Best SaaS Landing Pages 

WeTransfer’s File Sharing Feature 


This landing page by WeTranfer is a great example, it has an irresistible copy, great visuals, and a call to action. It has the following components, 

  • Catchy headlines
  • Demo
  • Features 
  • Testimonials 
  • FAQs 
  • Contact info



  • Great visuals 
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Call to actions 
  • Social proof 
  • Testimonials 



Front – Customer Communication Management Feature 

The landing page has the following layout:

  • Great call to action 
  • Features
  • Social Proof
  • Data and facts



  • Free trial 
  • Statistics
  • Social proof
  • Market Comparison 
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Testimonials



Evervault’s landing page is just irresistible with great visuals and the following other features. 

  • Great copy 
  • Social proof
  • Core values
  • Multiple calls to action


Wrapping Up!

By creating a well-designed and optimized landing page, you can improve your conversion rates, generate more leads, and ultimately drive more revenue for your SaaS business. Remember to continuously monitor and optimize your landing pages based on data and feedback to ensure ongoing success.