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What is Brand Building Anyway?

Building a Brand is building a business backed by customer loyalty by understanding how to use design and marketing to create a community. The question of ‘what is branding’? Has been so mis-used that it may seem like a simple question, but brand design strategy it is so much more than just design or marketing.

Brand Design Strategy powers sales, increases visibility, and differentiates your company from competitors. Can you have a company without having a brand? Absolutely. I think the best way to summarize the difference between a business with a brand and a business is;

“A brand has a loyal following and a value proposition, a business is just another competitor selling products or services.”

Brand building is when a business create values, stories and relationships to bond with customers, and this can be a far more powerful form of marketing your business than traditional marketing itself.

Brand Design Strategy


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Why Hiring a Brand Design Company is Good Business?

After evaluating over 200 firms, Clutch ranked Pixel Productions Inc. as one of the top brand consultants in Oregon. To be ranked so highly after thorough evaluation against other top agencies is very rewarding. We have also been featured by Clutch’s sister-site, The Manifest, amongst the top branding companies in Portland. We’ve also made the Top 5 in, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with branding agencies, identified the best US and international branding companies to re-imagine, re-position and market your organization.

Our brand design services are rooted in research and driven by results:

  • Market research and competition analysis: We analyze your target market to get important data on your audience as well as your competitors. We observe the market and industry trends to create brand strategies that are both highly relevant in the now and sustainable in the long-run.
  • Defining your brand: As a brand design agency we help you define your brand’s purpose, mission, vision and values that effectively communicate your brand story.
  • Creating brand identity: Our team of graphic designers will develop a holistic brand identity (such as creating a name, voice and logo) in tune with your business, target market and industry.
  • Working on brand positioning: We have the expertise to differentiate your brand from the rest on the market while maximizing its relevance and authenticity.
  • Developing an actionable marketing plan for brand promotion: Our team of graphic designers work in conjunction with digital marketing experts in order to develop strategies to drive traffic, engage your audience and build a loyal following. They inspect the different stages of the sales funnel to create tailored branding campaigns to push your leads from awareness to brand loyalty

Building an Effective Brand Design Strategy?

The power of Bringing philosophy, value, messaging, creative graphic design and marketing together.

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Your Audience

When it comes to brand design strategy, the first thing you have to do is identify who the ideal customer is for your brand. Successfully building a brand means building a connection with that key demographic. One thing you’ll notice about building a brand is that you’re designing your business with effective marketing in mind based on your audience.

Ethos. Personality. Relationships.

Successful brands understand that creative graphic design is crucial, but building a real brand means taking that messaging beyond a simple product or service and establishing a unique personality. Brands have a relatable personality that’s all their own. At a basic level, a brand personality comprises the emotions and ideas associated with a brand. A personality is important because it helps define how customers interact with and feel about a brand on any given day.

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Your Message & Values

Building a brand design strategy means creating the power to communicate your personal message, your voice and your values to your audience, your potential customers, or potential clients.

Brand Design Strategy is made up of your message and is the culmination of who you are as an individual and organization; your funny little quarks, your amazing back story of how you got to where you are or why you’re doing what you do. Consumers are human and they are seeking a personal connection or something meaningful attached to the products they are buying.

Successful brand design comes from within. Knowing who you are as a business, a unique personality relating to like minded individuals. The best branding agencies will work to bring out this corporate culture that resonates with both your employees and your customers.


Brand Design Strategy: personality, value proposition, message, communication and likeability.


Whether you’re branding a product or a company, you need to have a good understanding of not only who your target market is, but who you are in order for people to relate to your business on a more personal level. This is a critical phase of the brand design strategy, because it entails doing the right discovery and market research.

A surface overview of this type of introspective research may look something like;

• Who is my ideal customer?
• How is my product going to ad value to their daily life?
• Does my business name, message, content resonate with them?
• Am I communicating one cohesive message to a specific audience in order to create customer loyalty?


Building a strong brand is more about “like-ability” than your product. When we talk about like-ability in the brand design strategy, what we’re really talking about is how your company and product are perceived by your targeted community. How people view your business in terms of personality directly impact the growth of “unaided awareness” of your brand as well as market perception and product differentiation.


The Best Brand design agencies understand that successful brands are built on clearly defined goals, not just a napkin sketch and design software. Successful brand building is the result of research, collaboration, creative design and execution. Brand building means looking toward the end game and focusing on all the elements that need to fall in to place to market successfully.


Defining your brand purpose will give your target audience insight into your vision so they can become a part of your purpose. Your brand purpose is just like a mission, it should be a concise, easy to understand message about the business with cohesive images that are simple to interpret for the potential customer.  Without a purpose, you’re just another business set adrift with no clear path.


Knowing your target audience allows you to share your identity with the right people. When it comes to branding, one must immediately be able to identify who the ideal customer is for the brand.  The goal with successful branding is to make a connection with that key demographic the product is designed.

When it comes to building a brand for a small business, you need to think holistically about your look, your voice, and the position you’re going for. It’s easy to want to emulate other brands, but it’s vital that you find your own voice and your own style – one that resonates with a very specific audience.


Brand Consistency throughout your brand design strategy will create coherence from one ad or media form to the next, while repetition is key to long-term memory retention.

Brand consistency isn’t just repetition — It is important to adapt and evolve. While it is important that moving forward, your visual brand design and messaging remain consistent, consistency in branding starts from within the organization. Your brand is your ethos, your design and communication must change as your audience does over time.

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Every business is unique, building a brand is a creative process based on research and crafted with attention to detail.

Brand Image Logo Concepts

A memorable logo engages your audience and causes them to ‘brand’ you in their minds. Your logo is a key graphic element in your brand design strategy. Your logo must be easily recognizable and relevant enough to raise awareness about your brand’s purpose.

Branded Assets

Your brand design strategy includes all marketing materials such as print materials such as business cards, envelopes, stationary, print ads. Here’s where brand consistency comes into play with marketing collateral your company uses or needs, such as your website, brochures, posters, CD labels, booklets, stickers, trade show displays, and more.

Building Out Product Lines


As a brand you’re going to need to think beyond a single service or product.

Your brand design strategy should include alternative art directions that allow you to roll out a cohesive branded product lines that still speaks to your main brand identity and messaging.

Branded Packaging


Product packaging that conveys your product’s purpose and you brand identity will draw the customer in and encourage them to buy.

Your brand design strategy needs to be defined well enough in order to create unique product packaging that still works with your brands’ established fonts, messaging, color pallet and audience.

Your Online Presence

Brand design strategy carries through all aspects of your business including your online presence. Building a brand is as much about the user, your customer, as it is about you. Your online presence and user experience go hand-in-hand as this may be your primary hub for communication.

Think about your inbound marketing:

• Brainstorm campaign ideas that broadly resonate in your market

• Create customer-centric content that generates leads

• Use data to better focus on your customer’s needs

• Boost your traffic and conversions with advanced selling principles

Affirm Your Brand


A successful brand design strategy will create rapport, validity, and confidence with your audience base.

Pixel Productions can assist by highlighting your company’s unique qualities and instilling confidence in your target audience by making your brand ever-present in a multitude of relevant places, whether online or in-store. In other words, be where your audience is and back up your product or service with its deserved confidence. We can help you assert yourself as an authority in your industry or field with a robust, relevant, helpful, and consistent presence.


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