The Ultimate Domain Name Buying Guide

Picking the right domain name is harder than you’d think, this domain name buying guide will help you choose the best on for your business.


Ultimate Domain Name Buying Guide

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Every online business owner should know the importance of an eye-catching domain so that they can easily grab the attention of potential customers and clients. Registering a domain is quick and simple. Often times this leads to a quick decision and a poor choice.

Even though the registration process is easy, you will have to pay close attention while choosing the perfect name for your company. Changing a domain name is possible, but it’s definitely not optimal. The domain name you choose can impact everything from brand impact, user experience, email handles down to the time it takes to spell it out over the phone. 

These are the things that you don’t always think through – so this guide will help in the domain name buying process.

What is a Domain?

Just like your home address in the real world, the domain work as the home address in the online world. Users type the domain in search engines to land on your business website. As per Infi Digit, website is important for the growth of the business

Just like people can find our home by the address, online users will find your website through the domain. In other words, the domain is the online postal address and your website is your online home. Domain helps the users to land on the specific website quickly. Some common domain names are .org, .com, .edu, .net, etc. 

Why a Domain Name is Important?

Think of domain name buying as a long term investment. It’s going to impact your online presence, brand and more.

If you have a business concept in mind, chances are that you already have a specific idea as to how you want to name it. Take one glance at some of the world’s most beloved brands, and you’ll notice that many, like Coca-Cola, Adidas, or Google have names that would have no meaning without the brand reputation attached to it.

In the meantime, you need to pay attention to these details such as choosing your brand name, and by extension, your domain name. This step alone can define your digital presence and help you stand out in a growing crowd.

Here are a few tips to help you choose a catchy domain name that will resonate with your business.


1. Top-Level Domains (TLDs)

The first thing is to understand what type of top-level domain is appropriate for your business.

Top-level domains (TLDs) are also referred to as domain extensions. They’re the series of letters that appear at the right of your SLD, after the dot. The most popular ones include:

  • .com: Short for “commercial,” this was the first TLD launched, initially meant for business and commercial use. It’s still the most popular.
  • .net: Short for “network,” this was created for technology organizations, but it has become another common option for business website owners of all types.
  • .edu: Short for “education,” this TLD was created for universities, colleges, and other educational institutions. Today, it’s mostly associated with U.S. schools.
  • .org: Short for “organization,” this was developed for non-profit organizations but soon became popular among schools, communities, and for-profit enterprises.
  • .gov: Short for “government,” this was created strictly for U.S. government agency use.

Use the .com Extension 

Even though there are various extensions in the market, you should consider choosing the .com extension for your business. This is because the .com extension is the most popular option in the market.  

Additionally, the .com extension is the most trusted and reliable one. If you choose a new extension for your domain and it fails to work properly, changing the extension will be very difficult. Apart from that, the .com extension is extremely easy to remember. 

2. Make Sure the Domain Name is Shorter 

While purchasing a domain name, make sure you choose something easy to remember and short. People will always remember a unique and short domain name. Make sure you always include the relevant keywords of your company in your domain name. This will help your website achieve a higher ranking on the search engine results. 

However, keep in mind that the lengthy domain name will be very difficult for people to remember. Also, exact phrase match domains are having less and less impact on search rankings. 

There are many benefits to short domain names:

• brand recognition

• less competition with unique short names

• less chance of users mis-spelling when searching online. 

• much easier for communicating your domain and email contact.


3. Choose a Name that is Easy to Spell

This is one of the most crucial things you need to consider while buying domains for sale. Make sure the common person can easily spell your domain name. 

This will help you reach your domain name to people of all classes. Therefore, your business will grow across all levels. Additionally, make sure you don’t use complex words. 

4. Check for Trademarks

Both major and minor brands alike take issue with others using their trademarked names. Even if you’ve just made an innocent mistake, the legal hassle involved in a lawsuit and having to rearrange your web presence could be costly.

You can avoid these situations by using a trademark lookup tool before you finalize your choice.


5. How to Buy Your Domain Name?

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When it comes to domain name buying, there are many ways to invest and profit. Take a look at this guide on buying and selling domains:


When it comes right down to it, domain name buying is the easy part. Technically you could do it in under a minute. The tricky part is buying a domain name that is going to serve your business and your customers well.

Once you do make a confident decision, come back and take a look at some of our posts on how to set up a web design that generates leads and converts visitors into paying customers.