10 Web Design Tips To Convert Visitors Into Customers

Is your web design failing to convert your visitors? Time to turn your website around with these conversion tips.

Web Design Convert Visitors

What do you have a website for?

I’m guessing that the goal of your web design is to generate conversions.

It’s a rare company can afford to create a website simply for vanities sake.

Your SEO and marketing team can even do an excellent job promoting your top-quality products and services, but if your website design isn’t dialed in, their efforts won’t lead to conversion increase.


Everything about your web design should draw a visitors’ attention.

Whether that means engaging them to keep them from bouncing or guiding them to an action — your web design is a critical factor. It also plays an important role in converting visitors to paying customers.

So, combining a well planned design with creative copy can make a website that converts.


Sometimes it becomes challenging to find the proper approach and combine these two important elements to improve the conversion rate.

But no worries!

This article shares 10 working techniques that will help you get people excited about your website and convert them.

1. Keep your site simple

keep it simple

FreightCo – Transportation & Warehousing WordPress Theme

You can multiply your conversions with a flat minimalist design. This way your design and content will contain only the most important elements. Remove dramatic drop shadows, gradients, and other realistic visual effects, and your design will become clean.


A 2-dimensional approach and well-structured layout will help to optimize conversions. With a minimalist design, you’ll have more space for call to actions because you get rid of the non-essential elements surrounding them.

2. You need to know and understand your visitors


It’s natural that different people have different perceptions and expectations from your website. They interpret and interact with your content differently. Thus, the content and design of your website must address target audiences’ expectation and behavior.


Well, what can you do about it?

Get to know who your visitors are before starting to design your website. You need to find out what users expect and how they respond to the content and layout of your web page. We can recommend conducting A/B testing and monitoring content from top industry influencers. After you’ll understand user behavior, expectation, and knowledge gap, you will be able to design an easy-to-use website.

3. Use only high-quality images

high quality images

Meals & Wheels – Street Food Festival & Fast Food Delivery WordPress Theme

Make sure that all images on your website are of the highest quality.

Consider the type of image you are using. We mean do not use anything gaudy. Choose source images that are eye-candy to users. The studies show that websites/blogs with compelling high-quality imagery get 94% more views. So, pick out pictures for your website consciously.


Check out the best resources that offer free stock photography. There is no lack of them on the internet.

4. Reduce the number of user clicks to a bare minimum


If your website is good, it allows the users to collect information rapidly.

It’s better to avoid pop-ups as well as other distractions as they are likely to increase the number of clicks a user has to make to see the info about the service/product they are looking for.


This design tip is especially true for eCommerce websites. You need to make sure that users go through the process seamlessly. Please remember that too many extra steps result in shopping cart abandonment.

5. Use white space  

white space

Vixus – Startup & Mobile App WordPress Landing Page Theme

Do you know how to use white space?

The term refers to the space between paragraphs, lines of text and letters. You should make good use of empty space to create a great website design that delivers content the way it should be delivered.


Proper usage of white space makes content easy on the eyes and easier to understand. Skillful web developers use white space strategically as an essential component of their designs. It is safe to say that white space shapes a user’s experience.


The point is that carefully arranged website elements evoke a strong emotional connection. Minimalism is an awesome approach for designers who work on content. Then readers may view it from multiple devices with various screen sizes.

6. Optimize your website for mobile devices


Today most of current website templates and websites are responsive by default.

They automatically adjust to any device screen they are being viewed at. In case you are not sure about the responsiveness of your site, you can check it with the help of Google’s mobile-friendly test.


Nowadays the majority of website traffic comes from mobile devices.

What does this mean in terms of your web design?

This means that your users need to fill in information, click interactive buttons, and read text on small screens. You need to make sure that your website is both functional and comfortable for mobile audiences.

7. Evoke emotions with colors

evoke emmotion

Sounder – Online Radio WordPress Theme

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that colors play an utterly important role in site usability and conveying the overall meaning of your brand. It’s not a secret that different color combinations can evoke different emotions and reactions. The takeaway is that when you choose a color for your website, you need to make sure that the combination evokes emotion you want your brand to convey.

8. Make your site lightning fast


Your page loading speed can significantly increase conversions.

Can you believe that a second’s delay reduces conversions by 7%?

This is a good reason to ensure that your website is loading quickly. Loading speed will help you achieve high conversion rates. We recommend you to use tools like GTmetrix and Pingdom to test your website loading speed.

9. Don’t be afraid of big bold typography


Big and bold letters have been a popular trend in web design, and the trend continues this year as well.


Actually, typography is one of the most powerful ways to boost your brand. Therefore, we believe that big bold typography on your website will work wonders.


There is the reason behind that. Big bold typography is easy to read and understand for any user and will surely grab their attention.


After drawing people’s attention chances are that they will be eager to know more about your products/services. This will increase your chances of making more conversions.

10. Place video on your landing page


What is a landing page?

It is a standalone web page designed specifically to effectively market your products/services.


Do you still use infographics and text on your landing page to attract the visitors?

It’s time to try out a Video Landing Page.


According to the surveys, video landing pages can increase the conversion rate by 80%.


How is it possible?

The trick is that people like stories and video can tell the story of your brand, which is not possible with static images. When a person watches a video, they get emotionally attached to it and this creates an opportunity for conversion.

To conclude


Well, in this article we have tried to cover some of the most efficient web design tips which will help you increase your website conversion rate. Many webmasters use them and some of these techniques bring them great results.


Do you have any questions regarding any of these tips?

Please feel free to ask them in the comment section. Please also share the article with your friends who are struggling to boost their conversions on social networks.

Thank you!