10 03, 2015

Why Should I Use Amazon To Sell My Products Online?

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Why Should You Use Amazon To Sell Your Products Online?Online retailers seem to have a love hate relationship with Amazon; either embracing it as a sales tool or fearing it as a profit suck. I see many young online entrepreneurs fear Amazon for cutting into profit margins, and that attitude is fine if you […]
4 02, 2015

How to Design with User Experience in Mind

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There is a direct link between user experience, marketing goals and your web design. The type of web design that you choose will drive your consumer’s experience, and your design should make sense for your website’s purpose. User experience requires that an e-commerce site should not have the same functional design as a financial […]
29 01, 2015

Why Should I Consider PPC As Part Of My Marketing Strategy?

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No doubt, inbound marketing is the trending marketing term of late. Many small businesses know that they need and want to implement it, but often without a true understanding of what inbound marketing really is. The focus of inbound marketing is to bring customers in by providing information that they are looking for when […]
20 01, 2015

Top Tools for Graphic Creation & Social Sharing

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It’s not that everything Guy touches turns to gold—but that Guy only touches things made of gold. Guy’s most recent touch: Canva, an online graphics program. Kawasaki, the co-author of APE (Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur), noticed his social media guru was spinning out some amazing graphics. She was using a new tool, but was reluctant to let […]
17 01, 2015

Can’t Print to the Xerox Phaser 7760 After Upgrading to Yosemite?

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You’re not the only one, but you can stop swearing – there’s a fix.Well, we’re about three months into the OS X release of Yosemite I was finally compelled to upgrade. GoToMeeting, which is essential for my client meetings, stopped supporting my current OS, so I made the switch.While I try to at least […]
14 01, 2015

Redesigning Your Website to Better Appeal to Customers

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Is your website as effective as it used to be? Considering that the number of sites online has doubled in the last two years alone, chances are that it is not. It might be time to redesign your website to better appeal to your customer.Even the way that the search engines evaluate sites has changed […]
31 12, 2014

Holy Ship! Dimensional Shipping Jacks Costs for Online Retailers

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It’s surprising how many online retailers are still unaware that come January 5th both UPS and FedEx will be calculating shipping rates based on dimensional weight. This is going to come as a big shocker to these unsuspecting storeowners, raising shipping costs up to 50%. The majority of online retailers who don’t offer free or […]
30 12, 2014

Mobile App Must-Haves for Business Bloggers

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If you’re a blogger, you’re probably familiar with some of these accompanying hurdles: • you have to gain a loyal following • you need to be a content machine with frequent and relevant posts • and you should include visual elements in as many pieces as possible While these factors help draw in regular visitors, they can be […]
19 12, 2014

Boost Your Ecommerce Business Using The Principle Of Reciprocity

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Tis The Season: Give A Little and Earn A Lot of Customer Loyalty Reciprocity, or what I like to call the “favor principle”, is an element of social psychology that is very important to understand when running a business. It basically involves the feeling and response someone gives when shown an unexpected kindness. Essentially, when […]
11 12, 2014

How to Fund Business Growth (Without the Growing Pains)

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Your sales have proven to be following a steady trajectory, and you see big things for your business in the not-so-distant future. But the excitement can give way to trepidation when you start to think about how to fund this next leap. Continuing to grow will require more personnel, inventory, space and resources. So […]