How to Stick in the Mind of the Consumer

It’s hard to attract new customers and even harder to make them remember you — find out how to stick in the mind of the consumer here.

How to Stick in the Mind of the Consumer

The businesses that succeed are the business that both attract and retain customers. 

How do they do it? They stick in the mind of a consumer.

In an ideal world, your brand will immediately pop into the mind of your target customer when they need a product/service that you provide. So, how can you stick in the mind of the consumer? There are a few clever ways to do this that can work very well for your business and help you to stay ahead of the competition. Read on to find out what these are and how they could take your company to new heights.


Strong brand identity


Some brands have such a strong brand identity that they are hard to forget. Catchy jingles and slogans are a great example of this and even if the consumer finds these cheesy, they are still highly effective at sticking in the mind of the consumer and this helps these businesses to succeed. 

Branding. It’s the power to communicate not only your message but your voice and your values to your audience, your potential customers, or potential clients.

What about branding for a small business, though?

Surely being a “brand” is only for big companies (with the big budgets to match)?


Not necessarily, check out this guide will show you just why your small business can play with the ‘big boys’ with just as much branding power.


Memorable advertising


When you consider just how many adverts people are exposed to every single day and how few they will be able to recall, it makes you realize that advertising is often very forgettable, especially in competitive times like these. This is why you need to be intelligent when it comes to advertising and find a way to make your adverts stand out whether this is a call to action, bold imagery or asking a question.

Everyone wants that call answered – including your competitors.

If you want customers to choose you, your call to action needs to be the most persuasive. If you understand your target audience and believe in what you do, it’s easier than you may think to craft the perfect call to action that will inspire your visitors to become loyal patrons.

Click here for 5 actionable tips to create powerful calls to action.


SMS marketing


In order to stick in the mind of the consumer, you will want to reach them through various channels no matter where they are and SMS marketing is a great way to do this. SMS marketing software like Tatango enables businesses to reach their customers on their phones, which nowadays people are attached to throughout the day. This is also a quick, easy and simple way to reach your consumer with highly targeted messaging.

Communicating and notifying the users quickly and effectively is essential with online marketing. But, for communication, you may not want to follow the traditional communication channels, like SMS and emails. Though they are still playing a huge role, but are lacking in many ways. The SMSs have no scope of customization, and when it is about emails, there is no guarantee that the recipients will open it or not.

If you want to go beyond SMS marketing, take a look at push notifications.




Another intelligent form of digital marketing that will help your business to stick in the mind of the consumer is retargeting. These are campaigns that advertise to visitors to your website after they have left your website without making a purchase, ensuring that they are reminded of your company as they continue to use the internet and this has become one of the most effective and popular forms of marketing in recent times.

Ecommerce marketing is a complicated and competitive field, and the most effective marketers are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from other brands. Remarketing is one of the most lucrative options for ecommerce and a key factor in a successful ecommerce marketing strategy. Check out this post to learn more about remarketing and how it can be used effectively for ecommerce vendors.


Social media marketing


Social media marketing can also be an intelligent way to stick in the mind of the consumer once you are able to get them to follow your brand. You can share content, respond to comments and engage with your followers, but you must also be careful not to spam your followers with content; otherwise, you will frustrate the consumer which could see you lose business.

Over the last few years, social media has become one of the best ways for all types of businesses to reach and engage their audience. As a business owner, if you’re not utilizing this strong and potential tool, you’re missing opportunity for hefty profits. However, you need to know the difference between simply reaching your audience and convincing and converting them into buyers.


If you are wondering how to stick in the mind of the consumer then these are all great ways to achieve this, but you must be careful not to constantly engage your target customer and promote your brand so there is a balance that needs to be found with this approach.