How To Use Social Media Platforms to Increase Sales

Social media platforms have become powerful marketing tools that you should not miss out on, learn how to use them to increase sales. 

How To Use Social Media Platforms to Increase Sales

It goes without saying that if you fail to leverage social media’s power, you should prepare to close down your business.


If you believe that social media is only about brand awareness, you need to think a bit further. It will help if you keep in mind that social media platforms have become a powerful growth driver to increase sales to your business.


Yes, generating sales is not social medias primary function of social media platforms. But, social media enables you to strengthen the awareness of your brand and build relationships with consumers so that your efforts to increase sales become fruitful.


However, social media will help you to generate sales only when you adopt the right approach for each platform. It would help if you actuated the appropriate strategy for each social media channel as they come with unique challenges.


It will help if you spend some time learning the nitty-gritty for each social media platform.


In this post we’ll outline the most useful tips for leveraging the power of social media platforms to increase your sales concerning platforms.


3 Useful Tips for Increasing Sales through Social Media Platforms Immediately:

1. Facebook

Facebook is the first platform for most businesses when they start social media marketing. It has a large network of users who have their profiles on Facebook.


If you already have a Facebook Business Page for your company, you can actuate the following steps to push up your sales:

Using Facebook’s Advertising Options

You might want to depend on Facebook’s organic post reach, but that is not a good idea. As competition for gaining users’ attention has grown more than ever, the free organic route’s effectiveness has diminished to a significant extent. 


So, it will help if you pay for the advertising tools that will yield substantial results. Facebook has advanced targeting options that will focus on your target audience. With the options, you can also target your audience with specific information, like age, gender, and location, as well as more in-depth characteristics, such as interests and the Facebook pages they like.

Add a “Shop Now” Button

It will help if you add a call-to-action button, such as the ‘Shop Now’ button, which appears below your cover picture. It enables you to direct users exactly where you want them to go with the least conversation.


2. Twitter


There are challenges in every social media platform. The main challenge with Twitter is to make users take action within the 140 character limit. As such, you cannot explain your business offerings with much detail. 


So, your best bet is to add a link to a particular page on your website and explain a bit of what consumers can get from clicking it.  

Link Directly to Landing Pages

You should not make the mistake of putting the link to the homepage of your website. It will drive traffic to your site but will not help in driving sales. As such, make sure that you put links to your website’s product pages so that visitors are likely to convert. 


As Twitter expects more frequent posts from visitors, you can increase your posts with more specific content. 


Say, a follower is not interested in the content of one of your tweets, there are chances that your other tweets appeal to him.

Include Images

You can stand out with appealing images in your tweets. Twitter allows you to include up to four images per tweet. If you have a product portfolio, then it will help immensely. 


Encourage Users to Retweet

You can leverage the tendency of users to share branded content with their friends. You can increase your follower base by encouraging your followers to retweet your posts. However, you should bear in mind that retweeting will not directly drive your sales but will increase your reach so that more people will read your posts. They are likely to enquire about your products and services. 


Giving some incentives, such as discounts, is an impactful way to increase your follower base. 


Your tweets may not be sales-related. You can post entertaining, funny, and interesting topics to keep your followers glued to your tweets.

Pin Important Tweets

Pinning important tweets is a great way to enable your followers to see the tweet every time they visit your twitter page. When you pin your tweet, it will remain at the top of all your posts. 


You can use the pin feature when you tweet important information, like announcing a discounted sale or promoting a new product. In this way, you can make sure all users will come across the information whenever they visit your page. 


Pinning also allows you to give your business the first impression of the new visitors to your page.


3. Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that focuses on images. It also implies that you can adopt the Instagram route if you have many visually appealing pictures of your brand. But the associated challenge is that it does not allow you to include a link with each of your posts, and at the same time, the short character limit makes it difficult to communicate complex ideas.


But, you can still use Instagram as a useful marketing tool as there are ways, which are as follows:

Post Quality Pictures

Only quality pictures work well on Instagram. If you post blurry or low-quality pictures, your marketing campaign will suffer. Therefore, you need to make sure that you post only pictures with high quality.

Link to Your Bio

With Instagram, you cannot include a link with your posts. You can include a link only in the bio on your profile section. So, include a link to your product page in your bio. Also include something, such as ‘link in bio,’ to prompt users to go to your bio. 




The bottom line is that you should not miss out on social media platforms as a marketing tool to increase sales. The steps described in this article will help you to leverage the power of social media to push up your sales right from the start.