10 Social Media Tools to Juice Up Your Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing requires finesse, but the right social media tools can make a world of difference in your next campaign, here are 10 to try.

Social Media Tools

Social media plays a key role in promoting your brand online. You can drive thousands of visitors to your site when you effectively leverage yourself on social media, but you have to have the right social media tools. 


If done right, your social media marketing efforts can bring remarkable success to your brand. A leading social media marketing company in India recently shared 10 of the best social media tools any business can use.


If you want to craft and share valuable content on social media to attract new audiences and drive more engagement to your brand, check out social media tools in this post. 


Is social media marketing important?


As most marketers are aware by now, social media is a fantastic platform to create real, measurable results, affecting the bottom line of your business. 


Here are 10 social media tools to help you juice up your marketing campaign: 


1. MeetEdgar


Edgar is more than just a tool for scheduling content. The difference between other social media scheduling tools and Edgar is that you can categorize your content, customize the settings, and share categories more than others. 


But what happens if you run out of content for a certain category? Well, this tool will start from the beginning, and will automatically update your old, and existing content. 


This also works perfectly with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook saves you time and will increase the number of viewers viewing your content. 


2. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo allows you to search for keywords, look for trending topics, and identify key influencers in your industry. It provides you with important insights when it comes to your content’s performance. 


You’ll know how many links were made in your site’s content, and how evergreen your content is


You can then use these insights to inspire you with your future content, as well as identify the areas where you can improve. 


3. Canva


Most social media platforms are highly visual in nature, and every great content calls for stunning imagery and photos. 


While some posts, in particular, require the work of a creative graphic designer, there will be images and content that don’t need to be completely stunning, just pleasing to look at. 


Canva lets busy social media marketers create appealing visuals easily and quickly.


4. MavSocial


This tool allows businesses to effectively manage their social media management, whether it’s publishing, content management, reporting, responding to comments, from a single dashboard. This allows marketers to become more efficient. 


With this software solution, you can easily manage, discover, and edit your content. 


Moreover, you can also boost and automate your content to help you maximize your reach, track the history of your engagement, as well as messages across all networks in a single, consolidated window. 


5. Infogr.am


This tool allows you to create stunning graphics in just a matter of minutes. While you won’t be able to have full customization over it, there are a lot of graphics to choose from, and a good drag-and-drop vector art. 


Overall, it’s a great place to be especially those who want a simple, yet high-quality infographic. 


6. Buffer


Buffer is an easy and simple tool that you can use to schedule social media updates on different social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and App.Net.


It also provides you with story suggestions and can be integrated into RSS feeds for easy sharing. 


It also has a great analytics feature, and you can also collaborate easily with team members and contributors with Buffer for Business. 


7. Google Trends


Google Trends free tool that Google created for users to search for trending topics online. Most brands use it to monitor relevant trends and topics that are happening globally. 


Most professionals use this tool to discover and share information that’s related to what’s popular and trending right now. 


8. Agorapulse


Agorapulse is a great social media marketing and management platform that allows marketers and businesses to manage their accounts on social media in an efficient manner. 


Its software solution allows you to create a meaningful and healthy relationship with your followers on social media. 


If you want to personalize or customize your content for a specific platform on social media, Agorapulse allows you to do that. 


It also allows you to schedule your posts in advance, reschedule it over and over, and then monitor and respond to all your social conversations in a single place. 


9. Sprout Social


Sprout Social is a great online platform that provides reports to all your accounts on social media, display your social content, and check for keyword searches in just a few clicks. 


This tool also allows you to schedule your content in all your accounts with its reliable publishing system, control your social media messages on the go with its mobile app available for both iOs and Android interfaces. It also supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.


The Sprout Social app helps you redefine how you communicate and connect with your target audience since it allows you to manage several Facebook and Twitter accounts in one place. 


10. Socialoomph


This social media management app offers plenty of rich features that will boost your brand awareness. It allows you to schedule social media posts, as well as track your results. 


Whether you’re logged in to your social media accounts or not, this apps sees to it that your brand is never asleep. 


In a broader picture, the more relevant your posts are on social media, the more chances you will be driving more sales and leads. 


This tool also comes with extra features that let you monitor your tweets. Based on your keywords and settings, it regularly sends you relevant tweets. 


It also alerts you each time your website or brand is mentioned in a tweet, or post, including people who have replied to your tweets and posts on social media. 


Over to You


If you want to create a stellar brand that truly stands out online, then you need to be using the right social media tools. Creating a social media campaign without using the right tools won’t set you up for success.


Moreover, for you to choose the right social media tools for your business, you need to have a solid understanding of what your goals are.