Redefining the Customer Experience in Covid-19 Times

Find out how businesses are redefining customer experience to create that meaningful and personalized experience during Covid, keep reading.

Redefining the Customer Experience in Covid-19

The customer experience should always be personalized and meaningful. Part of owning a business is to connect with the community and create strong relationships. 


However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is forced to stay home, and no one is allowed to interact closely with others. This completely changes customer service, as it’s more difficult for people to talk in person. 


As humans, we’re able to adapt to any situation. We’re going to tell you how quality customer experience is being redefined during this trying time. 


Improve Communication Quality 

The customer’s experience is vital for your success as a business. It’s been reported that over half of consumers will never do work again with a company after only one negative experience


Focusing on improving communication quality can make a significant impact on customer satisfaction. You need to train your employees on how to talk on the phone, respond to emails, and video chat appropriately and efficiently. 


Consider that it could be the first time an employee is working remotely, so they’ll need extra training. You need to supply them with a computer, work phone, headset, and other tools to allow them to perform. 


You should think about interactive voice response, which helps improve the resolution, routing, and costs of quality communication. It will help collect information about the caller and put them through to the best handler for improved customer experience. 

Focus on Connection

This pandemic hasn’t just affected one country, state, or group of people. It’s impacted everyone in the world in some way or another. You can use this as a way to connect with your customers. 


You understand what they’re going through, and you can relate to them on a personal level. Although you might have to talk on the phone or through video, you can still show compassion and empathy. 


Showing your emotions and letting customers know that you understand how they feel will create a strong connection between you both. 

Inform Existing and New Customers on Changes 

Your clients will appreciate that you’re keeping them up to date with any business changes. Clearly post new hours of operations, phone numbers, emails, and other essential resources. 


You can add your Zoom or Skype account details to your contact information. If you know that your staff was cut, explain to your customers that they might need to be more patient because of the limited workforce. 


If your company delivers a product or service, explain to your consumers about your new approach, delays, or things that can’t be done right now. The more accurate information you give your clients, the more they’ll respect you and understand that this is challenging for your company as well. 

Change to Mobile Friendly 

More people are solely using their mobile devices to access the web, which is vital for you to understand. Part of the customer experience is how easily they can navigate your online sites. 


Some functions work great on a full-screen computer, while on a smaller one, it gets chaotic or confusing. Spend some time viewing your business’s website on a mobile platform. Then, make any changes based on what you see. 


Your customers will be pleased when they log on to your site with ease, and everything is clear on their smartphone or tablet. 

Use Social Media 

It was reported that over half of Americans are using social media at a higher rate than before the pandemic. Also, the average time spent on a social network is more than previously forecasted. 


As a business owner, you need to use these platforms for more visibility and to increase your customer experience. When people can get all the information they need in one place, it’s easier for them. 


You can utilize your social media pages to inform your clients about changes and updates. Let them inquire through direct messaging or leave comments on social networks. 


Think of your social media pages as an addition to your company’s website. The same quality of information and accessibility should be present on these platforms as well. 

The Bottom Line

Covid-19 has changed many aspects of our lives, especially in how you run your business. Although communication is different, it doesn’t mean it should be worse. 


You’ll have to adapt to new regulations and restrictions while also giving your clients what they need. You should improve communication quality, focus on connecting, inform customers on changes, have a mobile-friendly site, and use social media as much as possible.