Explainer Videos The Secret Conversion Weapon For Businesses

Find out Why Explainer Videos Are The Secret Conversion Weapon For Businesses When Customers Are on the Fence About Making The Purchase.

Why Explainer Videos Are Secret Conversion Weapon

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Explainer videos are one of the most popular and most commonly-created types of videos in the digital marketing field. Over 54% of marketers have at least one explainer video on their marketing toolbox. 


Creating explainer videos won’t only help you stay ahead of the ever-changing customers’ media consumption and behavior but also help you improve your overall marketing strategy. According to the latest expert roundup we just published, an explainer video can effectively help marketers to boost their conversion rates and close more deals.


Let’s find out why this highly engaging type of video can help marketers sell more and better in no time!

#1. Grab the Audience’s Attention Faster

If you’re a marketer yourself, you must understand that catching an audience’s attention is such an uphill battle, especially with the attention span that has significantly shrunk to eight seconds.


That’s where explainer videos came through the whole affair like a breath of fresh air. Once the viewers click on the video, they’re also welcomed with highly-engaging visuals and relatable and thought-provoking narration.


So, it’s safe to say that explainer videos won’t only help you to grab the audience’s attention faster but also hold it. With this higher engagement, you can easily convince them to convert into your customers.

#2. Convey Brand Message Concisely

It’s always crucial for you to deliver your brand’s message in a lighthearted-way. This way, you can help your potential customers understand better about your product. The more they feel familiar and close to your brand, the faster they’ll make an informed purchase decision.


In this case, explainer videos can help you to explain your brand and get across the core value proposition in an essay, informative, and engaging way. When you use animations, the explanation can also be so more enjoyable, and your audience can retain better.

#3. Make Your Brand Stand Out From the Crowd

The internet has now become chock-a-block with contents. And standing out from the crowd isn’t smooth sailing unless you leverage explainer videos. This type of content offers you an easy way to differentiate your brand from your competitors in a highly competitive niche.


With explainer videos, you can provide your potential customers with easy to digest information combined with eye-pleasantly visuals. It conveys information that static content like images and text content can’t do.


Once you can differentiate yourself from the competitors, it’ll become much easier for your potential customers to find you and purchase your brand. Psst, it can also boost your SEO!

#4. Maximize the Exposure

To increase conversion rates, it’s always essential to make sure that you promote your brand like crazy so that more audiences know about it. And with explainer videos, optimizing your brand’s exposure has never been easier.


The high shareability that explainer videos have allows you to share the content across your digital channel effortlessly. From your social media accounts to website’s homepage to landing pages, explainer videos make it easier for you to get the word out about your brand at just your fingertips.

Wrapping Up: Your Turn!

There’s no denying that explainer videos can be a powerful weapon for savvy marketers to skyrocketing their conversion rates, making them a great tool to double your marketing ROI.


Done well, explainer videos can entice a click, form completion, and, most importantly — a sale. By all means, it can be a great addition to your marketing mix and improve your overall marketing strategy. If you’re looking for affordable and handy ways to boost your sales and conversion rates, explainer videos can be an ideal option that should deserve your attention.