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Having a solid brand design strategy will help shape the way people think about you.

Building Brand Identity: Who Am I?

The term brand identity is used often, but trying to figure out how to create an effective brand can be quite elusive. Here’s a little tip, successful brands have less to do with design than they do your message. I don’t mean to underscore design; what you should focus on is creating an effective brand design strategy – a way to bring all marketing elements inline with your message and audience.

brand identity who am i?

Brand Design Strategy Step One: Make it Personal.

Connecting with your audience on a personal level is the goal of effective branding.

what people say about your brand

Your message is a culmination of who you are as an individual and organization; your funny little quarks, your amazing back story of how you got to where you are or why you’re doing what you do. Consumers are human and they are seeking a personal connection or something meaningful attached to the products they are buying. Brand design isn’t just about your logo and signage, though it certainly helps if your design element are working to support your overall message. Successful brand design comes from within. No, this isn’t some hippie zen philosophy, it’s just businesses that strive to establish themselves as a unique personality among a sea of people who want to be just like the other guy, are going to stand out as the brand winners. The best branding agencies will work to bring out this corporate culture that resonates with both your employees and your customers.

Digital marketing. Branding. Marketing strategies.

Every business, wants to be a Big “Brand”, but what does that mean?

Brand is one of the most common words used in marketing…

One important fact is that not everyone who uses the word brand understands its meaning.

Companies, who try to adopt branding strategies without understanding its value and true meaning, winds up failing miserably.

Branding is so much more than designing a logo and building a website.

Building Brand Awareness

It’s common for us to hear entrepreneurs make statements like, “I want to be like____ ” or “My image needs to look like ______” , but what we want is to help you find out who you are and how you can improve the lives of those around you. Business owners wear many hats, but they simply can’t be everything all the time. They need a team of people with the abilities to bring their message together and help deliver it to the masses. This is exactly what you should be looking for in a brand design estimate.

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How Do We Get Started With Your Brand Design Strategy?

We have to give your audience something to believe in and it starts with research & planning.

Design for brand identity is really more about asking the right questions in order to come up with a winning game plan. Whether you’re branding a product or a company, you need to have a good understanding of not only who your target market is, but who you are in order for people to relate to your business on a more personal level.

The same types of questions we ask in order to understand who your target audience is can be applied introspectively to discover who you are as a brand;

• What kind of company are you trying to build?
• Who are your potential customers and why would they be interested in you or your products?
• Is your business model replicating that of another business or many other businesses?
• What makes you different and what makes your product better?

A strong brand is more about your “like-ability” than your product. When we talk about like-ability as a brand, what we’re really talking about is how your company and product are perceived by your targeted community. How people view your business in terms of personality directly impact the growth of “unaided awareness” of your brand as well as market perception and product differentiation.

creating a strong brand

How Do I Create a Successful Brand Design Strategy?

We start with clearly defined goals.

It’s all about the goals

Successful brands are built on clearly defined goals, not just a napkin sketch and design software. Successful branding is the result of research, collaboration, design and execution. Successful businesses are looking toward the end game and all the elements that need to fall in to place to get them there.

We’re the branding team that understands you.

brand strategy

Create a Timeline for Your Goals

A set timeline that clearly outlines your marketing goals will allow you to have realistic objectives and know what to expect from week to week or from month to month. In addition, it will indicate which marketing or advertising methods to employ, establish how often to employ each method, and for what purpose each method will be employed (such as a sale or a holiday season). Let’s work together to create a marketing and advertising schedule that is well thought out in order to provide the maximum amount of marketing and advertising response on both a regular basis and during peak times. Pixel Productions can craft a plan of action that works for both your schedule and your budget.

Evaluate Your Brands’ Purpose

An established identity based on your businesses’ purpose will give your target audience an insight into your vision so they can become a part of your purpose. Pixel Productions can help you examine what functions your product or service provides and to which target audiences that product or service should be aimed.

Know Your Target Audiences

Knowing your target audience allows you to share your identity with the right people. Pixel Productions will help you ask the critical questions about your target audience: What type or types of people both demographically and geographically are seeking your product or service? Are there multiple audiences that your product or service could serve? How? We’ll research your industry and hone in on what brand identity will create a lasting and valuable image in the minds of your relevant audiences.

Create, Test, and Repeat Your Message

A strong brand message conveyed many times in multiple ways to your target audience allows you to get valuable feedback from your customers and will reinforce your brand identity, producing within your audience a long-term memory of your brand. Your message typically ties in with your purpose or your company’s mission statement. Pixel Productions’ use of analytics tools and direct feedback tools will allow you to know quantitative and qualitative values about how effective your message really is. In addition, repetition of your message in multiple forms of media and print advertising allows your brand identity to concrete itself in the minds of your target audience. Consistency throughout your brand design strategy will create coherence from one ad or media form to the next, while repetition is key to long-term memory retention. Let us collaborate with you to craft a focused message across your entire brand identity that is reflected in all of your media, social web interactions, and customer interactions.

Create Your Logo

A memorable logo engages your audience and causes them to ‘brand’ you in their minds. Pixel Productions can work together with you on a creative logo design that accurately reflects your brand’s purpose and identity. We can even help you make your logo easily recognizable and relevant enough to raise awareness about what your brand’s purpose is.

Create Your Print Materials

Print materials such as business cards, envelopes, stationary, print ads, and the like should all bear your unique logo. Pixel Productions can create and backup these important print materials for you. Your brand identity should be applied to whatever marketing collateral your company uses or needs, such as your website, brochures, posters, CD labels, booklets, stickers, trade show displays, and more.

Build Your Product Line

Building and growing upon your product line provides your audience with a needed or desired product or service. Pixel Productions can assist you in organizing and expanding your product line to cover a range of intended uses and to become the industry expert for your type of service.

Design Your Product Packaging

Your product packaging should align with your brand identity. Product packaging that conveys your product’s purpose and you brand identity will draw the customer in and encourage them to buy. Pixel Productions can guide you in shaping and designing your product packaging, from how it will be presented on a store shelf to the actual art and wording that adorns the package. We’ll determine packaging methods that best suit your retail situation and your budget.

Design or Re-Design Your Website

A powerful website is one of the number one ways for you to increase business. Pixel Productions can help you align your brand identity with your website by coordinating it with your logo, your audience, and your company’s personality. This ensures cohesion between your brand identity and your website identity.

Affirm your Brands’ Presence

A successful brand design strategy will create rapport, validity, and confidence with your audience base. Pixel Productions can assist by highlighting your company’s unique qualities and instilling confidence in your target audience by making your brand ever-present in a multitude of relevant places, whether online or in-store. In other words, be where your audience is and back up your product or service with its deserved confidence. We can help you assert yourself as an authority in your industry or field with a robust, relevant, helpful, and consistent presence.

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