Why Web Push Notifications Should be Considered in 2020 for Businesses Website?

Are you still in the camp that believes web push notifications too annoying to implement? You might want to rethink that for your business website.

Why Web Push Notifications Should be Considered in 2020 for Businesses Website?

Engaging users on the website is a challenging job for the business person. But, what’s more challenging is to make them stay on your website longer!!


In fact, I bet you think you’re doing everything possible to keep customers engaged…


But, are you getting the desired results you want?


Communicating and notifying the users quickly and effectively is essential with online marketing. But, for communication, you may not want to follow the traditional communication channels, like SMS and emails. Though they are still playing a huge role, but are lacking in many ways. The SMSs have no scope of customization, and when it is about emails, there is no guarantee that the recipients will open it or not. That surely is affecting prompt and timely communication.


It’s time to think beyond the traditional ways of communication. The other alternative that can bring more engagement is Push notifications.


Find out below how Push notifications are different from SMS and emails:


  • Highly deliverable
  • Assure more open and click rates
  • Cross-platform delivery
  • Extensive linking to precise pages
  • Easily adaptable process without any personal information requirements
  • Less costly (free in some cases)
  • Charges do not vary with the increase of notification send


After comprehending the factors that are making push notifications a prior choice for business, have a look at the statistics that are making it the leading communication channel.


  • There are almost 40% senders of web push notifications of blogging, publishing, media, or eCommerce sectors.
  • The major push notification rate occurs on Tuesday, with 4%.
  • Tailored send time (40%), Emojis (20%), rich formats (25%), personalization (fourfold) and advanced targeting (threefold) improves the reaction rate
  • There was the segmentation of push notification by 85% in 2017 and 65% in 2015.
  • With the use of web push, 9% of the publisher’s traffic is increased.
  • The travel industry has attained 4% of push notification usage for delivering online sales.
  • There is a growth of 600% in sign-ups for web push after implementing single opt-in.


The below statistics show why web push notifications are critical for businesses. These figures also assure that the push notifications are the leading communication channel for your company.


  • 34 gigabytes is the information amount that is processed by every person, that is, 105,000 words approximately.
  • Almost 615 million devices are using the ad blockers, but these ad blockers are not at all affecting the web push notifications delivery.

Understanding Web Push Notifications


Known as a powerful way to engage with the users, the push notifications alert the users about the essential events. It shows an icon following a small piece of text that the user clicks to open the WordPress website. These are transferred directly from the server to the push service and are sent to the right client.


Safari 7.0.3 browser was the first browser that has provided the web push support. Later, Chrome 45 has adopted it with an improvement of the market share of 40 to 50% and is still growing.


It gives support for android and desktop. With a market share of 16 to 20%, Mozilla Firefox is also practicing the web push notification but has not announced its support rate.


One should understand that web push notifications are different. Web notifications work only when the user is online. Whereas, the Web Push Notifications works even when the users are offline. It can be delivered in real-time on the browser and is not dependent on the WordPress website where the user is browsing.

The web push notification is the leading way for customer engagement with prompt communication. It holds the capacity to generate more Click Through Rate (CTR) comparatively to different marketing tools. If you are planning to add push notifications to your WordPress website, then you can hire dedicated WordPress developer that can guide you to achieve desirable results. This not only saves your valuable time but also helps you to concentrate on other significant tasks.


In this article, we have drawn a comprehensive survey of web push notifications. Check out the benefits that web push notifications are bringing in and how this communication channel is beneficial in 2020.

Benefits of Web Push Notifications For Business Website


1. Retain and Re-engage the Customers

Convert your inactive customers into active ones. Use Push notifications to increase your customer retention rate. It should be noted that the retention rate for the customers who are practicing the web push notification is more.


With the notification messages, you can send customers alerts/reminders, the generous offers or services, and the important news. If the web push notifications show the direct personal value, then the chances that you can re-engage the customers are more.


2. Higher CTR

The regular emails are making it tough for businesses to cut through the noise. Find out the stats below to know more:


  • Almost 270 billion emails are sent daily.
  • More than 121 emails are received by the office workers every day.
  • The average CTR for retail email is 2.83%.
  • The email CTR rate varies from one enterprise to another.
  • The main reason which is making push notification accessible is the conversion results.


3. Authentic Connection

You might be filling in the wrong information while submitting it online. Though, it signifies that when you are sending the commercial email, you are approaching a non-existent proposal. The web push notifications cannot get deceived and do not demand any of the personal details. This communication channel only asks you to send the push notification. It assures that behind every invitation, there is an authentic connection that is trying to reach you.


4. Improve Brand Compatibility

Notifying the customers regarding the last-minute coupons, special offers and deals is a robust manner to gain another point of contact in the marketing funnel. It establishes an extra marketing channel where the businesses can provide more value-added information to the business. It also presents the robust recognition with the logos in the messages. The customers will remember the timely push notification instead that, certainly, will increase your brand value.

5. Reach only the Right Users

The push notification can ask the users to access their location, and when it is given, then the user experience can be personalized with the location-specific push notification. The WordPress website push notification can notify the users about the applicable offers according to their time zone. The businesses can target users accordingly with the city, state, and country. Additionally, you can notify them about special offers and discounts. That way, you can engage more users with a high level of relevance and personalization.

6. Improve the Customer Care Approach with Valuable Content

Indeed, web push notifications can increase the rate of customer satisfaction. Comparatively, they are less invasive and generates more user engagement forms and also drives more traffic to your WordPress website. This channel also permits users to hold the latest offers, promotions, and updates. These alerts are excellent tools for more user attention. Keep your notifications more time-sensitive and valuable. It can be said that the more relevant information is, the better the results will be.

7. Decreases Effort in the Customer Journey

Last but not least, web push notifications navigate users to the pages by placing the deep links. This is the best measure to get more customer engagement. You can also use Call to Action (CTA) to allow customers to perform some specific action.



Concluding Remarks


Web push notification is the best winning marketing approach for your business. Undoubtedly, this communication channel will bring in business in 2020. Its future is secure and intact. Focus and careful planning is required.


We have given you the guide and benefits of web push notifications that can compel you to use them. It is the best platform to retain lapsing and loyal customers in your business.


Hopefully, you liked this article!! If there are any queries and suggestions, then let us know in the comment section. Thanks for reading!!