Convincing and Converting Buyers through Social Media Marketing

All business types are using social media to reach their audiences, but convincing and converting them into buyers take finesse.

Convincing and Converting Buyers through Social Media Marketing


Over the last few years, social media has become one of the best ways for all types of businesses to reach and engage their audience. As a business owner, if you’re not utilizing this strong and potential tool, you’re missing opportunity for hefty profits. However, you need to know the difference between simply reaching your audience and convincing and converting them into buyers.

Let’s take a look at this process in a little more detail.

Just put yourself in your customers position. What would be your approach?

Would you be more likely to click on random ads as they pop up in your news feed or would you be more likely to click an ad relevant to a search you recently performed?     

Still wondering why you keep seeing that Lexus ad when you’re on facebook?

Every business has to work hard to not only reach their audience, but to make sure that Convincing and Converting Buyers is more likely to happen.

The success of your business will depend upon the number of clients/buyers using or buying your services/items. Social media is the easiest platform to attract and convince buyers about your product. Online marketing in social media has several opportunities and even more challenges. 

Here are few tips on how to convince and convert buyers through social media marketing to make sure your marketing efforts are a success.


Social Media Advertising Opportunities

All social media platforms have varied advertising opportunities. But with social media marketing, it is crucial to reach the right customer at the right time. Therefore, the aim should be to target a specific buyer group. It may be based on different factors from diverse geolocations to multiple income levels. 


With these sophisticated advertising capabilities, you should have focused on that specific targeted audience whose interests are aligning with your product. Extend your product details to make sure they hit the right spot.


This is where social media advertising comes into play. Social Media provides you with opportunities to reach these buyers like no other channel. They might never have heard of your brand, but they will still see you. The best thing about social media is that it lets you reach the family and friends of your loyal customers too.


One thing is very important here. Do not push very hard while making your advertisements. They should attract people in a natural way. For social media success the goal is to be informative and entertaining.


Continuous Marketing through Ads

Remember that a click does not equal a purchase. This can happen due to several reasons. In response to one hundred clicks, you might experience a single purchase. Sometimes, visitors are just attracted by your ad, but they do not need that product right away.


At other times, they might not have the money at that particular instant. Maybe, they are waiting for a paycheck. Or maybe, your advertisement was so good that the item got sold right away. In all such cases, you do not want your buyer to forget you.


Hence, you make them remember you by retargeting.

What is that? You may ask.

Simply keep investing in ads so that they keep populating people’s social media home pages, so they never forget about you — you know… repetition makes is memorable.


If you think this is a waste of money, think again. In a survey, more than 70% of people claimed that they bought something they saw on their social media feed. You might be leaving a lot of money on the table by not investing in retarget advertisements. 


Ask yourself, wouldn’t you be interested in buying something you have seen many times on your feed? You might just feel like opening it because it looked interesting and end up buying it. This is exactly how you need to make your audience feel.


Make Use of Purchase Buttons


Do you want to know the secret to increase revenue exponentially through social media marketing?

Make your advertisement say “buy” instead of “see” or “want”. 


Don’t get it? Imagine you are watching Instagram stories. An ad comes up. It asks you: “do you want a phone case”? The answer to this question is either yes or no. You will never say, “well, I don’t know, I might want it.” And you will move forward.


However, if the same ad gives you an option to buy it right away, through that ad. You might end up opening that advertisement just to see how much it is priced at or if they have any other options. Call to Actions are essential!


Social media platforms are very intelligent. They know how to make things interesting. You can add a purchase button to your ad image. This helps people in making a direct purchase.

According to a survey, around one hundred and thirty million people click shopping ads every month on Instagram.

46% have claimed that they ended up buying stuff after tapping on those ads.


This proves that if you add a purchase button to your advertisement, you might increase the chances of a quick purchase.


Because the buyer does not get enough time to decide whether or he/she should buy this product. It can be a quick shopping spree.


Influencers Marketing

I’d be surprised id you haven’t heard of influencers’ marketing. Influencer marketing is one of the hottest trends right now especially on social media.

As you know the best brand ambassadors are your loyal customers. As a small business the chances are that you simply don’t have a lot of those brand ambassadors with a lot of influence. The kind of influence that gets other people to buy.

Now, in that case, you need someone with influence talk about how good you are.

People need to know that your brand is amazing. Just not from you.

For this, you need influencers. Their marketing can open new doors for you. Do not hunt for big fishes, even micro-influencers can help you in earning big bucks. Just make sure that they have a group of loyal audiences.

Look for the ones who are trusted by their followers. Based on their recommendations, people take a leap of faith. Pick your influencers carefully and then stick with them. When they will continuously support and magnify your brand, you will see a big difference in your sales pattern and social media conversion rates.


There are a lot of opportunities on social media, but you need to focus on Convincing and Converting customer into actual buyers — These tips will help you do just that.