How to Design a Landing Page That Generates Thumping Sales

Master Landing Page Design for Conversions – Learn How to Design a Website Landing Page That Pulls in Massive Traffic And Generates Thumping Sales

How to Design a Landing Page That Generates Thumping Sales


Businesses need a strong online presence to reach a wider audience so they can earn more and more profits.

For that, a great website with a powerful landing page can make all the difference. If you really want to convert visitors into sales, then you have to know how to design a landing page that will actually do just that.

You’ll quickly find that it’s not enough to have great products or better services than your competitors.

Though, these things are super important, when it comes to online conversions you’ve simply got to have the draw and motivation to convert sales.

Turns out, landing pages can be a real game changer in terms of traffic and sales.

High quality and engaging landing pages are a great way to bring new people into your sales funnel and drive them toward conversion.

The most specific function of a landing page is to do one thing – convert!


The Design of Your Landing Page Must Achieve Different Aspects to Gain This Conversion

Your Landing Page Must:

• Attract visitors

• Educate your visitors

• And most importantly compel your visitors


Great landing pages help you increase profits by focusing on a specific short-term goal.

Using your landing page, you can provide your audience with a clear, direct call to action so they can readily purchase your products or services.


Here is how you can design a powerful and engaging landing page:


1. Cut the clutter

Clarity is the key to a landing page that generates sales.

Overwhelming your visitors with too much information is a non-starter. If your page looks like an endless graffiti of texts and images, your visitors will likely to abandon it before conversion.

It is crucial to educate your audience on your offers, but overwhelming the page will overwhelm your audience.

Ecommerce data has clearly indicated that cluttered and hard to skim content is a deterrent. Rather you should draw their focus to things that you want them to do.

According to a 2006 study conducted by Carlton University, Canada, web designers have 500 milliseconds to impress users landing on their page.

So, if you want to engage your users – you better do it quickly.

500 milliseconds isn’t a lot of time so your audience should instantly grasp what your brand’s value proposition is, otherwise you will miss the boat.

The goal of your landing page should be to provide your prospects with just enough information to persuade them take the most important action. The key is less but relevant text plus attractive images equals to an effective landing page.

The following landing page is a perfect example of clutter and confusion. The amount of information makes it nearly impossible to focus on the message the company is trying to deliver.

cluttered landing page design

2. Create a catchy headline

First impressions matter a lot in the digital world.

You have to come up with a headline that grabs the attention of your visitors right away. A captivating title is the first step toward a surefire lead generation. Titles can have a profound impact on whether your blog post or landing page is shared on social media.

On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar. ~ Econsultancy

If you craft an enticing headline – your visitors will be more likely to read the next sentence or paragraph. As a matter of fact, action-based headlines propel the users to take a specific action, while number-based headlines put a numerical value on the offer.

You can use the following tips to write a killer headline:

  • Compelling adjectives will bring you more engagement. Use words like “shocking”, “astounding”, “sensational”, etc. and the difference.
  • Creating a mystery around your headline can be helpful.
  • Bring a little bit of controversy and make a bold statement.
  • Send a message of solving a common and pressing problem.

great headlines equal sales


3. Highlight the benefits of your offer

Understand the pain points of your target audience and create landing page copy that offers them a solution.

The truth is not all customers care how great your products or company is; they are only interested in knowing what benefits they can get.

According to a 2012 Harvard study, providing “Solution Sales” is no longer an effective strategy.

This is because consumers are already aware of the solution they want. So you have to convince them that only you can provide the benefits they seek.

highlight the benefits of your offer

The text of your landing page must be aligned with your prospects’ needs.

There must be feeling that your product or service can effectively address their pain points. A well-designed landing page addresses the emotional, psychological, and intellectual concerns of your potential customers. Doing this will have a sizeable impact on your conversion rate.

Today, consumers are more concerned about the requirements a product/service must meet, prices they can afford, and customer service you provide.

If your value proposition delivers on at least two of these elements –


4. Use Irresistible CTAs

Your landing page’s call-to-action (CTA) is an important factor that can make it or break it.

You have to ask your visitors to take an action, or else they won’t.

Your CTA should be catchy and easy-to-use. However, keep it clear and actionable.

Just think about the buying stage your customers are in, and tailor your CTA accordingly. Don’t allow your visitors to make a second guess about what the next step would be if at all they are interested. An effective CTA button is the culmination of your sales pitch introduction, your business proposal, and your product benefits.

Following are the ways of using CTAs:

  • Placement – The placement of the CTA button on your landing page is very important. Research shows that visitors will skim your web pages in an F-shape, which puts the perfect spot around the bottom of the F-pattern.
  • Concise and action-oriented – Use a short phrase with an action verb.
  • Easy to see – This is where color contrast matters. Here’s a great example of the use of plenty of white space to hone in on that fire-engine red CTA button.

The following landing page of Evernote is a good example of having a great CTA:

Irresistible CTAs


5. Make it fast and responsive

A landing page that opens up fast and has a responsive design is performs better in search and converts customers better.

Shoot, even a beautifully designed and expertly written landing page can fall flat on its face if it takes too long to load.

In this age of fast internet access and greater bandwidth, you can’t really afford a page that doesn’t open up easily. Thus you have to build a fast, resilient landing page. The fast speed of your landing page also depends upon a reliable and dedicated web hosting that can help increase the user experience.

Another crucial factor for a killer landing page is mobile responsiveness.

Your landing page Traffic is most likely going to be generated from marketing campaigns, e-mail campaigns, and PPC. You also know that social media marketing campaigns and emails are being viewed more on mobile devices. If you’re not optimizing your landing page for smartphones and tablets – you’re losing a LOT of sales.

A landing page that doesn’t work on mobile just won’t cut it anymore. Pay attention to the flow – not just where an element lands on your screen, but why it’s there. This will help you plan for how that flow will respond to different screen sizes.

mobile responsive landing page design


Final Thoughts

Landing pages are a great way to connect with your audience and drive conversions. Whether your landing page is designed to grow your email list, increase event registrations, or increase downloads — a well-constructed page holds the key. So with the help of the tips above, you will get more clicks, more signups, and more sales for your business.