How to Create an Effective Headline for Your Sales Page

8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest – you tell me if creating an effective headline is important to your sales page.

you got one shot at a headline

As the saying goes, “you only get one chance to make a first impression” holds true in the world of e-commerce. When a visitor lands on your sales page, he or she will look around, using this information to decide whether to leave or continue shopping. A poorly designed sales page with confusing elements will likely have a negative impact on your conversion rates. But if you design your sales page with an effective, eye-catching headline, you’ll have an easier time converting visitors into paying customers.


Keep it Simple


Simple headlines on a sales page are typically more effective than complex headlines. As explained in this video by 5MinuteMarketingMakeover, the human brain is hard-wired to remember things it deems important, while forgetting everything else. So if you expose your site’s visitors to an unnecessary amount of elements, including a drawn-out headlines, it may backfire by creating minimal engagement. To maintain a high level of user engagement, keep your headline simple and focused on a single topic.


Explain What You Offer


An effective headline should focus primarily on what your business offers. Whether it’s a physical product, digital product or a service, you need to explain this to your site’s visitors. Granted, visitors can probably find out what your site offers by browsing around, but this only complicates the process while hurting your conversions in the process. Tell visitors what your site offers in the headline to boost conversions while building stronger brand recognition in the process.


Call to Action


Don’t underestimate the importance of including a call to action in your sales page’s headline. Something as simple as a “click here to buy” or “shop now” button can make a world of difference in your site’s conversion rates. Call to actions entice visitors to, well, take action.


Contrasting Colors


It’s recommended that you design your headline with contrasting colors to improve its visibility. If your headline is a similar color as your sales page’s background, the two will blend together, reducing its visibility. But if your headline is on the opposite end of the color spectrum, it will “pop” with greater appeal.




Last but not least, include some type of proof that your product or service works. Consumers are often skeptical of making purchases over the Internet, especially with new e-commerce sites. You can lay their concerns to rest, however, by providing proof that your products or services work. This may include photos of customers using your products, testimonials, reviews or a combination thereof.