Get Amazing Result Using These 8 SaaS Marketing Ideas

SaaS marketing requires a specific set of strategies to achieve amazing results, find out how to drive sales to your SaaS company with these marketing ideas.

SaaS Marketing Ideas

SaaS companies usually require a different kind of marketing approach. Since a lot of your prospective customers do their research and buy online, getting them to try demos and free trials are vital.


Purchasing your software is just the beginning. There are churn rates, growth hacking, onboarding, and lots of calculations for the return on investment that makes the world that SaaS marketers face on a daily basis hugely complex .


That’s why your SaaS marketing success depends on laying strategic foundations. Here are seven SaaS marketing ideas that will help drive amazing results:


Drive sales through Content Marketing

Businesses and brands from all over the world are utilizing content marketing to expand their online presence, attract more people to their site, and generate leads.


The main benefit of content marketing is its compounding power of return. Just like all great investments, its value increases over time.


The key to a successful content strategy is doing these things well:


  • Producing quality content that answers customers’ pain points.
  • Knowing who your target audience is and what they’re looking for at that stage.
  • Being consistent with the delivery of your content.
  • Being efficient with how you promote and share your content.


Content, if done well, works. It drives leads to your business, growing your sales by reaching out to your target audience at the most crucial stages of their buyer’s journey.


Offer free trials

Product trials have become an important source of lead generation in the SaaS world. You can use it as an excellent lead generation tactic especially to a tech-savvy audience that wanted to experience your product.


They’re also pretty self-serving. Meaning, you could continue generating these leads even with a small ongoing marketing investment.


Just make sure that people have a great experience when trying your product. Product trials show a strong indicator of the intent of the buyer. After all, before purchasing, prospects want to try to get to know your product before investing in it.


VoyMedia, a Marketing Agency for SaaS Companies, states that it is essential to strike a balance between showing value without overwhelming the potential users in the most cost-effective way as possible.


This might require a lot of trial and error on your end, but with constant optimization, these could turn into a steady stream of highly qualified leads in the long run.


Disclose the price and be transparent

Disclosing prices is one of the most important aspects of a successful SaaS marketing strategy.


Create the pricing page in such a way that customers could easily decide whether or not they can afford the price.


By clearly mentioning various pricing plans, you’re helping your audience make a more informed decision.


Research about your competitors

Another thing that you need to do is to research and study your competitors. You also need to identify the most successful SaaS businesses out there and learn from them.


Here are some of the things that you should be looking out for:


  • Their presence on social media.
  • The strategies they use.
  • The keywords they target.
  • The type of backlinks they have.
  • Their organic reach and search rankings.


Drive traffic through SEO

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is the process of getting free and organic traffic from search engines.


The main gist of SEO is to make your content visible and available for consumption for both people and search engines.


While this has a deep topic and is an entire discipline of its own, a highly effective SaaS marketing depends on it.


By utilizing on-page SEO techniques, you can boost your website’s ranking, and ensure that it’s highly visible to customers that are making a query about your business. You can also use it to create quality backlinks to your site, which helps drive referral traffic.


Launch a referral program

One of the most effective types of leads is referrals.


Still, there’s a lot of debate going on whether or not companies should incentivize referrals. A lot worry about not generating enough referrals without an incentive, while some are not sold with the idea of incentivizing heavily, as they might get low-quality referrals.


A piece of great advice to follow is to test what works for your business and then optimize that afterwards.


To make sure that you get high-quality referrals, you need to know what makes a great referral. It could be the person’s job, what industry they work in, and so on. You should also state clearly if, how, and when they’ll be incentivized.


For this to work, you need to provide your customers with incentives that would entice them to refer you. For instance, you could run a loyalty program that would reward these referrals or provide them with some sort of incentive for them to refer your products to others.


Limit your options to three

Offering too many choices could confuse your prospects, which may lead them to abandon their purchase altogether.


Keep your plans limited to three variants at most so that your customers won’t be easily confused.


Also, see to it that you show the features that are being offered in different plans, as well as with their respective prices. That would help people make the best decision based on their needs.


So, in your pricing page, clearly show the pricing and features of your plans. Keep the number of options limited as well.


Offer attractive deals

Another tried and tested SaaS strategy is offering great deals to customers that would prompt them to pick a longer plan.


A lot of SaaS companies are using this strategy by offering discounts for longer plans. The important thing that you need to highlight is to show them how much they could save if they choose a better deal.


Final Thoughts

Coming up with a solid SaaS strategy could be challenging.


Some SaaS strategies generally work better than others. But as long as you have a keen understanding of who your target audience is, then you’re well on you’re way to success.


Remember: Keep on improving your lead generation and the customer acquisition strategies of your business.