The Top 5 Ways to Boost Interest During Meetings 

Are you calling meetings that your employees absolutely dread? Eliminate cringe-worthy conference rooms by boosting interest during meetings.

The Top 5 Ways to Boost Interest During Meetings

If you and your colleagues often dread the thought of going into a meeting, then it’s time to make some changes.

Meetings are necessary to discuss changes and ideas, solve problems and build a team mentality. When used correctly, productive meetings can lead to great success within the business. Unfortunately, unproductive meetings can be pointless and end with your colleagues feeling bored.

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There are many ways to turn things around and boost interest during your meetings. Use these tips to get people to look forward to your meetings, and leave feeling inspired and motivated.


1. Don’t Schedule Pointless Meetings

The number one way to guarantee boredom during meetings is to have them for no reason. If there isn’t something important to discuss, then don’t bother with them. Everyone involved will see it as though you’re wasting their valuable time, which you likely are. If you tend to have weekly meetings but don’t have any new topics to discuss, then just call it off. Your colleagues will respect you for valuing their time.


2. Create a Meeting Agenda

Before hosting meetings, create a thorough agenda and send it out to everyone involved. Knowing what is going to be discussed will allow the participants to come prepared. Everyone can bring their questions and ideas with them as they will have had time to think about the topics in advance. In turn, the meeting will be much more productive as you can make your way through the agenda in a structured and organized way. There are many meeting management software’s available that allow you to set up plans directly on the platform. It will ensure a good flow, so no one gets bored or feels like the meeting is dragging on. Agendas also keep the meeting on track so you don’t end up going off on tangents and forgetting what the point of it was.


3. Ask Questions

The key to keeping meetings interesting for everyone is to boost engagement. Get everyone in the meeting talking by asking questions and encouraging the flow of ideas. Ask those in the meeting to share something they’ve been working on or update the group with progress. When discussing a project, ask for feedback and opinions from participants. Doing this will make everyone feel valued and relevant to the meeting. When it’s interactive, rather than you just talking at them, everyone will look forward to taking part.


4. Incorporate Audio and Visual Elements 

In this digital age, attention spans are getting increasingly shorter. Sitting around a table talking about data is not going to be exciting for long. Incorporating audio and visual elements into your meeting will make the experience more engaging and enjoyable. If your meeting room doesn’t have AV capabilities, use audio video installation services to set it up for you. Try creating presentations with both visual slides and audio elements. Show video content that is relevant to your agenda and images to demonstrate your point. Using AV will also give you the ability to share your screen with the meeting, which is super helpful for explaining things.


5. Give Recognition

Meetings are an excellent opportunity to recognize the successes and achievements of your team. Everyone wants to feel appreciated for their work, and it never hurts to get a confidence boost. Not only is it a great way to add a positive element to the meetings, but also motivates employees to do good work.