How to Increase Sales of Your ECommerce Store in 2020

Find out how to increase your Ecommerce sales in 2020 with 7 simple hacks, check them out below.

how to increase your Ecommerce sales

As 2019 ends and we usher into 2020, one must harbor a degree of curiosity as to what the future holds for the e-commerce industry in the next year. This year we have seen tremendous advancements in the tech space that have, in turn, impacted e-commerce a great deal. Customer behavior and needs keep changing rapidly, and any serious e-commerce entrepreneur must adapt quickly and readily to keep up with the fast-paced 21st-century economy.

Your priority should be ensuring site security using an SSL certificate. This article will cover some essential hacks that you can implement on your Ecommerce store to really boost sales in 2020.


Top 7 hacks to increase Ecommerce sales in 2020


1. Video Content and Marketing

Your prospective customer spends more time on social media than they do on your Ecommerce store.

To be able to reach out to them at the level that they like, you must be laser-sharp in the form of content that you put out there to push your brand. We live in an age where millennials find text to be boring and instead prefer to watch exciting videos. If you want to make eCommerce sales in 2020, start thinking more in the lines of making interesting product videos. There are lots of option for video content that can help you to engage with customer. Show people different colors and sizes of your products, detailed guides on how to use the products, and so on. You can be posting these videos not just on your website but also on social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


2. Voice Search Optimization

The deeper we get immersed in the information age, the more we become good at multitasking or even ‘lazier’ in terms of we would instead work smarter than harder. Nowadays, you do not have to ask a stranger for directions when driving your smart car. All you have to do is say the destination, and your smart car will guide you to the exact point.

This is also the same case with smartphone applications like Alexa and Apple’s Siri. As we go into 2020, prospective customers will not want to spend long periods searching for a product on your website. They will want to say the product name and the results pop up. So, make sure that you optimize voice search for your Ecommerce store if you wish to make more sales.


3. Augmented Reality

As if virtual reality was not enough in stretching technology to insane limits, now we have Augmented Reality (AR), where customers want to actually ‘try on’ a product before buying it. Most times, some people are skeptical about shopping online because they feel that they are denied the chance to experience the product before they buy it. Smart Ecommerce store owners are now incorporating AR into their stores where a customer can get the feel of that TV set or sofa sitting in their living room before they hit the purchase button. This trend can only get hotter in 2020.


4. Web Payments

The most critical point for every business transaction is the payment stage.

Many times, store owners have witnessed abandoned carts where a prospective buyer had indicated the desire to buy and added some goods to the cart but then left just before the payment checkout process. As a store owner, you need to ensure that your payment process is streamlined correctly going into 2020 to not miss out on any sales. First, include as many payment options as possible and not just the standard credit card option. Also, install plugins to save clients’ payment details so that they can check out instantly the next time they shop.



5. Switch to HTTPS

If you have not already done so, you need to get an affordable SSL certificate for your Ecommerce store as you head into 2020. We have all witnessed big business giants like Uber falling prey to cyberattacks. All online shoppers have gotten a bit more careful when it comes to making online transactions and revealing their personally identifiable information. The best way to win your customers’ trust when it comes to security is by switching from http to https. You can think of Comodo wildcard SSL certificates when you wish to secure the subdomain. Mega search engines like Google through its HTTPS Everywhere movement have threatened to mark any website without a valid SSL certificate as unsafe, and so if you want to profit in 2020, get your comodo SSL certificate now.


6. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

It’s normal for a customer to want to talk to a sales representative before deciding to buy a product. When it comes to the internet space, opening a conversation portal where a customer can access a live chat where all their questions and concerns are addressed can be advantageous for your business. AI chatbots will make this happen for you and give your clients a chance to consult and engage with your store until their concerns are adequately addressed. This way, you can offer them all the shopping guidance that they need leading to more sales in 2020.


7. Automation and Personalization

One powerful tool that technology and the internet place on our hands is that of automation. When you are running an Ecommerce store, you will have so many departments to oversee, and many tasks to handle and managing all this can be insane. Automation comes in handy in such areas as in email campaigns where you can set up your system to send out automatic emails like after purchase or during the order processing stage. This will save you time to focus on other essential tasks.


Personalization, on the other hand, gives your customers a sense of belonging in your store. Encourage customers to create a user account like after the first purchase that will include all their personal details like shipping and payment info. This way, subsequent orders can process instantly. Also, study all the things they like and send them product suggestions along those lines. Everyone wants to feel special, so also be sure to record their birth date and send a birthday email with a coupon code or some incentive.



2020 is right around the corner, and what must be running through every Ecommerce entrepreneur’s mind is the kind of business trends that we are going to encounter in this new year. Covered above are some crucial tips that can expand your wallet in the new year if implemented properly. Site security is key to protect your customers from cyberattacks, and a SSL certificate can go a long way in covering you in this area. You should also know that the tech world never sleeps and so you should always be on your toes, keeping up with the new trends. Happy and prosperous 2020 to you and your store!