The Latest SEO Trends Other Than Voice Search You Need to Focus On

Focusing on voice search for SEO is great, but you’re probably missing the mark on several other of the latest SEO trends that affect your website in 2020.

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Do you remember the convo between Mr. Pichai and Google Assistant?

If you are techsavvy and Google search obsessed, then for sure you must have seen the whole presentation.

In 2018, Google gave us a sheer clear hint that voice search will be in demand. Some of you took that seriously (thumbs up) while others turned a deaf ear and have slowly felt the effects in terms of traffic.


Do you know, on the average, an adult spends more than 10X hours on their cell phones than they did in 2018?

Now, the story has gone far beyond that of voice search alone.

There are so many SEO trends that you may not be aware of, but your website’s survival is next to impossible in 2020 if you stay in the dark.

Some reality checks

People are not just checking their social media; they are doing everything on their cell phones.

From ordering a pizza to calling a cab or even using voice search to get what they want without even typing it in Google search engine.

Just like 2019, the year 2020 will be fearsome in terms of competition out there. People are doing everything to increase their market share by whatever means possible. When we talk about moving forward in terms of SEO, we have to do so cautiously as well as effectively.

In 2020 the best way for your potential customers to do business with you is for them to be able to find you online.

To get more out of SEO services, it is necessary to understand the SEO trends that affect rankings for 2020.

Here are some of the latest SEO trends other than Voice Search that can make your competition disappear from the digital cosmos.

  1. Think Beyond Google

Sshhh! somebody is listening…

Do you know that even when you put your phone in silent mode, Google is listening to your private conversations?

After the Facebook privacy scandal, it is now difficult for people to trust any company with privacy. This is where people are shifting from Google to other search engines.

Last year, I started using DuckduckGo as my primary search engine, and I must say that I was pretty impressed with the search results. I passed on the information to my office colleagues, and now everyone in my office is using DuckDuckGo. It is necessary to keep an eye on how to raise their rank on other search engines.

The tale doesn’t end here, there are several layers to be unfolded…

People are now using Facebook and Amazon directly to search and buy products. Talk about products, no one even bothers to search on Google because Facebook and Amazon have everything they need.

Moreover, people are now searching and buying products online from their mobile phones. People spend 90% of their time using various mobile apps. This gives you a clear-cut signal of why a mobile-first strategy is also essential.

Your clue: Even from a business point of view, just sticking to one search engine or expecting to get traffic from a single source is insane to consider in 2020.

  1. Website Speed

A single delay in opening a website can reduce the conversation rate by 27%.

Luckily there are SEO tools that can help you analyze the performance of your website and make the necessary suggestions.

According to Google’s mobile-first policy, speed is one of the major concerns for user experience. Today, Google crawlers know that too.

Your clue: So, if in 2020, your website is taking more time to load, be prepared to hit bottom other search results as Google will not like it anymore.

  1. Top-Notch Content

Google’s new algorithm, BERT, is more about understanding the human intent and less about keyword stuffing. The BERT update is not just any other update by Google; this time, Google is quite serious about the quality of content that you post on your website.

top noch content


You can see in the above picture, how smartly google is responding to queries now.

A digital strategist at Outlook Studios explains, “Since BERT update, our ranking improved at an exponential rate. And mind it, we focus on high-quality content.”

If your intent is to remain in the good books of Google, the best approach is to focus on quality content and try to answer questions that people are asking.

quality content

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If you have a product, make a list of problems, devise questions around that problem, and see if people are asking the same questions on the internet. With quality content, it will be easy for you to get the right user intent and lave an excellent overall effect on people.

  1. Structure the DATA on your website

You might ask that even with quality content, sometimes it gets difficult to drive traffic on your website. The reason is that when you create the website checklist for your website, data structure hardly makes it to the list.

Just like humans, search engines need hints to understand and deliver relevant results.

A structured data will help the search engine better understand how the elements on your website are laid and how they related to each other on the website.

When customers or visitors visit your website, they will prefer a well-structured website rather than a confusing website to start with.

SEO experts often use the data structure to gauge which of the pages is creating the highest impact on the website. And without a proper website structure, this won’t be possible at all.

Your clue: A smart thing to do in 2020 is not to rely on any plugins to create a structure of the website. It is your website, so you should ask the developer to structure your website in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.

Take a look at this fantastic video on how to create a website structure:

  1. The Rise of AI

In 2019 there was a rise of AI chatbots for certain. Right after the launch of Google Assistant, everyone implemented or tried to use AI as part of their website.

From chatbots to voice search, every brand started using AI to accomplish things that usually take more time for a human.

ai chatbots

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If you haven’t planned to use AI in 2019, you need to think ahead and start using AI for better results.

Brands are already improving their retail experience with AI. This is your chance to follow and lead the trend in 2020. So, it is necessary to make AI as part of your website strategy in 2020.

Finishing it up

You know better than anyone that the SEO trends that worked in 2019 might not be as effective in 2020.

Brands working to improve their websites for more than just voice search are going to be the real winners in 2020. Keeping up with the latest SEO trends isn’t everything, but ignoring them is pretty silly.

Follow these SEO trends that go beyond voice search and ensure that you monitor each trend and the impact that it creates on your brand. Maybe in doing so you can boost traffic to your website and generate some good sales.