Attracting The Right Customers with These 8 Creative Marketing Tips

Attracting the right customers is the biggest hurdle for any business to overcome, put these 8 marketing tips to practice and you’ll be attracting customers that will benefit your business.

Attracting The Right Customers


What’s the recipe for building awareness for your brand, attracting customers, and increasing sales?

Some would say it is the quality of the product, while others will link it to the value brought in a customer’s life by the product. 

The answer to this question has multiple dimensions to it. The surest way to get the right amount of sales is by figuring out how to “market” your product or service effectively.

Businesses around the world look for unique ways to promote their brand. The dynamics of marketing and trends are continually changing. Learning new strategies and market trends is the only way a brand can stay in the audience’s mind for a long time.

Today, conventional ads are not the only way to promote your product. With more and more people using ad block features on their browsers, businesses are losing ad revenues.

According to the New York Times, almost 420 million people or one in five smartphone users worldwide, are blocking ads when surfing browsers on cellphones.

So, there is a clear need for new and creative methods of marketing that are subtle and can also do the job for brands. In the words of Tom Fishburne:

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing!

In this blog post, we will cover some highly trending and creative ways that you can adopt in your marketing strategy to promote your business. So let’s begin.


1. Social Media Marketing


Making your brand visible where the significant chunk of the world population is these days, is the first step towards a successful marketing campaign. All kinds of businesses use social media to promote their services.

The essence of marketing via social media is to understand the audience and target them to make loyal customers.

promote their brand


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms can redefine your brand. As reported on Vendasta, 75% of marketers say that their social media marketing efforts have led to increased traffic.

We might just scratch the surface of this topic here, but giving a few examples will make it clear how some companies are benefitting via social media marketing.

  • Online publication company TechCrunch is ingeniously using Facebook to generate leads. As soon as customer messages them, they are taken to their chatbot. Messenger Chatbots allows the company to send daily links to the user and interact with them.
  • Dominos uses a mind-blowing strategy across its social media channels. They let a customer create their pizza design on their website and share it on social media. The brand managed to surpass sales from its top competitor using social media intelligently.
  • L’oreal engages its customers by an interesting hashtag #lifeatloreal, which gives an inside peek into the brand and makes their social media platform appealing to the audience.


2. Product Videos


Well produced videos of a product captivate customers like no other thing. You should consider making high-quality videos that elaborate on a product’s features and upload it on your e-commerce website and social platforms. 

Many brands have successfully scaled their sales through video marketing strategy. They are engaging, convenient, and super fun for the audience to watch and get to know the products.


3. Pin your Images


Who among us is not captivated by mind-blowing images on Pinterest? This image-sharing platform has the potential to take your brand to new heights of success.

As more and more people turn to Pinterest for ideas, several e-commerce companies use the platform to pin product images. As per the Industry Report 2018, almost 32% of marketers prefer visuals as an essential form of content. 



4. Influencer Marketing


The collaborations have done wonders for even the smallest of brands. Instagram influencer campaigns are one of the best ways to promote a product. It will significantly bring an influx of customers who trust the influencer.

Bigelow Tea, a brand selling range of teas, recently launched a campaign with influencer Ashley Thurman and various other influencers. Ashley blogged a recipe for iced tea that she made with the Bigelow Tea.

After the campaign ended, Bigelow tea reported an 18.5% increase in sales, and a three times increase in the brand’s media value.


5. Website blog           


Not every person coming to your website is there to shop. Some might only be there to learn about new trends. These customers are looking for some valuable advice in your business niche.

If they get the answers on your website, they probably will become your customers. Therefore, a well-written blog section should be a constant feature of your website. With the correct use of local SEO, this content will help you rank better in the search engines.

For instance, online underwear companies are in a business niche that is not much talked about. But people are always looking for information regarding undergarments that offer comfort and ease.

So, one way for these brands to increase their online visibility is by creating blogs on these queries. These blogs can talk about new products that offer comfort and quality. They can also talk about the harmful effects of using sub-standard undergarments.      




6. User-generated content


Several brands have used this strategy to increase engagement. You can encourage viewers to post their pictures using your product and mention your brand and the relevant hashtags. With literally no money involved, user-generated content can give a boost to your brand image.


7. Television ads


Television ads are still a compelling way to attract customers. Agencies nowadays use specified themes and even impart social messages creatively via television ads that help to make the right image of the brand.

Burger King’s recent TV commercial with a message to “stay home of the whopper” got a lot of positive feedback from viewers.



8. Addressing the abandoned carts via email marketing


If you own an e-commerce business, the chances are that abandoned carts are the most annoying thing you see. However, you can take this opportunity to interact with these customers via email and ask them about their experience.

Soliciting feedback from the visitor who decided not to buy from you can give you an insight into what areas you need to improve. You can also offer some incentives to these users to make them buy your product.

“Conversation with customers will increase sales, even if the product or service is never mentioned.” – George Farris

Parting thoughts

Using creative strategies to market your business is a must if you wish to become a top brand. As mentioned earlier, it all depends on how well you promote your product. So, don’t ignore it, and work in your niche to establish yourself as the top brand in the mind of customers.