7 Marketing Apps That Should Be On Every Marketer’s Computer

Marketing has gone digital, which means you need to rely on apps and software. As a marketer, here are marketing apps that should be on your computer.

7 Marketing Apps That Should Be On Every Marketer's Computer

The world is changing. People everywhere are going online to shop and do business.

Our banking is online. We purchase groceries online. We even have online dating. 

With over 3.5 million people connected to the internet as of January 2020, it is no surprise that marketers are increasingly using the internet to maximize profit for their brands. 

If you are a marketer in this day and age you probably incorporate digital strategies into your marketing mix. Here are seven marketing apps that make marketing easier in the digital age. 

Marketing Apps for Social Media Management

Here are the marketing apps you’ll need.

1. Facebook Pages Manager

The Facebook Pages Manager helps marketers with multiple Facebook pages keep up with each page’s activity all in one place. This is one of the best marketing apps for businesses that use Facebook as a crucial part of their marketing mix

This app allows users to post photos, updates and respond to comments on their pages. You can also view your page’s insights to keep track of how your pages are performing. 

Users can download the Facebook Pages Manager app from the app store and then quickly connect Facebook pages to manage and access the pages in one convenient location. 

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another popular marketing app. It allows users to manage, schedule, find and report their social media content. Hootsuite is one of the best social media marketing apps and is used by companies all over the world. 

The scheduling feature allows you to post content to automate postings social media pages. It’s easy to schedule a time to post content and the app takes care of the rest. 

Hootsuite tracks your posts’ performance and gives you meaningful insights that marketers can utilize to make campaigns better. You can even customize reports and share them with your team or clients. 

The social monitoring feature is also another great reason to use Hootsuite. They make it easy to search through conversations people are having about your brand or products on social media. With Hootsuite, you will always be in the know about what people are saying about your company and you can respond to them in real-time. 

Apps That Help With Marketing Tasks

Here are the ones you’ll need.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox allows you to create, store, and share content in the cloud. This is one of the best apps for marketers who work remotely or have offices in multiple locations. 

With Dropbox, it is easy to store and share files from anywhere. Collaborate with the team or show proof to clients by uploading your documents to Dropbox. 

It also helps keep everything organized and in one place. Easily access documents from work, at home, or on your cell phone. Now that your documents are organized all in one place learn how to uninstall apps on Mac computers to keep your workspace tidy. 

4. Mention

Mention allows marketers to easily monitor their mentions on social media, review sites, forums, blogs and the rest of the internet. You can also use Mention to help monitor how many people are talking about your competition online. 

With in-depth reporting Mention allows its users to make the best decisions for their companies without any guesswork. You can share reports with clients and colleagues and keep everyone on the same page. 

Social listening with Mention can help you see how people perceive your brand and can save money on costly focus groups. Marketers can see a reputation crisis or problems with a product before they get out of hand. 

Apps for Marketing Graphic Creation

Need an app for graphic creation? Here they are below.

5. Over

Over is one of the popular apps for advertising that allows users to control their branding and make visually beautiful graphics. With over you can bring your designs to life effortlessly. 

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to make your designs pop by adding layers, masking, different fonts, and photos.  Over also has premium features such as expertly designed templates that will make you stand out. Streamline your workflow process and impress your colleagues with unique graphics made on Over. 

The over app was originally designed for mobile users so you could make graphics from anywhere on an Andriod or Apple phone. Now, Over is experimenting with a desktop version as well. 

6. Canva

Canva is one of the tried and true marketing apps for creating beautiful graphics on your mobile phone or desktop. Don’t waste your time with confusing software when you can use Canva and create beautiful graphics. 

Canva allows you to make one graphic and then resize it to fit multiple platforms with the click of a button saving marketers time. Canva also allows for custom colors to be used you your branding remains consistent. Look like a pro and bring graphics to life with Canva’s animated feature or make backgrounds transparent for logo design. 

Multiple users can log into a companies Canva page so you can collaborate easily. With tons of premium photos, vector images and designs your marketing images will never look basic. Stay organized with folders in Canva for each project or each client. 

Content Marketing Apps for Finding Stories and News

Read below for the apps you’ll need for this.

7. Feedly

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information online. How do you find great content to post that is relevant to your brand? This is where Feedly comes into play. Feeding is a marketing app that helps you keep up to date on topics, stories, and trends that are relevant to your brand. 

With Feedly, you can organize all your trusted news sites in one place and filter out content that isn’t relevant. Feedly makes marketing research a breeze. Keep your colleagues updated on the latest marketing trends that are relevant to your company and never miss an important story again. 

There’s an App for All of Your Needs

With more and more people online your company needs to implement digital marketing strategies to succeed. Today many marketing apps can help streamline your workflow process and make the most of your time. 

Try these seven best marketing apps and leave a comment below to tell us which of these are your favorite and why.