Video Marketing Statistics for 2020: Your Groundbreaking Strategies to Dominating Next Year

Business that have been putting video at the forefront of their marketing strategy are staying ahead of the curve – Wise marketers will heed these video marketing statistics.

Video Marketing Statistics for 2020

The ever-growing craze in video marketing is predicted to grow even more steeply in 2020. From the latest statistics, the noise and level of competition have been massively increased over the past few years – making it evident that video is a necessity in every business strategy.


Almost every business has been putting video at the forefront of its website marketing strategy to stay ahead of the curve. As a wise marketer, you should too.


We’ve gathered a decade worth of video marketing statistics to help you brainstorm your next video campaign.


Let’s get a jump on it!

Why Video Works?

In the world where everything turns digital, customers would like to consume a quick, straightforward solution to their problem rather than a broad array of long-length textual procedures.


Video is an engaging medium that offers an easy-to-digest format to make complex information snackable. It also allows the companies to build a connection with the customers on a more personal level, making it easier for them to recall the brand.

Internet Will Be Even More Jammed Up With Video

In 2020, video accounts for over 80% of downstream traffic on the internet. And by 2022, the number of videos that are uploaded to the internet per second is close to one million.


Now, internet users watch ridiculously 1 billion hours of video every year on YouTube alone, making you realize that internet users are attached to videos more than ever.

Online Video Consumption Doubles Every Year

Since most of the people have visuals as their dominant sense, they retain at least 95% of a message when they watch it through videos.


Hence, 72% of customers prefer to watch the video to learn about the product or service they want to purchase, while 54% of them demand more video content from a brand. This constant increase in video demand makes online video consumption doubles every year.

The Compelling Benefits for Businesses

There are so many benefits you can harvest by integrating video into your marketing campaign.


Marketers claimed that they earn at least 66% of their qualified leads through the video campaign. And 93% of businesses proudly report that they engage more customers after they post their video on social media.


Not to mention that companies that tap into video marketing campaigns achieve a higher revenue of 49% faster compared to those companies without video marketing strategies.

Keeping Up With the Competition

From all those statistics above, we know that the internet is going to be even more crowded with video content.


Now your big task is how you make your video stand out in this noisy digital world. To help you with that, check out some more fascinating numbers on these Video Marketing Statistics for 2020 that we’ve gathered for you:


Video Marketing Statistics for 2020