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What’s the Best Way to Promote Your Brand – Content, Social or Ads?

Content, Social or Ads – Choosing the best way to promote your brand can be a real challenge, especially on a tight budget – get some insight as to what method may be best for you.

What's the Best Way to Promote Your Brand - Content, Social or Ads?

Brand promotion is the first step to ensure your product manages to get the recognition it needs from the consumers you are targeting.

But what is the best way to promote your brand?

Brand promotion has come a long way from in-store promotions and blasting ads in traditional media. Online marketing has revolutionized the way brands can reach their audience. However, the question still remains as to which tactic is the most successful to make a breakthrough. Here we compare content marketing, social media and ads to help you determine which method is best to get your brand rolling.

Content marketing

Today’s consumer demands more product information readily accessible at their fingertips. Today’s consumer is all about researching products online, running comparisons and double checking details before committing to a purchase. Think of it as if you were shopping for a car…

For example, if a consumer wants to purchase a car does he just buy the first model that he sets his eyes upon? No, he reads about all the models, researches what other customers are saying and then only makes the final decision. This where good content comes into play. Consumers rely on information available online for their decision making process.

Your visitor will most likely buy from you if they trust you and the products or services you are selling. Effective content marketing involves writing amazing SEO content that will build trust with your visitors and thus make them buy from you. To achieve this, you will need to be as sincere as possible, utilize the best writing tone and build a good relationship with your visitors.

SEOOutreachers, states that; you need to pay more attention to your conversion funnel in marketing.

They knowing where to place content and what kind of content would work for your brand is essential to a content marketing strategy that yields results. Ultimately, this means that when it comes to content marketing understanding the impact of informative content on a customer’s buying decision is critical.

Social media

Social media is tempting to many brands, because you know that there are a LOT of people using it. The latest survey shows nearly 70% of the US population is on social media proving the importance of maintaining a social media account in order to reach your customers.

That being said, most of the users that are available on social media are actually there to have fun ie: the social aspect.

This makes advertising a bit trickier for brands, because a straight forward sales pitch often falls short on social. Having a strong presence on social media means building a bond with your customer. This makes for a more comprehensive promotion that can help your company’s image in the long run. Using social media platforms is a great way to build a brand, promote its values and set up a community around it.

Always keep in mind that most of your content should be non-promotional, or at least primarily non-promotional. As someone who runs a business, you should be familiar with the most common questions and dilemmas your customers have. Try answering them in your posts in an innovative way.

This immediate form of communication is also a great way to step up your customer service and your brand reputation.


Online advertising is one of the most cost effective ways of putting your products in front of your customers right when they’re looking for them. When the customer opens his search engine and types a keyword he gets to see all the results related to it. Paid advertising allows brands to buy top position over organic and even other paid listings ultimately increasing the chance of customer conversion.

Why is this important?

It takes time to build your brand and it also takes time to establish organic search rankings. New brands can use Ads to drive immediate traffic while building brand recognition.

With online ads you can also get localized customers who are only looking to buy the product from a buyer in a specific location. This type of localized or geo-targeted advertising is a great way for brick and mortars to drive actual traffic to their stores. This means a win-win situation for both you and the customer as you both benefit from the deal.

PPC Stats You Should Know:

  • Paid search ads increase brand awareness by 80%.
  • 46% of clicks go to the top three paid ads on the SERP.
  • Mobile devices account for 53% of paid clicks.
  • 46% of people can’t identify paid ads on the search results page.
  • Video ads are clicked 73% more often than display banners.

Final take

All three options above are useful for promoting your brand. However, paying attention to the advice of the digital marketing agency, SEOOutreachers understanding your conversion funnel is the key to shaping which method is right for your business. The nuances of handling a marketing strategy for a brand that yields results is primarily customer driven.

So, when trying to choose between content, social or ads the decision really should play out more like this;

• Content is essential to the success of brand promotion on any platform.

• Social is a great way to build brand awareness and communicate with your audience.

• Ads are the best way to drive immediate sales.


What has your experience been when building your brand online? Do share…


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