New Startup: 5 Reasons to Launch Your Startup in the Cloud

Launching a new startup? Check out these five reasons to launch your startup in the cloud in order to save time and money.


New Startup: 5 Reasons to Launch Your Startup in the Cloud

If you’re planning on starting a new business in 2020, then the cloud is where you need to be. In this day and age, companies both large and small are using the cloud to enhance business operations by streamlining customer service, encouraging collaboration and improving organization. And you can use the cloud to do the same for your startup.

Here are five reasons to launch your startup in the cloud.

1. Improved Organization

If you’re worried about how you’ll store and access company and customer data, the cloud is your all-in-one solution. With a cloud contact center, you’ll have all of your company data in one place with easy access to it. Keeping your data organized is one of the most important aspects of running a business, and the cloud allows you to securely and conveniently store large amounts of data. Not to mention the things the cloud can do with that information using data analytics, archiving and a search feature, such as providing detailed reports about your company.

2. Cost-Effective

Integrating an OfficePhone system from the get-go will help you save on expenses in the long run. It also helps you future-proof your business communications through the cloud. Startup costs can add up quickly, which is why it’s important to save money everywhere you can. You’ll certainly save on IT costs because you won’t have to hire staff to manage your systems, which means you’ll save on overhead costs, maintenance, upgrades and other expenses that come with managing an entire IT department.

3. Enhanced Collaboration

With a cloud call center, your teams can collaborate almost effortlessly. Instead of going back and forth from screen to screen, your agents will have everything they need all in one application. They won’t have to play phone tag or chase down other agents to get customer information or project updates. A cloud contact center means your agents can access and contact any employee in the system using features like instant messaging, team collaboration, SMS and team summary.

4. More Flexibility

A cloud call center gives your agents the ability to work from anywhere with no additional hardware required. They can access the cloud at any time with just their login info from any device, including iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac or even a desk phone. With a gorgeous user-friendly interface, your teams can manage everything online and view any customer’s data instantly. And with more flexibility comes increased security. Cloud computing allows employees to access data, files and other information they need from anywhere safely and securely.

5. Better Customer Service

Because all of your data is neatly organized in one convenient place, your agents will be able to provide better overall customer service. When your agents can access the data from anywhere and they have more flexibility, they’ll be much more productive, which means they’ll provide better service to your customers. On the flip side, it also improves the customer experience because agents are providing prompt, professional service that makes life easier on both for them. Features like call queue, music on hold and IVR (interactive voice response) can help improve the experience even more.

Getting Started

The cloud provides a multitude of benefits, including improved organization, cost savings, flexibility and enhanced collaboration. It also helps you provide better customer service for improved overall business performance. The cloud allows you to scale as you grow and helps you avoid paying for services you don’t need. Get your startup or new business set up with a cloud call center today to see how it can help you grow your business from the ground up.