Better Customer Service Directly Impacts Business Growth

Want to Grow Your Business? Well, Better Customer Service, Means Better Chances of Business Growth. See How!

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When you want to grow your business, you can’t overlook offering good customer service.

Better Customer Service is one of the best ways to grow your business, here’s why.


The key to having a successful business lies in offering great customer service.

This is the most important way you have of competing with other brands in your business niche, so you can’t afford to treat it as an afterthought. Instead, you need to treat it like a priority and hire customer service reps who have the right skills to assist your customers throughout the sales process.


Better Customer service is also directly related to customer satisfaction.

Your reps will be busy throughout the day answering questions and address concerns for various types of customers – from those who love your products or services to those who are in angst. You don’t want something to go wrong in the middle of these calls, but you need to plan for things like customers growing angrier and hanging up before you’ve resolved their issues.

When you focus on providing great customer service, your business will greatly benefit.

For this to happen you must take some steps to ensure that your employees’ lives are easier, so they can make your customers’ lives better.

There are several ways in which you can accomplish this.

Invest in Technology

Entrepreneur says you should use a business phone system to help you coordinate your business affairs so that communication runs smoothly.

This is a big advantage over just a few years ago – as are all the other new technologies that help you efficiently and effectively manage relationships with your customers. Gone are the days when you could depend on spreadsheets and email to do this for you. Today’s customer support agents need tools that instantly connect them with the information they need to have so they can better service your customers.

When you have a good customer support platform in place your agents will have access to support history and knowledge base that they can use. This software should have screen sharing capabilities and be able to record phone calls, so you can know for certain that your agents know how to assist your customers step by step through the solutions they need. It’s also great for the solutions to contain self-service so customers can try to resolve their own issues if you’re closed or busy.

Continually Train Your Employees on the new Technology you Implement

As you strive for excellence in customer service you’ll want to incorporate customer-centric values into your mission statements.

This is a great place to state that customer satisfaction is your business’ primary objective. It’s also a great place to place a reminder for your frontline agents that they’re the face of your company. It’s up to them to win the battle for customer satisfaction for you.

Continually training your customer service agents will go a long way towards ensuring customer satisfaction.

You don’t have to be overly creative here.

Simply see what approach other successful companies are taking in regard to their customer support. Make sure everyone thoroughly understands what best practices are and they’re armed with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful. You’ll also want to make sure you always keep your training, tools, and techniques up-to-date.

Always remember that customer service is an extension of your marketing and sales teams.

Your marketers job is to create awareness and generate leads. From there your sales team needs to turn these leads into closed deals. This is when your customer support team steps in to start developing relationships with these customers. Obviously, this will be the longest period in your sales’ lifecycle, you must ensure that they have everything necessary to do their jobs well.

What This Looks Like for Various Business Models

Depending on what type of business model, all these things will look a bit differently.

If you own a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, you’ll find that the line between sales and support is blurred. Your customers will ask your support agents for information regarding product features and add-ons. For this reason, your sales agents must also have a lot of product knowledge. This is why you should consider your sales agents here as part of your sales team, making sure that they have the tools and information they need to be successful.

On the other hand, if your business sells services on a subscription basis you need to really focus on finding ways to reduce costs. The best way to do this is to make sure that your agents are well-trained and knowledgeable.

Equipping your support agents with technology and knowledge helps.

How Your Business Benefits

You should strive to continually better your customer support.

To do so you’ll need baseline measurements, so you can monitor progress. These should exist of an in-app satisfaction survey so you know how each agent is doing and where they could improve. It should also consist of periodic Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys. These tell you how loyal your customers are.

Ameyo says by continually working to improve your business you’ll benefit by:

  • Greater publicity occurs because loyal, satisfied customers will tell others about your business. This will also benefit you on social media by creating a bit of a buzz there as well.
  • Creating new niches for the customers who are loyal to you opens new sales streams. It also helps them view your business as being unique – something that will draw attention from other, new clients too.
  • Improving your conversion rates are something you’ll want to measure. In doing so you’ll be able to see when you gain more customers than you lose – something every business should be striving for. A great way to do this is by offering live 24/7 chat assistance on your website because, when done correctly, it enables you to convert prospects into paying customers.
  • Growing your business is better than simply viewing your customer service department as a “cost center” that adds no real value to your business. Instead, you need to find the inherent value in retaining customers. Smart technology will help you here as you nurture your existing customer relationships while also enabling you to build bonds with new customers.

Business is relationships, if you haven’t discovered this already, then better customer service is the place to start. These tips will help shape a positive business culture to help you succeed.