7 Ways a Chatbot Can Grow Business and Improve Customer Experience

Are you using AI to improve customer experience yet? If not, take a look at how effective a simple Chatbot can be in this in order to grow your business.

7 Ways a Chatbot Can Grow Business and Improve Customer Experience


We’re nearing 2020 and many businesses, big or small, are beginning to see how artificial intelligence impacts their operations. While only 16% of businesses have invested in these AI solutions, experts actually see this number tripling once 2019 ends!


As marketers start understanding the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, they can begin to use it even better, implementing it in a more creative manner. A great example of this is how chatbots can improve all kinds of customer experiences, taking marketing to an entirely new level.


How exactly do chatbots, whether AI or live, help improve the customer experience for your business? Read on as I show you seven ways chatbots can help businesses, marketers, and customers out!


Ways Chatbots Can Grow Businesses and Improve Customer Experience

There are actually a variety of ways chatbots can improve one’s user experience, may it be for a prospect or loyal customers. As a result, your business brings in more potential sales! Here are seven amazing ways chatbots can help you and your business grow:


1. Improve Customer Onboarding


Chatbots can improve one’s customer onboarding experience, which benefits companies offering products and sufferings with a learning curve. For example;

Many service oriented businesses have a problem clearly communicating how their services work and what they actually do. Clearly this is a roadblock in the customer experience. Many businesses use chatbots to bridge this gap by walking users through the experience ultimately reducing customer complaints of your business with the added benefit of increased conversions.


Chatbots can fix problems for your users and teach them even more features they would not have known about! It lessens the confusion and has them use your products efficiently for the more positive feedback.


Also, once your customers know how to use your product and/or services properly, the more engaged they’ll feel with your business. That’s even more chances of them coming back to check out more of what your business offers!



2. Automate Transactions and Recommend Products or Services

You want to ensure convenience for all consumers when purchasing something from you. Some users might visit your site with an idea, but not an actual product in mind for the solution they need. Chatbots can help give that nudge to customers, suggesting what they may want and to encourage them to get it.


Customers won’t have trouble browsing through your site and not find what they need, or have to fill out long order forms to purchase. Chatbots interact with customers casually to find out what they want and even recommend featured products, even ordering it through the bot!


3. Personalize User Experience


Customers now expect businesses to provide them with targeted messages that cater to THEM. Each step of a buyer’s journey should resonate with them, whether it’s the content sent down to customer support.

In fact, over 50% of consumers are willing to share personal data to receive more relevant offers.


Chatbots listen to what customers needs and the problem they have, providing relevant tips and answers quickly. Through unique and personalized answers, it increases customer satisfaction and they are more inclined to come back.


4. Act As Separate Search Engines

Platforms that have search functionalities can be a separate search engine, which chatbots can do, too. For example, you have a t-shirt business. Before customers make a purchase, they search your website, look at the different designs, read any reviews, and then make a purchase.


This will have them go through at LEAST three different pages, which is irritating and slows down the buyer journey. Chatbots can have visitors get all the information they need in one place without loading new webpages. Furthermore, advanced chatbots can understand both text and voice-based messages for versatility.


5. Value Through Lead Generation

Lead generation is a marketer’s top priority, but it can be quite a challenge achieving it. Chatbots can actually help with that, providing quick customer support regardless of how many people use it. When it engages with the audience and builds a relationship with them, the chatbot then inquires if they want more content or offers to their emails.


If the user says yes, the chatbot will ask specific questions to learn about what kind of specialized content and offers they would like to see more. It then has you create content and deals catered to specific people, which increases the chances of conversion.


6. Handle More Customers At Expanded Operating Hours

There are a ton of live chat provider options available, but even your human workers need some rest! Plus, you can’t afford to hire people around-the-clock to constantly answer users of all timezones and hours. Chatbots are open 24/7 and will accommodate with personal messages and prompt replies no matter the time!


Now, you can save money on manpower and all customers get accurate answers without risk of human error at the wee hours of the morning. Regardless of the timezone or location, chatbots can care for as many customers without confusion. This also helps improving one’s customer satisfaction.


7. Integrate Chatbot Data With Other Marketing Strategies

There are many reasons why people use your business’ chatbot:


  • To find the correct product or service and order it directly from there
  • Stay informed with all your content, news, and offers
  • Receive personalized product and service recommendations
  • Receive answers to problems regarding your products and services


Because of this, you get to collect data, from problems, preferences, needs, demographics, the way they interact, even their purchasing choices and habits! You can utilize all this data for future marketing campaigns to ramp up its success.


For example, you can create personalized content that addresses real issues, create an FAQ for less hassle, or improve what you have to offer, from your products to offers.



Wrapping It Up

Chatbots in the business world continues to grow, and with its amazing benefits, you might want to get in on it, too! From better conversions to improved customer satisfaction, you can


Hopefully, this article on how chatbots are able to grow encouraged you to implement it to your business. If you want to start to implement AI and chatbots into your business now, start with live chat options and see where it takes you!


For those who have any questions or want to share their experiences with AI or live chatbots, comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!