Seven Mistakes Brands Make in Social Media Marketing Plans

Brands can’t afford to ‘eff around’ and make mistakes on social media, here are 7 common mistakes brands make that you should stay away from.

Seven Mistakes Brands Make in Social Media Marketing Plans


The power of social media has evolved considerably in the past few years, considering an enormous number of people are voicing their opinion on social media. Social media isn’t just about voicing opinions even though the comments would indicate differently.

Social media is now a powerful tool for brands to reach their audience. Marketing on social media has seen a tremendous rise, and the number of brands has taken turns to promote their products virtually on social media domains. All businesses large and small are using social media marketing plans to communicate with customers.

But even the biggest brands with the best team can “eff up” a message that communicates poorly. Just take a look at a post from Adidas: 

adidas fail

Few have forgotten the horror that happened at the Boston Marathon in 2013. But maybe Adidas did. This year, as the race came to a close, it sent out emails to customers it knew had completed the race, with the subject line “Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon.” That’s an insensitive faux pas born for re-broadcast on social media. ~source: PCMag

Now, you may not be familiar with social media, but it can be…. well, unforgiving.

In this article, we have highlighted social media mistakes that brands makes in their rush to be timely and relevant. These mistakes can be costly to brands, so to avoid the possibility of being cancelled, take note and steer clear of these:

1. Not Having An Authentic Social Media Strategy


Websites like Facebook employed some of the best social media tactics that landed them the success and recognition they deserve. Similar to those, having an original social media strategy with well-defined goals,  objectives and values will fetch a tremendous virtual status for the brand. 


A brand without any strategy in hand can land up to isolation where it can experience a considerable fall in the interests of its consumers. Hence to build a successful online media presence, brands need to embrace the new, sophisticated methods of attracting new customers. This can be executed to host fun events and giveaways that can help a brand raise its attention quotient and invoke curiosity among the community members. 

2. Not Segregating The Target Audience 

Another point-blank mistake that a brand often makes is when they don’t segregate their target audience. Each social media platform serves a set of targeted audiences and tends to the content accordingly. Similarly, Communities like Facebook serve the global communities by creating interactive feeds. In contrast, Twitter has acquired the status platform that tends to the side of the expression of the domain. In this way, Brands need to segregate the needs and demands of each platform to decide the content strategy necessary for exposure.


The segregation will allow the brands to dissect major ordeals of their products and services and serve them to those who are in dire need of the product offered. In addition, such Media Marketing helps a brand gain customers’ genuine interest in their products and merchandise. 

3. Not Engaging In A Healthy Virtual Banter


A brand often makes very significant social media mistakes when they adopt a silent attitude on social media and refrain from engaging in healthy conversations from their end. 


One of the primary Social Media marketing tools is when the brands interact with their customer’s queries and requirements which helps them align with a beautiful consumer-brand relationship allowing the brand to prosper for long. Companies like Amazon and Netflix are some of the best examples of initiating swift social media banters with their consumers, which has evolved into one of the best social media marketing tools to fetch more following and subscribers. 

4. Seeking Help from Automated Devices

Brands in their wake have started using bots and other social automation devices to reply and answer the growing queries of their consumers. The automated response lacks personal touch and connection between the brand and consumers, thus causing a dent in the growing image of the brand. 


Relying too much on automated technology can become harmful for the brands and should be avoided. Such automatic responses will always result in the loss of customers from the brand’s end. Instead, the brands should adopt healthy social media chats and discussion threads to pique the consumer’s interest and help them more on a ground level. 

5. Being Narcissistic on Social Media


One of the most underestimated mistakes that a brand makes in social media marketing is giving too much importance to products and services. It is believed as an unhealthy habit of being narcissistic in the eyes of social media and can make you lose your precious following. 


Hence to make your brand more prominent and shine bright on the internet, the brands need to be subtle on advertising and promotion techniques. Social media should avoid heavy tools and must adhere to illuminating practices for positive exposure. 

6. Being Lenient About Logistics And Tracking Progress


Brands on social media often ignore their logistics in terms of ranking and SEO optimization. Yet, these analytics play an essential role in tracking the progress of a business on social media and the internet. 


Hence by keeping analytics as a focal point, the brands can make necessary changes in the SEO content and optimize it accordingly to increase post visibility and gain more views. Customers’ shift in pattern, search behaviors, and conversion trends speak volumes and should duly keep in mind to create a prosperous community like Facebook to entertain the masses. 

7. Posting Same Content On All Social Media Handles


Every social media platform exudes a distinctive online presence; Instagram serves the masses in lifestyle and microblogging, whereas Facebook is more of a community-driven source. Similarly, each social media handle caters to different sectors, and hence posting the same content on each hold will render the post irrelevant and ignored. 


To increase more exposure and command an impeccable social media presence, the brands need to segregate and align their content with the vision and goals of that specific social media platform to gain followers and the required attention. 




These repeated brand blunders can result in complete social media expulsion of the brand and promote ignorance of the masses towards the brand image and prestige. Hence the article highlights the importance of community-like harmony where the brands can cultivate personal relationships with their consumers and sustain for long in business and enterprise.