How to Create a Successful Social Media Content Strategy?

The easiest thing to do for your business using social media is screw it up. Find out how to kill it with social by creating a successful social media content strategy.

How to Create a Successful Social Media Content Strategy?


How do people prefer to get to get information?

Do they read newspapers, watch news or TV programs? Nope, today they prefer to use social media.

So, if your company doesn’t have profiles on popular platforms, you lose a chance to inform people about your goods and services. If you want to fix this situation with the help of effective social media content strategy, you are moving in the right direction. Check the following tips, which will help you to make your strategy 100% successful.


1. Define your goals

Every strategy starts with a set of goals.

When you know what kind of results you want to achieve, you can make a plan, which will work effectively. Depending on the stage of the company’s development, major goals can be the following:


2. Know your target audience

If you know who your “perfect buyer” is, you should analyze his/her behavior on social media in more details. At which time of the day does he/she usually check Facebook, Twitter, and other apps?

How many hours per day does he/she spend on YouTube?

Does he/she prefer to watch 1-minute funny videos or 20-minutes video tutorials?

You should step into your client’s shoes to understand what kind of posts will appeal to him/her. The better you know your target audience, the more successful your social media content strategy will be.


3. Choose suitable social media platforms

Well, it’s not really necessary to have profiles on all existing social networks. It’s better to choose 2-4 platforms, which are the most popular among your potential buyers.

The point is that if you decide to publish the same content on Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest, your marketing efforts will bear no fruits. Also, if you produce tons of poor-quality content, trying to meet the requirements of every platform, you will not achieve positive results.

You must focus on content quality, not on its quantity.

  • Facebook is a perfect platform to share news and stories about your company and products.
  • Instagram will help you to reach Millennials and Generation Z. You can use it to showcase your products, run polls, and communicate with the followers in a friendly tone.
  • Twitter is useful when you need to publish quick updates about your company or products.
  • Pinterest is suitable for how-to content. You can present interesting ideas or life hacks related to the usage of your product.
  • LinkedIn is a professional social network, so you can use it to reach the business community and build credibility. You can post jobs and the company’s news here.
  • YouTube works great when you need to entertain your audience, to demonstrate how to use your product or show behind-the-scene processes.


4. Create visual content

Market researchers recently announced that content consumption preferences have changed a lot.


Today, 91% of global users prefer interactive and visual content over textual one.

For this reason, the most important part of the social media strategy is to create high-quality visuals.

  • Product photos.
    You should showcase your products in the most favorable light, so you should use a professional camera to take photos. If you don’t have a cam, don’t try to use your smartphone instead. You should invite a professional photographer, who will help you to create content of the highest quality.
  • Various pictures.
    As you know, you have no right to use someone else’s photo without a permit. But you can visit free stocks and get high-resolution pictures without violating copyright
  • Video.
    You can shoot how-to videos, which reveal an important information related to your products. If you target Millennials and Generation Z, you can also create short hilarious video clips.
  • Memes.
    This kind of content works great when you need to entertain your target audience and boost engagement.
  • Quotes. If you want to highlight a specific idea, you can create a picture with a famous quote. This is a good way to mix visual and textual content.
  • Infographics.
    You can use this kind of content to teach and educate your target audience. Utilizing infographics, you can explain complex subjects in very simple and understandable form.
  • Long Pins.
    If you are going to publish your content on Pinterest, you should create so-called long pins to double the number of views.

Successful Social Media Content

5. Write text

However, you shouldn’t think that textual content is not necessary at all.

Brief descriptions under the videos and captions under the photos help to generate in twice higher engagement. The quality of the text is still important, so you should use the best copywriting services to make sure that your social media content strategy will be successful.

If you create high-quality content for a corporate blog, don’t hesitate to share it on Facebook and Twitter. This information will be very valuable for your followers.


6. Watch the trends

Today, it’s not that hard to understand what kind of content is currently trending.

Every social network displays the most popular posts on a separate tab.

As a rule, content is divided into a few different categories. For example, YouTube offers users to watch videos on 5 categories: music, news, movies, gaming, and live.

social trends

Instagram displays trending content on Explore tab.
There are 13 categories available: Food, Humor, Style, DIY, Travel, Nature, Art, TV & Movies, Sports, Science & Tech, Fitness, and Animals.


Twitter shows which profiles and hashtags are trending in the chosen location.
Companies, which operate locally, must monitor this tab on Twitter every day to know what is going on in the city/state.


If you review all this information, you will understand what kind of posts you should create to grab users’ attention. You can also use the tools and services available online to analyze trends in more details. If your content gets in trend, it will mean that your strategy works perfectly.


Final Thoughts

If you have a concrete goal, and if you know what your target audience wants, you can create a successful social media content strategy. But you should keep in mind that the preferences of modern users are changing day by day. For this reason, you are responsible to watch the market trends and update your strategy regularly.