Top Social Media Marketing Tools for Optimizing Campaigns

Learn how the top 3 social media marketing tools can help you optimize social campaigns by targeting and engaging your audience on a whole new level.

what social media tools are you using

Social media should be a fundamental component of every small business’s digital marketing strategy. Regardless of what your business sells or offers, its target audience probably uses social media. By actively engaging these prospects through social channels, you’ll reap the benefits of increases sales and greater brand recognition.


You’ll want to use the right social media marketing tools to optimize your social campaigns starting with these:




What is HootSuite and why should you use it?

HootSuite is an all-in-one social media management tool that’s used by individuals and business owners throughout the world. Available in both free and paid versions, it features a bulk scheduler so users can schedule their social media posts for a later date. More specifically, HootSuite support up to 350 scheduled posts at a time, meaning you won’t have to manually log into each of your social media accounts just to make a new post.



Another popular social media management tool is Buffer.

It performs many of the same functions as HootSuite, including a post scheduler on multiple social media networks. However, that makes Buffer stand out is its ability to recommend the best posting time for audience engagement. By making posts on the right days and times, you’ll create a stronger connection with your audience; thus, improving the value of your social media marketing efforts.


Buffer also has an analytics system, allowing users to see the performance of their social media marketing campaigns. It shows clicks, shares, Facebook likes, retweets, mentions and more. And you can even grab the Buffer web browser extenion for Firefox, Chrome or Safari.




One of the newer, yet still effective, social media marketing tools is MavSocial.

It allows users to store, curate and organize their social media content, all from a single convenient interface. MavSocial also has a post scheduling too so you can schedule social media posts in advance.


But MavSocial doesn’t stop there. It has a special tool called Social Inbox, which allows users to see a consolidated view of their social media engagements and interactions. And much like HootSutie and Buffer, MavSocial has an analytics reporting dashboard to keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs).


These are just a few of the leading social media marketing tools. By investing some of your time and resources into them, you’ll optimize your efforts with greater efficiency. Don’t take my word for it, though. Sign up for a free account at each of these tools to see how they work and whether or not they are right for you.