10 Marketing Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Understand

Every digital marketer is on the hunt for the best tools to get the job done, here are our 10 Marketing Tools You gotta use in 2022.

10 Marketing Tools Every Digital Marketer

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Trying to promote products and services, generate leads, and boost brand image through multiple marketing tools and tactics characterizes the life of a marketer.

A marketer’s job is demanding and complicated, but it’s also rewarding and fascinating. Testing a large number of marketing tools to identify the most effective ones takes a significant amount of time. Frankly, it’s time most of us don’t have to waste on testing. Below is the list of the top rated digital marketing tools that work for about any marketer, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time doing all that research yourself.

1. Salesmate

Salesmate is one of the best CRM software for automating the sales process and improving your customer interactions. Advanced CRM features allow you to increase sales and retain clients with ease. The software provides a streamlined pipeline view to better organize and prioritize your business dealings. You might even track how clients respond to your emails with the use of smart email features. With Salesmate, you can easily keep track of every step of your sales process.

2. Sales Layer PIM

Customized product experiences are made possible by Sales Layer, the market’s most adaptable Product Information Manager (PIM). The SaaS platform employs the intuitive user interface to build catalogs with up to millions of SKUs, completely integrated with marketplaces and distributors, both upstream and downstream. Sales Layer delivers a single source for product information for marketers as well as business owners. With this PIM tool, all of your product information, photos, and assets will be housed in one location, making your brand more consistent. If you want to use this tool for a short period, then you can also use their free trial version.

3. Whatagraph

Whatagraph is the best reporting and monitoring tool for small and medium-sized marketing agencies. They can examine, monitor, and report on their marketing activities from different data sources. When it comes to visuals, Whatagraph is an excellent choice. It provides a visual representation of the data, making it easier to understand for a person who is not even a marketing specialist. If you have a team of more than 11 persons, Whatagraph is an ideal option for you. Also, it is marketers working with projects that require tracking of results across multiple channels of marketing.

4. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is the perfect software to have by your side if you want to manage your company’s social media easily and productively. With the best-in-class features available, this is one of the market’s finest social media management tools. By using Crowdfire, you’ll be able to increase social media engagement & growth more quickly and effectively. In addition, you can use the platform to publish content on blog posts and communicate with clients to provide them with outstanding customer service. It’s also possible to find and share relevant content with your audience and schedule posts to be published at different times.


5. ProofHub

ProofHub may help you manage the marketing projects and your teams more efficiently. It has all the necessary tools you have to plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver on time. There are Kanban boards in ProofHub that show how each task progresses through the various stages of a project. In addition, you can also attach files and add comments to a task. It’s even possible for you as well as your coworkers to communicate quickly via text message using its integrated chat tool. As a project management tool, ProofHub has a wide range of functions.


6. Mailchimp

Email marketing software, Mailchimp, is among the most highly ranked throughout the Digital Marketing industry. In addition to delivering automated emails to your clients at the most appropriate time, this tool provides precise analytics that can be used to improve your business’ Digital Marketing efforts in the future. When using Mailchimp, marketers can create entire emails with graphics, gifs, and custom fonts and perform A/B testing on their campaigns.

This digital marketing software offers both free as well as paid versions depending on the size & demands of your business needs.

7. Buffer

To ensure the best results, do you want to plan out your social media postings in advance?

This is when Buffer comes in handy. With its built-in picture editor, you can create campaigns from the ground up and publish them with ease. All of the major social media networks are supported by the Buffer platform so that you can plan, collaborate, and generate content in a streamlined manner.

8. AdEspresso

Have difficulties tried to keep up with all of your social media digital advertising?

Do you need to deliver more info and crisper A/B testing findings to your company? How about making better financial investments? You’ll be able to access real-time data from all of your social media advertising with AdEspresso, whether they’re on Insta, Facebook, or Google. The tool also assists you in creating more focused ads and making changes to your plan as you go, ensuring that you understand what motivates your customers to engage. 

9. Hotjar

Hotjar, an analytics and feedback program that allows marketers to monitor user behavior on the site, is one of the best digital marketing tools. The application uses sophisticated features like site heatmaps, user screen recordings, and surveys/feedback polls to help you understand the information behind the behavior. Being a digital marketer, using a tool like this allows you to assess the success of a web design while also developing solutions that boost conversion.

10. PersistIQ

This software allows you to import a list of potential customers and create email and phone campaigns to contact them. It essentially supercharges the act of drafting a personal email while tracking results. It offers automated capabilities that save you time while also keeping everyone you contact in the system organized. You’re still sending personalized emails, but the process is streamlined and includes reporting. Best for Account-Based Marketing campaigns if your prospects have a common theme, so you may send them similar emails.


And that’s the end of the story!

Every marketing professional in today’s modern-day must use the best tools at work. This is the list of the top 10 digital marketing tools every marketer needs to know. Hopefully, you’ll discover the right tools for your existing projects and campaigns. Please keep in mind that these tools work for almost everyone, whether you’re a lone marketer or part of a marketing team.