Must-Have Social Media Tools for 2022 [Ultimate List]

Our rundown of the best social media marketing tools for 2022. Boost your online presence with both paid and free social media tools for business. 

Must-Have Social Media Tools for 2022

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There’s no shortage of social media tools out there, get the short list of social media tools you absolutely need for 2022.

The world of social media continues to evolve almost weekly. Whatever form social media takes it is still vitally important for businesses. Those who embrace modern social media tools and continue to put out exceptional content are likely to get more eyeballs on their business and ultimately grow at a faster rate.


Managing your social media and social networks can be a difficult task. In this guide we’re bringing you a run down of the must-have social media tools for 2022 to ensure that you have both social media marketing tools to convert, and a way of managing and planning your social media schedule.

The Importance of Social Media For Business

Virtually every business type has embraced social media by now. It’s not essential for every type of business, but it can be an incredible tool.

Used correctly, social media has the power to:


  • Gain customers by helping your business to market its service or products.
  • Help to build trust in your brand by showing your expertise.
  • Keep existing customers engaged in your brand.
  • Provide an opportunity for networking with other businesses.
  • Build brand awareness.
  • Show that your business is active and operates in a conscientious way.


Of course, social media is just one of many ways to connect with an audience, and it is all about how you use it. The correct tools and approach can revolutionize business.

Social Media Software and Tools

Social media is a part of everyday life, and there are plenty of apps and software options on the market today. Let’s dive into some of the very best social media tools for your business, both for planning and targeting the right keywords, and for making your life easier.



Hootsuite is possibly the best timesaver you’ll come across when it comes to managing lots of social media accounts. Most businesses don’t just want their visibility to be limited to one social network, and being across all of them can make scheduling posts difficult. Hootsuite makes it easier.


You can post to numerous social media platforms all from this all-in-one hub. On top of that, it gives you options to follow discussions on your brand and even understand more about what is working in your social media campaigns with a thorough analytics center.

Movavi Clips

Video is more important than ever before. Even social networks like Facebook and Instagram are largely video-based in this day and age. 


Movavi Clips is a free social media tool to arm you with all you need to start sharing short videos across all of your social networks.


It can be used on your iOS device or Android phone or tablet and allows you to quickly trim videos and even merge them together with other footage. You can add pictures with slideshow effects and even add some fun stickers to your video. Many people find it particularly helpful for sticking to Instagram’s guidelines for video and reel lengths.


Whether you just want to add some basic text or you need to edit lots of short clips together, Movavi Clips can allow you to make something incredibly stylish in virtually no time at all. Everyone in your team can use it.



If you’re happy to do a little bit more work up front then IFTTT can be one of the most powerful pieces of social media software out there. 


IFTTT means “if this, then that”, and allows users to create “Applets”. These Applets are built on rules, and mean that one action triggers another. You’re effectively making a chain reaction. So, when you publish a blog, an IFTTT rule can trigger a tweet going out on Twitter or a Facebook or Instagram post, or all three. There are very few limits to what these Applets can do.


It isn’t exclusively for social media, but it does a fantastic job of helping you to manage your publishing and engagement. You can ensure that your time is spent creating amazing content rather than posting o loads of different platforms and apps. Automation is key.


One of the problems businesses have when they are looking to create solid social media marketing campaigns is understanding trends and what to post about.


BuzzSumo is a fantastic option for planning social media posts. You can find the content that is getting the most engagement on social media sites and explore topics and keywords that are resonating with your niche. 


A lot of people use BuzzSumo to plan posts daily or even weekly. It’s also a powerful way to reach out to others and find influencers and marketing channels. It’s an incredibly insightful piece of social media software.

Wait, isn’t just a way to shrink URLs? Absolutely not. has some really useful insights and can help you to understand more about how social media is working (or not) for your business. allows you to understand the behaviors of those who are clicking on your links. When did they click? How long did they stay on your site? How many leads did each of the posts get you? Did you get any sales as a result?


This tool lets you create a tool to track peoples’ behaviour. Even Google has built it into their Campaign URL Builder to track performance.



Every piece of content you put out there, you will want to hook people into your social networks. ShareThis can help you to improve your reach and make it simple for people to share your content, and also connect with your social networks.


ShareThis lets you easily add sharing buttons to your website and content so that people can quickly and easily share and even mention your brand. You have full control over the design and buttons so it fits the branding of your website.


Canva is a fantastic tool for creating visual posts. As well as creating custom graphics and editing images, you can also create GIFs and short animated clips through the app, perfect for sharing on Instagram or any other social network.


Canva has a free version, with loads of free slide templates & graphics that you can access and use on your site. It can be a powerful tool to use in conjunction with other social media tools and make sure your graphics always look professional. Even if you are running a small business and you have virtually no knowledge of design, there’s really no excuse for putting posts online that don’t look amazing.

Summary – Finding The Right Tools For You

One of the keys to finding the right social media tools for business is to understand your own pain points. Whether you need a tool to save you time in the planning and scheduling of posts, or you’re looking for tools to create solid and polished video and graphic content, there are plenty of options to make your life easier, and boost the perception of your brand. 


Time to up your social media game for 2022. Which of these tools are you going to try out first?