Mouseflow, The Best Website Optimization Tool to See what Customers Hate about Your Site

If you run a website, you’ll want to check out Mouseflow, a website heatmap engine for enhanced conversion and website optimization in terms of user experience.

Mouseflow, The Best Website Optimization Tool to See what Customers Hate about Your Site

Search Engine Optimization is a strategy to help pages rank high, get more visitors, and convert them into sales. Mouseflow is a site that specializes in website optimization and increased conversion rates. It’s an analytics tool that gives a report of all user activities and shows the challenges they faced. This tool is one of the best suitable for those who want a better ROI. Below is an overview of Mouseflow and what to expect from its many features.


Creates Wonderful Heatmaps and Scroll Maps

They are used to identify where visitors spent the most time while scrolling through your website. It includes a heatmaps suite that provides detailed information about scrolls, geography, attention, movement, and clicks.

How many clicks did a particular product get?

Which products caught their attention?

What else did the visitors check out on the page?

What’s the location of these visitors?

Heatmaps give you answers to all these questions and help you learn more about your strategies, based on user behavior. Being able to track activity enables you to improve the overall page experience.  


Session Replay

As the name may suggest, it keeps track of clicks, scrolls, mouse movements, and forms. Expect recordings of actions of each user that visits your website. It works like a CCTV and relays accurate, relevant recordings of activities on your site. With all this available data, you can filter only to get specific data that may interest you. For instance, you can filter it only to include local traffic. Instead of using guesses to analyze your website, use this tool to get very accurate information that will guide you in planning and making better decisions with your business. 


Filters and segments

It’s easy to filter sessions using variables such as location, time, language, duration, type of browser, platforms, pages viewed, and so much more. That’s to say that it gives you more information about your visitors – where they are coming from, if they are new to the site or if they visited it before. Such data helps you determine if the returning users did anything more than they did the last time. Getting data on which pages your visitors viewed helps to identify which pages most viewers relate with. Besides, it offers custom variables/tags for you to test any other relevant information specific to your site. 



The tool keeps records of activities in all the pages and takes note of visitors’ journeys as they navigate from page to page. You will access data on whether there were any sign-ups. It helps you come up with reports that analyze visitor behavior whether they drop off, or move to other pages.  



The best way to improve conversion rates for your business is to identify issues that may be slowing it down. You can get such information by analyzing how users interact with various forms on the site. Mouseflow can be of help because it measures re-fills, drop-off, errors, new submissions, and so much. If you can tell why many visitors are dropping off, identify the reasons for this, and fix it. The tool allows you to filter this data anytime you wish. You’ll uncover problems and improve usability, thereby increasing conversions. 



The tool improves interaction with visitors allowing you to get real-time opinion through the use of customized surveys. Get answers from them about their interaction with the site. It gives you valuable feedback, especially if the visitors are experiencing any issues or need help. 


Integrates with many platforms

It is the only feature that sets it apart from other tools. It doesn’t just work on WordPress only. It integrates well with other web platforms, including Magento.


Free Trial

The free trial option opens the door for you to have a feel of how the tool works. 



It’s a secure tool that does not harm your website. 



The tool provides data that’s easy to read and comprehend. The interface is easy to use. Once you have logged in, a dashboard that has the recordings and heatmaps pops up. 



Mouseflow is an excellent tool for websites, especially those monetized and dealing with sales and calls to action. If you are developing a product or want to optimize the conversion environment, get this tool. Businesses can use it to track user activity on their site. On days when there is a low conversion rate, use it to find out if there were any technical hitches. It also helps you know how to optimize your site to increase conversion rates. The tool simplifies analytics and helps digital marketers make relevant decisions. Don’t worry about complexity as it is very easy to use, and anyone can handle it even without prior training.