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content management systemWeb design: Defining what you want and creating a plan to get there.

Are you in the process of hunting down and comparing design and development quotes for building or redesigning your website? There are two essential components you should be looking for: first, is a detailed and transparent design and development proposal, and the second is a website design company that can deliver the goods on time and on budget.

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What will you find at Pixel?

Every day, we get calls from business owners who are upset with their old web design companies or who can’t seem to locate their freelance web designer. Frankly, these stories are all too common, “I’ve been trying to get a hold of my designer for months, but they won’t return my call” or “I’ve payed a deposit, it’s been 8 months and I haven’t seen anything yet.” There are a thousand variations of these complaints that you may already be familiar with. You won’t find that here.

What you will find is a transparent web design estimate at the start of the project that clearly specs out every part of building a website based on strategy, planning, and creativity. Because at Pixel. . .

Web Design is more than building a website, it’s understanding how to design a website that’s right for your company.

Throughout our site, we talk a lot about branding, image and defining your business as a unique entity with characteristics that people can identify with — website design is no different. This page isn’t intended to be a tutorial on how to build your own website for all you DIY’ers, it is more of a guide for entrepreneurs, business owners and managers in charge of launching or redesigning new websites. There are so many elements for any given website design ranging from foundational requirements like hosting and domain name registration to content management and 3rd party integrations. What most people discover is that there is a vast difference between simply having a website and having a successful website. We design a lot of websites and I can tell you first hand that the websites that are truly successful are managed by site owners who are active every day in promoting their online business.

So, how do you design a website to be successful? You design your website with the goal of building a brand and you do this by asking a lot of questions about who you are. Questions like; what makes you different, why would people come to your site, what do you want people to do once they reach your site and a myriad of other questions help in developing a game plan to create a website that achieves actual goals.

Goals are essential to designing a successful website. How else can you determine who you are selling to and what actions should be taken to not only reach visitors, but convert them into sales? Creating successful goals to build a website around can be summarized by the following web development phases:

1. Planning for your website: The first phase is understanding your business and your niche in the world wide web. This includes research into your industry as well as isolating a target demographic and how to appeal to that demographic on a personal level. Doing so will allow our design team to establish a functional site map, intuitive navigation, conversion funnel and graphics that support brand image and visitor interaction.

2. Creating a website design strategy: Yes, we pride ourselves on creativity here, but our graphics and design elements are created with a purpose and designed to work in our plan of attack. Design for the sake of design is worthless — our design is based on planning and implementation.

3. Collaboration: When working with a website design company such as ourselves, you’re entering into a partnership where communication and collaboration is essential. We can design any style, but we can’t read minds, consequently your feedback is invaluable to us. We will need to work with you to determine not only style, but how to integrate graphic style with certain web functionality that may be required to work with your community.

4. Understanding the Project Scope: This is very important for both designer and client, which is why we work so hard to understand our clients needs, their business and the true requirement to create a successful website. When contracting web design work, transparency is the key to knowing what is being delivered and in what time frame the deliverables can be expected.

5. Decisive Action: Once you have contracted a web development company, like Pixel, sticking to the plan is paramount to a successful launch.

6. Success of a website is ongoing: Understanding that success, traffic and loyalty aren’t built over night is also important. Sticking to the game plan and continuing to refine the user experience through polls, design modifications, videos, and other content designed to reach and retain users in your community are all part of building a successful website and brand.

What can you expect with our website design process?

We have a little inside joke here at Pixel about being the Go-To Design Agency for businesses who have tried other website design companies first. Some of our best testimonials come from clients who were disappointed by a previous web design company.

At Pixel, we bring a different level of “web development experience” to our clients. We’re really proud of the fact that over 75% of our business comes from existing clients. We provide big agency services, boutique agency quality with just the right sized agency customer care. Like we always say here at Pixel, we’re big enough that you don’t have to worry about where we’ll be a year or two down the road, but not so big that the only person you’ll ever speak to is a customer rep.

What are some of the Pixel Web Design Differences?

1. Transparency - Simply put we do what we say. Like we mentioned earlier, knowing what you’re paying for is pretty darn important when designing a website customized to your business. We always provide custom website proposals tailored to your specific goals and needs. In our proposals we clearly lay out our design process, development bench marks, website specifications and requirements and then we deliver on those aspects.

2. Our Design Process - Our typical design process begins with understanding your business. We don’t just throw your site together without any thought. Thinking is what makes us good at providing design solutions. Every client is different and unlike many other web design companies who use a cookie cutter approach, we take the time to figure out what makes you tick. This is the first step in creating concepts that you are going to love.

How do I know that I’m going to love the web design you create for me?
Our design process begins with understanding your likes and dislikes as well as researching and understanding your business niche. We then create custom “static web layouts” for your review, where the ultimate goal is to work with you in creating that one approved design concept that you love. We don’t proceed with the web build until you approve a direction that you absolutely love. So, there it is,  you know what you’ll be getting and we have a direction to build and we build it to match.

3. We Avoid Fundamental Web Design Pitfalls - Many businesses have the mind set of “I just need to throw a quick website up”. There are plenty of website design companies that will help you do this, but realize that this is the leading reason why many website’s fail. Web design and marketing go hand-in-hand when it comes to success online. No, we’re not trying to up-sell you on marketing services, but we do research on the front-side that most other agencies don’t do — Research like understanding who your customer is, how your business is going to grow, how to funnel potential customers towards making an action and how your website is going to accomplish these goals and grow with you. When other web design companies are talking about how they are going to make your site look pretty, we’re figuring out how it can be a success.

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