Your Complete Web Marketing Revamp: A Guide

Is it time for a web marketing revamp? Many of us are guilty of using a ‘set it and forget it strategy’, if so, check out this guide for your complete web marketing revamp.

Web Marketing Revamp

Many businesses have been online for years, and present tired, outdated websites to their customers. Even those who began their lives a mere handful of months ago, and those that have only just curated a new website, might be missing out on valuable marketing opportunities which would help them secure more sales and higher profits for their firm. It’s in light of this – and the ever-present need for a good old-fashioned website update – that this article presents a guide to your web marketing revamp, helping you secure more business in the 2020s.


Back to Basics


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves – let’s learn to walk before entering the 100m dash. Your website marketing strategy revolves around one thing and one thing only: converted visits into sales. You’re not looking to get high traffic without converting a good number of those visitors into sales – if that’s your current situation, you’re doing something wrong. 


The better your conversion rate, the better you’re targeting consumers, the better you’re pricing your products, and the better you’re showing web visitors through to sales pages that they simply cannot resist looking through. Recall, at all stages of your web marketing revamp journey, that you’re looking to boost conversion rates – not just your traffic. 


How to Convert


So how do you convert web visitors into customers in 2020?

Well, you need to think about your relevancy: what your marketing is telling consumers, and which consumers you’re most interested in bringing onto your website. This starts with a little market research and data crunching from your current customer base.


Market Research


Your research is effectively at attempt to quantify which consumers are most likely to trade with you after visiting your website. You can conduct this research by using external data sources, or with your own customer data tracking, which you’ll get through your website. In both cases, you’re looking for simple demographic categories like age and location.


You might be able to conduct a kind of deductive research methodology on your social media pages, too. Who follows and likes your pages – and what are they interested in? This can help you get more perspective on who tends to trade with you online.


Targeting Adverts


Now that you know who you want to target, it’s time to turn to the targeted advertising firms that offer cheap and effective adverts across the internet for you and your firm to take advantage of. You can choose to go through one of the ‘Big Three’ firms: Google, Facebook, or Amazon. You might also choose to try out a pure advertising firm, which will show your adverts across the websites that your target consumer visit.


Remember that targeting your adverts isn’t just about getting your brand seen – it’s also about communicating visually and textually with your target demographic. Adverts online aren’t huge, so you need to work out what you’re trying to say in the space you’re provided with on your website. When thinking about advertising in terms of a web marketing revamp – keep it simple and exciting, and you’ll be onto a winner.


SEO Strategies


Now let’s turn to the power of SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

SEO should be a primary focal point in your web marketing revamp. Why? Because SEO is the way in which you’re going to draw in the right consumers to view your site. The right traffic means a higher rate of conversion, because they will have an interest in your products and services.


Your aim here is to target keywords that your customers ordinarily type in to Google to find your page. The more applicable the keyword, the more likely you are to convert those web visitors when they find your website in this way. 


Don’t forget that a large fraction of the US population speaks Spanish, and so a parallel Spanish SEO strategy can help you to access this large and often untapped portion of web traffic that flows every day in the US. Supporting the Spanish language on your website will help generate sales within this large demographic.


Your Website


When you think of your website, you must regard it as something that’s always changing. Rather than a static platform that you create and then leave, you should always be looking for ways to make your site more attractive for web visitors – and more exciting to trade upon for the majority of those who visit it.


There are several ways to do this. One is simply concentrating on the visual aspect of your website. If you make it look great, you’ll encourage web users to trust you, and to explore your website. Another thing to focus on in your web marketing revamp is your navigability. How easy is it to get around your website, and to find the pages that you want to find? The simpler it is for consumers to find the products pages they’re looking for, the more sales you’ll generate.


Marketing Agencies


One way in which to boost both your SEO and your web performance is to partner with a website marketing agency that performs these tasks for businesses every day. By tapping into their deep wells of experience, and outsourcing these specialist, expert tasks, you’ll be able to sit back and watch your return on investment soar, through the help of effective traffic-boosting and conversion-boosting strategies.


Another way to get the best of the best working for your marketing team is to hire. It’s important to find the best marketers in your area, and to ask them to join your team. This is a longer-term option for those whose web commerce is growing increasingly important in the months following the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown.


Your Revamped Web Marketing Strategy


The most crucial part of your whole web marketing strategy is to determine where you’re succeeding, and where you’re going wrong. Remember that key metric that we mentioned earlier: you’re trying to convert more traffic into sales, which you’ll see influencing your profits over time.


Website marketing is ultimately a trial-and-error activity, and it’s rare to find a business that’s settled on a happy medium of marketing and advertising. The best way to continue improving is to keep learning – and to measure the success of every initiative that you put in place over time.


There you have it: the key steps to revamping your web marketing strategy and output in 2020 and beyond.