5 Simple Steps to Build a Solid SEO Strategy

If your SEO doesn’t consider your viewers — it’s probably not a solid SEO strategy. Learn how to build one in 5 simple steps in this post.

Steps to Build a Solid SEO Strategy

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Wendy Piersall made the profound statement, “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

She meant that Google could only rank your website only after visitors find your content worthy of reading. Google considers a lot of factors when ranking a website, but none more important how its’ content resonates with the audience. In this post we’re going to show you how to build a solid SEO strategy to achieve just that.


Going back to the different ranking factors like using keywords, website backlinking, traffic and mobile-friendliness, and other algorithms for just a minute. These factors will also be explored in this content as they are essential components in building a solid SEO strategy.

In this post, seobrothers provides real-world practices that can be used to help brands like theirs get websites into top positions for search queries.

There are two basic SEO strategies that businesses can utilize; on-page and off-page SEO optimization. On-page SEO helps you develop the content that will make you rank. Off-page SEO is about optimizing the website from outside the website, mostly through backlinking. All these will be explored below.


5 Exciting SEO Strategies to Rank on Google

Many competitors are doing your business today. Most of them would have offered the service and content you’d like to offer. However, you can gain more visibility than they do by trying these solid search engine optimization strategies:


1. Conduct a Website Traffic Analysis

This gives you knowledge about your competitors’ performance. It provides you information on how you can do something different to scale your business than they have scaled theirs. A website traffic analysis helps you explore your competitors’ website SEO strategy. This lets you know the trends they hop on, how they influence the market, and how they generate traffic. This knowledge helps you create a target keyword research that you must identify.


2. Identify Your Keywords and Use them in Your Content

This is another basic SEO strategy to rank on Google. It’s an on-page SEO feature that helps you know how customers search for solutions to their problems. The goal of your company or website is to solve customers’ issues. If you don’t know the keywords they input on Google, how would you solve their issues? You will need to research the words they search on Google, incorporating them in your website to gain visibility. For example, if your customers search for “photographers in Dublin Ireland”. Your landing page shouldn’t read: “We offer photography services in Ireland and across the UK”. It should rather incorporate the keyword your customers mostly use to find photographers specific to the geographic area.


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3. Create Your Content Naturally and Include Keywords

One of the ways to increase your traffic is to offer value by creating quality and engaging content. When your content is invaluable, readers will share and that’ll generate more traffic which Google will notice. Your content must provide solutions to basic questions. It could even educate your customers. When you write your content, input the keywords seamlessly into the content. Search engine optimization strategies don’t work when you overuse your keywords or make them inorganic.

There are many link-building strategies out there, but data-driven content is one of the best. This type of content has a number of characteristics that make it especially valuable for link-building efforts – if used correctly. Learn how to use data-driven content to earn links here.


4. Consider Page Titles and Mobile Friendly Website

A foundation on-page optimization technique is including meta titles and descriptions in your publications. This basic SEO strategy is an on-page SEO style offering your readers an idea of your content before they click. A good example is this post, you may have read our meta description before you clicked into this post.

Meta titles and descriptions are short, no more than 40 and 150 characters respectively. They give a short yet captivating overview of the content which could enchant readers to engage your website. Aside from this, your website needs to be mobile-friendly. One of the overlooked SEO strategies is page speed. When your website is inaccessible and insanely slow, readers will leave. If you’d been ranked before, competitors will overtake you.

5. Off-site/off-page SEO Optimization

Off-site SEO is primarily outreach and link building that can only be achieved from networking with other websites. This website SEO strategy simply means that other websites must link to you in their organic content. Good links are not easily accumulated, you have to earn them. However, you can get links by:

  • Requesting leading industry blogs to feature your guest post. In it, you can add your website’s link as the author’s portfolio. You can even link a service you’ve explained critically on your website while discussing in the post.
  • Reaching out to other businesses to link you as their supplier or vendor.
  • Using social media to attract clicks by listing your website. For example, you can list your website on popular channels like Reddit, Quora, etc.


Key Takeaways

  1. SEO is important to your website and creating target-specific content is a gateway to ranking in Google.
  2. You need to maximize search engine optimization strategies like website analysis, research and use of keywords, and others.
  3. A basic SEO strategy helps you scale your business.
  4. Off-page SEO is as important as on-page SEO as it shows Google you’re an authority website.



To scale your business effectively, you need to develop a solid SEO strategy. Through keyword research, creation of organic content, using meta titles and descriptions, and other strategies, you’ll rank on Google. If you’re eager to learn more about content creation and SEO make sure to come back and read other posts on this site from experts like Vitaliy Shkura for more SEO strategies that will enhance your website’s visibility.