Web Design: 8 Creative Typography Trends That Will Dominate 2020

Don’t neglect these typography trends for web design in 2020 — after all typography is still a website’s main form of communication.

Web Design: 8 Creative Typography Trends


When designing your website you have to be conscious of a lot of things that impact user experience.


One of the things that you have to be conscious of when you are thinking of web design is the typography that you are using.


Typography is the artistic expression and the technical form of communication that you have on your website. With the right typography, you can emphasize specific aspects of your website and it can also take away attention from the parts of your website that might not be much of a priority.


With that in mind, it’s a good idea to also be mindful of the different creative typography trends that could influence user experience in 2020.


If you’re wondering what typography trends will be dominating this year then this article can help you.

1. Pick’n’Mix

Image Source: Canva


An interesting typography trend gaining popularity the past year in print design will also be picking up speed before this year is out. Pick’n’Mix is a scrapbook effect where you combine two different fonts or more together.


If you want to use this particular typography, it’s going to be tricky given the fact that you’ll need to make sure that two different fonts will work well together.


Aside from that, this typography trend also requires a particular finesse to be able to use on your website. Overlapping text on websites can easily look like a mistake.

2. Humanizing Serifs

serif fonts

One typography trend that’s making it back into 2020 with a twist is the creative uses of serifs.


Before, people used to use more sans-serifs given the fact that it looks more minimal and is typically easier to read ‒ which is a huge trend last year. Since people tend to think that serifs felt a bit more decorative than sans-serif, it wasn’t a typography style that was played around with much last year, at least on the web.


This year, however, serifs are coming back. People are finding Serifs to be more personal in nature and companies are using them to tell more vibrant brand stories which is great for web design for a lot of businesses.


People who know how to play around with serifs can really create some personalized and consequently more lasting impressions with fonts.

3. Outline Fonts

outline fonts

Another interesting typography trend that will dominate the year 2020 is outline fonts.


Outline fonts are basically typography with a transparent fill. These are usually written out in all caps so as to emphasize the outline better. Outline fonts are often used at the very front of web pages so that it’s a center of attention.


You should be careful when using outline fonts, though, as these only work well if you use it as a way to emphasize a particular phrase or word.


If you use it too much, not only will it lose its ability to emphasize a word, but it will also have a higher likelihood of getting lost in the background. Thus, users might not be able to read it.

4. Chunky Type With Overlays

Image Source: Decolore

Another trend that is in line with the outline fonts is the chunky type with overlays.


Much like the outline fonts, this typography is often used for hero images and it creates an interesting and appealing visual that captures the eye immediately.


For this trend, you should use interesting images to overlay with the text because this is key to this particular trend.


It’s a great way of reinventing the 2019 trend of using large, chunky fonts, and making it out to be more creative and revolving around design. It tells a much more interesting design story that merges the power of text and imagery together.

5. Hand Drawn

hand drawn fonts

Calligraphy has been an interesting article in the past year and it’s not going to go away anytime soon.


In the year 2020, hand-drawn typography is still going to be quite popular as it has that bit of uniqueness and grunge aesthetic to anything you apply it with. In fact, hand-drawn typography is a lot easier to manipulate depending on what type of branding you want your web design to have.


Nonetheless, you can make it more feminine by incorporating more cursive. On the other hand, you can make it feel more casual by using brush stroke elements.

6. Vintage-inspired

Image Source: Webdesignledger

Since a decade has already passed, people are going to understandably become a lot more nostalgic. Therefore, it makes sense to predict that typography trends for this 2020 are going to look back at what we used to do and find a way to modernize it.


Hence, the vintage-inspired motif.


A lot of web designers use typography trends that are retro but modernized in a way that subdues the more outdated aspects of these vintage designs. It’s a great way of evoking a certain feeling from a particular era and making it uniquely yours.

7. Big and Bold

Image Source: 1WebDesigner

Since a lot of people think that it’s harder to get people’s attention now, big and bold typography trends are going to be more popular.


The key is to get the important information in the face of your users so that they get the gist of it in a quick glance.


The trend these days is you either go very minimalistic or you go avant-garde, which is what this typography trend is all about.

8. Swiss Style

Source: https://www.behance.net Photo: Alessandro Latela. License: All Rights Reserved.

Something that is in line with the minimalist trend of last year is the growing popularity of the swiss style typography.


The swiss style is a trend that focuses on simplicity, as well as the readability of their typography. It’s straight to the point and doesn’t emphasize much on too many designs.

How to Choose the Best Typography

Depending on your branding strategy for your business, your website typography should center around your brand and not the other way around.

Fiipino fonts

For example you could work with a web designer in the Philippines to help build a site, but it might be more beneficial to check out fonts created with Filipino influence, if your brand theme is centered around that. Remember, think about the type of content that your typography is trying to show. Typography for titles and headlines would be different from ones that you would use for your longer content.


If you are looking for inspiration for your web design, then these eight creative typography trends for 2020 are something that you might want to try out.


As long as it fits your branding strategy then feel free to try it out for your website.