Video Marketing Trends for Business Success in 2021

Video should be a fairly large component for your business digital marketing strategy, check out these video marketing trends to help you succeed.

Video Marketing Trends

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Video marketing is becoming one of the most efficient brand promotion strategies that companies resort to.

The video format makes any type of content easier to digest. It is also much more likely to attract user attention from the very first second while keeping the viewer engaged throughout.

The fact is, people love video content. The format is emotionally engaging, it connects the viewer to a company, person, or product much more effectively than any other form of content. This is exactly why businesses should pay attention to video marketing trends.

Because videos are so effective in communicating with your audience, it’s no wonder that most modern brands use video in their digital marketing strategies. Animated video content has become the main tool for companies to successfully promote their products and create a stable connection with their target audience. The tremendous success and effective implementation of a product largely depend on the quality and availability of videos.

Video marketing is evolving so fast, it makes it hard for businesses to stay on top of the best way to use video in their own marketing strategies. 


It is important to do things right, so here’s a shortlist of the most compelling video marketing trends that will make your multimedia content rock in 2021.

Trend #1 – Entertaining Content

The audience on the entertaining platforms is always on the rise, and the trend will not change any time soon. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube – these are some of the platforms that you can employ to introduce your company, product, or service to a wide audience. Of course, when it comes to platforms such as TikTok or Instagram, it’s not about informative content but rather about user entertainment and interaction. So if you are going to share your brand updates or business news on TikTok, make them fun.

Trend #2 – Content Generated by Users

There is nothing better than the interaction between users. This is an obvious truth, but many companies forget it when they run marketing campaigns on social media. People love to watch how other people live, interact, have fun, and feel. And it is user-generated content that gives them a sense of engagement. This content type is always relevant and allows you to connect with your audience on a more personal level. So you can always ask your customers to tag you in their videos, stories, or posts. You can be sure that many people will follow the links and find you.

Trend #3 – Animated Videos

Animation is still one of the most widely loved types of content. Lovely animated videos let us feel sweet vibes and recharge us with a positive mood. Bold and stylish animations make us feel excited and innovative. All in all, animated videos provide the best environment for expressing your business, marketing, and presentation ideas. Many companies consider animated videos the most engaging way to demo their new products, introduce business concepts and the brand itself. They use Movavi Blog as a source of inspiration, offering interesting solutions to video content creation and editing.

Trend #4 – Video Ad Funnel

YouTube and Facebook already come with different video remarketing features for its users, and LinkedIn is the latest major video ad platform to open this feature recently. With video remarketing, you can implement sequential video ads. In other words, if someone watches a certain part of your video, they might be added to a certain advertising audience. It allows you to create video ad funnels and show people a series of video ads. The most important thing is the ability to run this video sequence as a story and turn ads into an engaging online experience.

Trend #5 – Live Video Streaming on LinkedIn

Live video streaming is one of the most engaging ways to share brand ambiance and voice on social media. LinkedIn’s live video feature is predicted to come out of beta very soon, so we will see even more live videos shared with us by different brands – from startups to industry giants. LinkedIn live videos provide a new opportunity for businesses to build trusting relationships with their target audience and potential customers.

Trend #6 – Trailers and Video Announcements

Instead of boring press releases, indulge your customers with engaging trailers. Any news can be presented in a non-standard and intelligible way. Releasing a trailer or making a video announcement, you can be sure that it will expand your audience reach and will be easily remembered by your customers.

Trend #7 – Omnichannel Video Creation Experience

Video marketing is a great opportunity to give the right impetus to the development of your brand and business. And to reach a new level, it is worth making the video part of your omnichannel marketing campaign. The goal of such a campaign is to deliver content at the right time to the right people. This strategy complements the current trend for content personalization and helps to find original marketing approaches.


For example, a recent study by Google identified three non-trivial ways to use video when a person is shopping. First, 55% of respondents said they didn’t make a shopping list but use online videos instead. Second, more than half of those surveyed said they watched training videos before choosing a product or brand. Thirdly, people watch videos right in stores; this helps them feel better, more confident, and more comfortable. These data suggest that it is worth focusing on creating short and clear DIY and how-to videos. In addition, it is worth paying attention to other explanatory video formats. They will help potential clients make choices in their favor.

Shake up Your Video Marketing Strategy

It is fair to say that video is the future of communications. Not so many years ago, video marketing was a rather expensive way of advertising. The situation is changing gradually, and today, more than 92% of marketers say that video is a significant part of their marketing activities. In order for your marketing strategy to bring you the max possible ROI, make sure that your multimedia content reflects the current trends and addresses the needs of your target audience.