Omnichannel Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce Businesses

If you’re selling online, omnichannel marketing strategies are something you should become very familiar with.

omni channel marketing

If you’re not, I want to catch you up on omnichannel marketing for your Ecommerce site. 


Omnichannel is an idea of utilizing all marketing channels to produce a unified or seamless experience to your customers. It consists of both digital and traditional channels, in-store, point-of-sale, and online experiences. And when it comes to omnichannel marketing, there should be a coherent message that is based on your customers’ behaviors via your sales funnels and gives an excellent customized experience to a customer. 


Importance of omnichannel marketing for Ecommerce businesses 


According to Business Insider, 47% of buyers who are engaged with 10 channels shop from their favorite Ecommerce stores once a week in comparison with 21% shoppers who are active on 4 channels only. As per a study of Clikz, Ecommerce companies that opt for omnichannel marketing strategies have higher customer engagement and retention rates that are 90% and 18.86%. 


What are perfect omnichannel Ecommerce marketing strategies?


Google states that successful omnichannel marketing strategies are the ones that make it easy for buyers to convert on any channel. As per BigCommerce, omnichannel marketing strategies are based on the designing of an integrated and cohesive user experience for customers on any touchpoint. According to Square, omnichannel marketing strategies are connecting to the channels, which could be a physical store in a local market, social, or an online store, where people shop or buy their required products/services.

Here are unique omnichannel strategies for marketing your Ecommerce business:


  • Be present on multiple marketplaces


According to BigCommerce, omnichannel Ecommerce marketing strategy is how you sell products on multiple channels. And when it comes to marketplaces, Amazon is a big gun. Here is a data that shows the superiority of Amazon in marketplaces:


A CNBC report states that 55% of customers begin their shopping journey from Amazon. According to Statista, Amazon sold products of 136 USD in 2016 and was the top brand among customers across the world. For having constant sales of your product, you should be on Amazon.         


  • Be global but act as local 


If you decide to ship your products internationally, you must start increasing your local customer visit. With this, you build confidence and are able to serve customers in their own language and currency. For example, Amazon is a global brand. It serves people by fulfilling their product demand in their own language and currency. In the USA, it accepts payments in American dollars. With its Indian subsidiary, it takes payment in Indian currency.      


  • Value the power of handheld devices


The days when most people used desktops for their online shopping or work have gone. In the current world, people use several different handheld devices such as laptop, tablet, and Smartphone with different screen sizes to buy the required products or services. Make it sure that you are giving a seamless experience to your customers whether they are using a desktop/laptop with a big screen or a small Smartphone. There must not be any delay in page loading and screen resolution. Ensure that your Ecommerce site opens well on any device.         


  • Use the channel your customers are using


Building omnichannel marketing strategies for your online store doesn’t mean that you should be present on every channel. It will be better to identify the channel where you can find customers in a large number. 


According to a study, 74% of millennials, 68% of Gen X adults, and 61% boomers use Facebook while 73% of Gen Z adults Instagram. You need to revise your buyer persona and determine which channel is best for your omnichannel marketing strategy.  For instance, Wildlife Showroom, a website that sales duck decoys, that are using Instagram to educate their customers and stay connected with them.    


You need to do some analysis and find what platform your targeted audiences are using, on which social media platform you are getting good engagement and user response from audiences bases on that you need to select mist suitable platform for marketing


  • Offer cross-channel support service to your customers


A report published on the American Express states that one bad experience makes one-third customers to switch their companies for a particular product/service purchase. It points out the importance of customer support service. 


Even products like, Tobacco Pipes are highly active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. They do so that they give utmost value to their customers. You must make yourself offer cross-channel support service to your customers if you are serious about your online business.   



  • Develop a habit of testing


You should develop a testing habit. On a regular basis, you should test your tactics and campaigns. And for this, you can collect data, analyze the collected data, and get useful insights. You can start it with your email marketing campaigns. While testing, you can pay attention to the subject lines and content body of emails you are sending to your existing and probable customers. Further, you can examine the post formats on your social media marketing campaigns, landing page designs, and different CTAs. With this habit, you will know what changes you need to make for better results. 




With an omnichannel marketing strategy, you can give a seamless shopping experience to your customers from the ground up. You will build personalized experiences and expand your brand awareness. Further, you can meet your buyers where they are and enhance your customer loyalty gradually.