How to Take the Hassle Out of eCommerce

Yes, setting up an eCommerce business can be easy, if you know how to take the hassle out of eCommerce by avoiding common pitfalls.

How to Take the Hassle Out of eCommerce

For all the benefits and appeal of eCommerce and the success which can be gained from selling online, there are also many areas of problems, hassle, and stress which can easily occur (as with any business). 

Setting up an eCommerce business or selling online can be very easy to do, very quick to set up, and very cheap compared to using a physical store. However, that doesn’t mean that the process itself, once you get started, is easy. 

Here’s how to best take the hassle out of eCommerce and understand how to avoid common selling problems. 

Common Pitfalls of eCommerce (and How to Avoid Them)

  • Failure to Be Mobile-Friendly

Not only has online shopping fast become the preferred way to buy and sell but doing so via smart devices and mobile phones has increased in popularity, too. More often than not, consumers will browse and buy using their mobile. So, if eCommerce websites aren’t compatible with mobile devices, this is a big mistake. 

Solution: always make sure your site is mobile-friendly, and check it on every device. 

  • Lack of Detail in Product Listings 

Because shopping online sees consumers unable to touch or see a physical product and examine it in detail, then a detailed description is going to make all the difference. You can never have too much description when it comes to product listings. 

If your eCommerce items lack detailed description or even very basic information like measurements and dimensions then this can easily put buyers off or serve to infuriate them. 

Solution: always include the very basic description, and then advance on that by explaining further details, such as design, colors, how to use and anything else essential which a consumer might need to know about your product. 

For images or items which may need a demonstration, think about zooming in, photos from different angles, or a video that can show the product in a better way. 

  • Lack of Product Reviews 

This can be tricky when setting up your first eCommerce and unveiling products, as you may not have had any sales or reviews yet. Nevertheless, over time these will become crucial. If your eCommerce store has been running for a long time (and consumers can see that) but has no product reviews, this can put people off. Good reviews from other consumers are often what can influence a purchase.

Solution: actively chase up purchases to request reviews and feedback. Be sure to always publish good reviews as soon as possible, directly under each product. 

  • Unreliable Checkout Process 

You may think that the battle is won if a consumer has decided to purchase a product and add it to their shopping cart, but there are still areas that could go wrong. A complicated or unresponsive checkout process, such as one failing to load, constantly refreshing, or asking for information to be resubmitted can frustrate customers and even cause them to abandon the purchase altogether. 

Solution: be sure to make sure that your checkout process is the best it can be. It needs to run smoothly, be as quick as possible for a consumer, and always provide confirmation that a transaction has gone through successfully. 

How to Make eCommerce Easier

There are many ways that selling online can be made easier it just takes proper research and planning to find new methods of doing things, to find expert advice, and to learn as you go. 

Let an Expert Help You

You don’t have to struggle with everything alone. If you’re really not feeling like a natural when it comes to eCommerce, there’s nothing wrong with seeking expert advice and consulting with a service that can help you optimize your online selling. 

Whether it’s support in navigating the busy world of eCommerce or needing specific help with selling accounts such as Amazon, experts like can always help. 

Plan as Much as You Can Before Anything Goes Live 

When you’re eager to get your selling started and unveil your eCommerce business, it’s easy to want to publish your site or your goods as soon as possible, and then worry about the details later or as you go along. This, however, can easily set you up to fail. 

You need to plan out and organize as much as you can before going live or publishing anything. Be sure to plan out detailed and SEO-friendly product descriptions in advance, be sure that you understand all your items, inventory and selling capacity, and know as much as possible about your products before you begin to sell. 

Preparation is key. 

Include as Much Detail as Possible 

A lot of extra hassle can come from constant consumer questions regarding items you have. These questions may be regarding extra detail required before a purchase is made, or if a consumer is confused about a listing. 

By including as much detail and information as you possibly can, you’re avoiding the risk of a high number of queries regarding the information you’ve missed off from your listings. Be as transparent and descriptive as possible, with everything you do. 

This doesn’t just include specific products or services, either. Anything which relates to the buying process, be sure to explain in detail where the consumer can see for themselves. This could include the checkout process, the delivery process, or general FAQs. 

Set Up a Good Payment System

You want your financial transactions to run as smoothly as possible for both the consumer and for yourself. You don’t want to run into problems and hassles when it comes to receiving payments on time. 

Be sure to research the best methods for online transactions regarding eCommerce, and one which is safest and most known to the consumer so that you can also develop trust. The quickest payment methods are often the best, which will allow consumers a hassle-free checkout process. Time-consuming data entry for credit card information or payment details can switch a positive experience to a negative one if it simply takes too long, or if customers don’t have extra options (such as setting up an account for later to avoid putting in the same details again). 

Knowing what to avoid hassle-wise when it comes to eCommerce means you can best prepare yourself for success.